January 14, 2019

June 13, 2018, France 

In Europe, France has one of the toughest laws in place regarding cannabis. Amid stringent set of laws, the country has one of the highest marijuana consumption rates in the European Union. Now, French ventures are also recognizing the demand of the strain in the country. 

For that matter, they have found a way to sell the strain through ‘coffee shops’ in a way that doesn’t breach any law. These coffee shops are pretty much similar to that of Amsterdam. However, in French Coffee shops, only CBD-based hemp and cannabis products will be available. 

CofyShop is a small coffee shop located in the upscale 11th district of Paris that has become a center of attraction for curious cannabis consumer of the city. The shop shelves a wide range of CBD products with very minor traces of THC (less than 0.2 percent). From topicals to tinctures and edibles, multiple CBD products are available in the shop.  

However, people looking for the typical high of cannabis might not find a relevant product there. It is also important to note that the majority of products available in the shop are derived from hemp instead of marijuana. 

First CBD Coffee Shop in France
First CBD Coffee Shop in France – Image powered by 420iq.com

All the young and impressionable consumers might not acknowledge the significance of having a first public space in the country to consume products derived from cannabis and hemp strains. There is a very straightforward reason for that i.e. the products available are not supposed to get stoned.  

For instance, a 21 old shopper lined up outside the coffee shop told reporters that he would look for a product that can get him high. He was aware that the products available in the shop were very low in THC amount.  

But on the other hand, people with a more nuanced approach towards cannabis are pleased with the setup of this coffee shop because they are well aware of the remedial significance of cannabis. MMJ products are effective against a whole list of medical conditions because of their CBD value. In general, CBD is known for its anti-anxiety and relaxing effect. For many, consuming a CBD product after a hectic day to relieve all its stress is not a bad idea after all. 

France Considers CBD Legal 

France Considers CBD Legal
France Considers CBD Legal – Image powered by Gettyimages.ca

With growing research on the therapeutic effects of CBD and its worldwide acceptance, France has also loosened up its cannabis laws regarding cannabidiol. With the Presidential transition last year, the debate to restructure MMJ program has also started. The health minister of Macron’s cabinet, Agnes Buzyn, supports the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.  

The minister also fueled the debate to amend the MMJ program to improve its utility. It is important to note that France commenced an MMJ program in 2013. However, due to its unreasonably strict provisions, it has failed to cater to the patients in the country of 67 million. 

November last year, the announcement from Buzyn paved the way for coffee shops. He announced that cannabis and hemp products with less than 0.2 percent THC can be sold without making any therapeutic claims. Cannabis detractors criticized the decision because they think consumption of CBD products could become a gateway for illicit, hard drugs.  


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