May 20, 2019

First Grow with ILGM Blueberry Auto

Autoflowering seeds are best friends to cannabis growers everywhere! Autoflowering seeds are not dependent on the light cycle. They flower even without switching the light cycle. This makes autoflowering strains the seeds of choice in parts of the world where light is scarce and unpredictable.

This marijuana grow journal chronicles the cultivation of ILGM Blueberry autoflowering seeds.

Growing Blueberry autos is one of the easiest strains of marijuana to grow. It’s fairly compact, getting as tall as just 32 inches.

Blueberry autoflower marijuana has an average flowering period of 55 days. Beginners will realize it prefers an indoor grow setting but outdoors can work fine as well. When grown correctly, it can produce an average of 6 ounces of bud per 3 square feet!

ILGM Blueberry auto seeds also carry the other advantages of an autoflowering strain:

  • They can be harvested all through the year. Because they do not rely on light to flower, they can be grown year-round with multiple harvests.
  • Autoflowers give fast results. They produce flowers much quicker which means you can grow more plants throughout the year.
  • They are small and stealthy. Their compact size makes space management easier.
  • Autoflowering marijuana strains are resilient against cold, infections, and pests. Novice growers will have lesser problems to watch out for.
  • Autoflowers can thrive both outdoors and indoors. They’re not picky and they can survive the worst you can throw at them!

Grower: Sharkslayer
Location: NA
Yield: 4 ounces wet weight
Seeds: Blueberry Auto

August 1st

The Blueberry autos from ILGM came in and were germinated on July 26th. In 24 hours, they started showing taproots and were transplanted into 3-gallon pots of Fox Farms Happy Frog soil. On July 27th, they were sprayed with Flower Power Starter (0.25g to 2 pints of water in a spray bottle). On July 28th, they shed their seed coats and sprouted.

These photos aren’t exciting yet but you can see the signs of life!

August 3rd

Learned the first mistake in this grow. The girls should not have been transplanted into such big pots without first growing 4 or 5 sets of alternating nodes (leaf sets). These marijuana seedlings should not have been given nutrients for another week or 2.

August 5th

Not much news but dug into the soil with a plastic spoon and dropped about 5 earthworms into each pot. These are the 2 girls as of this afternoon after some brief showers.

August 7th

The plants should benefit a lot from the worms. They dig little tunnels in the soil which the roots tend to follow. And when they excrete, the soil becomes richer with nitrogen which helps uptake in the root system. Here’s a cannabis grown with earthworms in the soil. You be the judge.

August 9th

Here are the latest photos of the two girls. They’re at their 3rd and 4th sets of leaves now.

August 15th

Wednesday is the Week 3 mark. These baby Blueberry autos from ILGM still haven’t received any nutes and they’re still flourishing because of it!

August 22nd

Went out of town for three days and these little monsters double in size! Started doing some LST on them today to promote the development of thick shoots with uniform buds! Fun fact: LST can increase harvests to 200%!

August 26th

Week 4 and the plants already have pre-flowers! Things are going according to plan. They were watered with some fish emulsion two days ago and it looks like they really loved it!

September 6th

Not much to see here. So far, these Blueberry autoflowers have been problem-free. Hopefully that’s a recurring theme throughout the entire grow process.

Their buds are still small but they’ve come so far and have developed nicely.

September 25th

and these ladies have really put on a lot of weight in their buds. They’re currently in Week 4 of flower and harvest is just around the corner!

September 27th

Someone has been creeping into the backyard and clipping off about 3-4 of the larger outside buds! They must have gotten a good 1/8 or ½ off of the side trimmings! They also cut the main cola off of the other plants as well. They made off with a good couple of ounces worth of good, fresh buds!

Look at what happened to these innocent ladies. They were desecrated! All the best side buds were taken!

September 28th

An emergency harvest had to be done. Ended up harvesting a total of 4 ounces wet weight from both plants.

Grower: Sharkslayer
Location: NA
Yield: 4 ounces wet weight
Seeds: Blueberry Auto

Obviously, the biggest faux pas recorded in this grow journal is not hiding cannabis well enough. When cannabis is grown outdoors, you can implement simple but effective techniques to make sure your cannabis is hidden from jealous eyes!

Hide cannabis from view! Look at the marijuana garden from the perspective of a pedestrian. Make sure the garden is not visible from the street, a neighbor’s yard, etc.

Camouflage cannabis. You can cut the tips off all the leaves to make them look less like cannabis leaves. Increase the illusion by surrounding marijuana plants with other plants. Plant bright flowers nearby. A greenhouse can also help obscure the plants.

Bend the cannabis stems to change natural growth patterns. The change of shape can make the plant look less like cannabis overall.

Watch out for people who might be interested in your cannabis. Many experienced cannabis thieves will wait until just before harvest before pilfering the buds (as seen with the grow journal above).

And finally, the smell is one of the most obvious giveaways. Some plants start to give off the skunky scent as early as the vegetative stage. By the time they’re in flowering and getting close to harvest, the smell can be overwhelming.

You can overcome this by choosing a low-odor strain for an outdoor grow. You can also mask their scent by planting lots of bright and fragrant flowers which will offset the odor.

Do you have what it takes to camouflage your plants and to hide them from potential thieves?

Happy growing!


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  1. By Sharkdude

    ,18 Aug 2018
    So, what would have been optimum hrow period until harvest? (If he did not harvest early). Another, third, month? For 1 month veg, and then 2 months from first pre-flowers? I started mine on July 1,2018, first flowers on Aug […]Read More

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