First Grow with ILGM White Widow and Gold Leaf

January 16, 2019

First Grow with ILGM Kandy Kush

ILGM’s White Widow and Gold Leaf cannabis plants are both compatible for beginner growers.

White Widow is highly adaptable and can adapt to a wide variety of climates. It also boasts a fair amount of resistance against different diseases. However, it flourishes best outdoors in warm, sunny climates.

This cannabis strain is compact. It doesn’t grow taller than 4 feet. When growing White Widow cannabis indoors, these medium height plants can produce 18 ounces of usable marijuana per square meter. They finish flowering in 8 to 9 weeks.

Outdoors, this strain will give you a higher yield – 21 ounces per plant! Outdoor harvesting takes place before the end of October. Because of its hardiness, this strain is advised for people who want to experiment with the Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (SCROG) cultivation methods for the first time.

White Widow is one of the most potent cannabis strains too. It brings a powerful buzz yet leaves you with plenty of energy and keeps you sociable. There’s no heavy couch lock involved either. This is perfect for daytime use or people who lead busy lives.

Gold Leaf is just as easy to cultivate. Seeds of this strain sprout almost immediately and the plants have a steady growth rate which helps develop the buds and produce higher yields.

Gold Leaf is the strain of choice for most outdoor growers but it can still be planted indoors and cultivated to reach full potential. However, cultivating Gold Lead indoors needs more work. Cropping and pruning are necessary to manage the plant’s height.

Flowering takes 54 to 63 days to produce 15 to 23 ounces of usable marijuana per square meter.

The effects of Gold Leaf strain can be felt almost immediately. Gold Leaf is a great mood booster so it will make you feel uplifted, happy, and giggly. On top of the euphoria, you will have a surge of creativity.

Both strains are cultivated in this grow journal.

Grower: Oldstoner
Yield: 4 ounces dry (estimate)
Location: NA
Seeds: Gold Leaf and White Widow

September 13th

The Gold Leaf came up first and just stopped with its first two little leaves hanging out. The White Widow is doing well too. There are a total of 4 plants (2 of each) in this grow.

September 21st

This little girl, one of the Gold Leaf plants, has been through the ringer but still refuses to give up. So if you need a plant that is hard to kill, the Gold Leaf may be a good choice for you.

September 29th

Week 3 already and they’re all doing so well!

October 14th

This is the little Gold Leaf that had such a rough start. You can see she has fully recovered. She, along with the other plants, were put in early flower. They seem to be doing just fine.

Also decided to super crop one of the plants to see how she would turn out. Super cropping is a High Stress Technique done by slightly hurting it to grow bushier. Check out these squeezed and bent branches.

October 20th

Six days after flipping to the flowering light cycle, the girls are still coming along nicely. They’re really loving the Liquid Karma by Botanicare. Each time they receive Liquid Karma, they have a noticeable difference when it comes to their perkiness.

Unfortunately, they haven’t been watered because the humidity gets in the 70s by the next day and it takes over a week to dry out enough to water again.

October 23rd

One Gold Leaf was lost due to stupidity.

It was such a gorgeous day so the girls were set out on the upstairs deck but the dog knocked one Gold Leaf off the rail and towards a 15-foot fall. The pot was broken and the roots got mangled beyond recovery.

October 25th

The girls got some gentle LST to get more light to reach the bottom of the canopy. The photo on the right was taken three hours after the one on the left which was taken immediately after the LST.

And here’s some more green porn!

October 28th

The new Melzhi reflector lights are here! It’s already so much brighter in the tent!

Now the challenge would be to watch tent heat much closer. But that shouldn’t be a problem because after one of the Gold Leaf plants died, the tent had more room to accommodate one of the fans for better air circulation.

October 30th

It’s only been two days since the new lights were installed bur the remaining girls are looking much better and greener already!

November 1st

Their budding phase is finally starting to take off! It shouldn’t be too long before their branches are weighed down by big, fat buds.

November 5th

They’re starting to get frostier at this point.

November 13th

The attempt at super cropping seems to be producing good results.

November 15th

The buds on the girls are developing quickly now. Their feeding has increased to almost full nutrients and they seem to be loving every drop of it.

Based on these photos, they should have 4 weeks left.

November 18th

The ladies are firmly in the middle of flowering. One has slowed the stretching and the two others are growing shorter but fatter and denser buds.

November 28th

More colors are showing up!

November 11th

This journal is coming to an end and it was time. The girls were ready to be chopped.

With this amount of buds, the total yield should be close to 4 ounces dry!

Grower: Oldstoner
Yield: 4 ounces dry (estimate)
Location: NA
Seeds: Gold Leaf and White Widow

Despite the mistake of letting one plant fall over the ledge and die, this grow was basically problem-free because the basics were covered properly.

The right kind of lights were used to optimize cannabis growth, the plants lived in a well-ventilated grow tent with plenty of room to spare, and nutes were increased gradually.

Can you grow a problem-free, two-strain grow like the grower featured here?

Happy growing!


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  1. By Grass Chief ,11 Feb 2018
    People who lead busy lives. White Widow is one of the most potent cannabis for them because this is perfect for daytime use. It brings a powerful buzz. There’s no heavy couch lock involved either.
  2. By Bob ,23 Jul 2020
    I've grown both indoors and I like Robert's Gold Leaf the best. Just like you described it."On top of the euphoria, you will have a surge of creativity." I've been playing a lot of guitar lately since I started smoking […]Read More
  3. By SOG not SOG ,21 Aug 2020
    I'm going to try writing my own journal for the White Widow autoflower. I've only ever grown regular photo period plants indoors and that was so many years ago. I like your final product, that bottle comparison is nice. The […]Read More
  4. By Elijah ,14 Oct 2020
    I went to Cali connections to get bud A and B and they said I needed CaMg+ 1-0-0 with the heavy 16 products. I bought all three then went back home to feed the plant. I mixed 2.5 ml of […]Read More

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