January 14, 2019

July 17, 2018

It has been reiterated many times by many people that a legal cannabis industry is going to challenge the dominance of an old and established liquor operations. Alcohol businesses are aware of this threat and hence they often found lobbying against the legalization measures in different states. 

However, with the evolving cannabis landscape, it seems like the alcohol industry is also gradually accepting the legitimacy of the strain. Recently, the first alcohol trade group in the country has recognized the states’ right to legalize cannabis. 

The Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA), a body that represents 80 percent of the alcohol wholesale market of the country, have a drastic change in its policy. It has demanded the federal government to not interfere in the states’ matter of legalization. The press release issued by the group mentions that the collective legal cannabis operations of the country generated the economic activity of seven billion dollars in 2016.  

WSWA’s executive vice president of external affairs, Dawson Hobbs, has compared the budding cannabis industry to the struggling alcohol economy of the 1930s. He thinks that cannabis right now is facing the same challenges faced by the alcohol industry in the era of prohibition.  

The Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America
The Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America – Image powered by Wsetglobal.com

Robust Regulations is the Answer 

Hobbs further adds that after prohibition lifted and the alcohol economy started working under regulations, it went on to become the safest, reliable, and most competitive alcohol beverage industry in the entire world.  

For that matter, WSWA wants the government to regulate the cannabis market just like the alcohol one. The association wants cannabis legal for only adults 21 and above and asks the authorities to clearly outline the definition of impaired driving. 

WSWA also want the regulations to be effective against internal monopolies. The group also calls for abolishing vertical integration of the licenses. Moreover, Hobbs and Co want state governments to ban delivery of legal cannabis through regular carriers, as it is prescribed for the alcohol industry.  

They also want the respective state authorities to make seed-to-sale tracking compulsory and to implement similar promotional restrictions and hours of sale limitations for the legal cannabis industry. Safety testing and mentioning the potency of the strain on the packaging should also be the obligatory provisions of every legalized and regulated product.  

A Big Change is on its Way  

A Big Change is on its Way
A Big Change is on its Way – Image powered by Nymmj.com

It is worth noting that amid all the animosity from the alcohol industry, WSWA is the only liquor trade association that has supported the statewide legalization of recreational cannabis. Otherwise, the alcohol industry has proactively weighed against the legalization measures. 

For instance, Arizona Wine and Spirit Association donated $10,000 to an anti-cannabis group working against the legalization initiative in 2016. Similarly, the Beer Distributors in Massachusetts contributed $25,000 to the anti-cannabis group for its campaign.  

It’s quite understandable why the alcohol industry strongly opposes the legalization of the strain. However, with growing acceptance of the strain, soon they won’t be left with any option other than to support the legalization.

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