April 1, 2019

September 27, 2018, Florida

As discussed earlier, legislative maneuvers don’t address all the glitches of the laws pertaining to cannabis. For instance, the state administrations classify cannabis public consumption as an illegal activity when legislation has approved all its uses legal. Similarly, states with medical marijuana programs don’t allow the administration of MMJ on school campuses to student-patients.

Cannabis advocates everywhere in the country are fighting to address such shortcomings of cannabis laws. In some instances, they try to find public support, at other times they strive to get legislators on board. In a few cases, legal fights also settle the pertinent issue. Case in point, a court case in California has recently allowed MMJ administration on school premises. The court ruled in the favor of a 5-year-old MMJ patient, allowing her to administer medical marijuana on the school premises for epileptic seizures.

Such court verdicts can’t change the legislative realities of the given jurisdiction. This means the aforementioned ruling won’t overturn the prohibition of MMJ administration in schools in California. Nonetheless, these court decisions set a precedent for any future dispute of a similar nature. Moreover, they also encourage more people to present their grievances in a court of law. Lastly, these decisions also help in changing the mindset of policy-makers. Legislators and other public representatives also take a cue from unprecedented court rulings.

Medical marijuana on school premises
Medical marijuana on school premises – Image powered by News4jax.com

It looks like school districts in two Florida counties have followed the lead of this court ruling and decided to permit the administration of marijuana on school campuses.

The Orange County school district has allowed the consumption of MMJ for young patient-students. The rule makes it obligatory for an outside caregiver to be present at the time of MMJ administration. On the other hand, the decision of Volusia County school district stems from a personal struggle of a child patient Zoe Adams suffering from a rare disease similar to Alzheimer’s. Intermittent seizures throughout the day are a symptom of this disease.

Zoe needs doses of CBD oil after short intervals to limit the frequency of seizures. In order to recognize her struggle, the school district has named the measure ‘Zoe’s policy’. According to the new policy, students can administer their MMJ dose in the presence of parents or caregivers and the whole process must be carried out in private. Zoe parents are elated by the decision. They are hopeful that the decision will ultimately translate into improving the quality of life of their child.

Allowing MMJ on school is not that hard

Allowing MMJ on school is not that hard
Allowing MMJ on school is not that hard – Image powered by Floridapolitics.com

It’s about time that school administrations in all the states with medical marijuana programs must reconsider their prohibitory MMJ policy. The administration of MMJ on school premises is safe and regulated for these reasons.

  • The administration of MMJ oils and concentrates doesn’t affect the school environment by any means.
  • The presence of caregivers means child-patients can administer a safe dosage.

In addition, school administrations can easily make the whole MMJ administration process private by designating a separate room for it.

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