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April 12, 2018, US

John Boehner is a Republican politician who served as the speaker of the US House of Representative from 2011 to 2015. He was known for its ‘unchangeable opposition’ to all things cannabis. Recently, he joined the board of directors of Acreage Holdings, a company that deals in both therapeutic and recreational cannabis in several states. Boehner’s decision to become a part of cannabis business has once again proved that politicians can mold their principles according to the given circumstances.

A man who once opposed cannabis legalization, come what may, is now rallying for the de-scheduling of cannabis to fight the ongoing opioid crisis and to alleviate the mental health of veterans. He has realized all these benefits of marijuana because of his ‘evolved’ understanding of the subject. One wonders what happened in these two years that has compelled Boehner to take a complete U-turn on the issue of legalization.

John Boehner is a Republican politician
John Boehner is a Republican politician – Image powered by Whoradio.iheart.com

Some political experts think that it’s a second nature of politicians to try to hold on to the reins of power and money. It’s not an unbelievable view that these things might have factored in Boehner’s change of heart. To have a seat on the table of decision-makers in a company that deals in one of the most powerful commodity of the present times is indeed an attractive prospect to earn influence post-retirement.

Republicans lawmakers are usually known for their opposition to cannabis and its legalization. Before Boehner, GOP senator Rand Paul and US Representative Dana Rohrabacher have served most of their time in legislature in supporting cannabis reforms. John Boehner is now the senior-most politician among Republican ranks who is not only supporting marijuana legalization, but also becoming a part of the industry.

Former Massachusetts Governor Has Also Joined Acreage

Acreage has also made the announcement that William Weld, a Libertarian attorney who served as the 68th governor of , is among the new panel of board of directors as well. However, Weld’s appointment doesn’t come as a surprise for political pundits. The man has always been adhered to the libertarian ideology and supported the legalization of cannabis too. Weld was also the VP candidate of the Libertarians in the last election.

William Weld, Governor of Massachusetts
William Weld, Governor of Massachusetts – Image powered by Bostonglobe.com

Both Weld and Boehner have issued a joined statement from the podium of Acreage of their joining. Isn’t it interesting to see how common interests have helped in bringing two individuals on the same page, belonging to the political ideologies that are poles apart?

Kevin Murphy, the founder and CEO of Acreage, thinks its company’s success to get two political bigwigs on board. He thinks that this development will ultimately help the patients with greater MMJ access by changing the discourse on the issue of legal cannabis. The political experience will surely help the nascent industry to stand on its feet.

Both of the former politicians will join Acreage as soon as the company appoints the remaining board of directors. Boehner’s decision might also encourage other politicians to change their opinion on the subject of cannabis.

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