March 7, 2018

I don’t know if you were aware of this or not, but smoking weed is quite the aphrodisiac. It’s true, a study out at the end of 2016, published in the Journal of Pharmacological Research, showed that cannabis did have many of the same properties of an aphrodisiac. It’s time to throw out your little blue pills, and try packing a bowl instead.

Generally You Should Avoid Sativas

Not all strains are created equal, and that is definitely the case in the bedroom. As such, sativas make pretty crappy aphrodisiacs. This is because as you know, sativa strains tend to be higher in THC, making them more psychoactive. This is going to make it more likely that you might find yoursefl focusing on what it going on in your head, rather that what you are supposed to be sharing with your partner. Obviously you don’t want to start focusing on how big your hands look, when there are, ahem, other things you should be doing.

There some sativas that seem to suit sexy times just fine. For example, the sativa Green Crack, known for its energetic and deeply cerebral high, can also give you some pretty rockin orgasms. This is because it contracts the muscles just a bit, making it easier to clench.

Smoking Weed Can Increase Stamina in Men

Another fun fact about cannabis and sex, that most guys would probably consider to be one of the biggest benefits is that smoking weed can possibly increase stamina in men. Don’t take just my word for it, there is some science to back this up.

It’s important to bear in mind however, that these results come from a survey, and it’s actually really difficult to gauge the results for this type of thing. It really just depends on how using cannabis normally affects you.  Don’t go in expecting that you will last for an extra hour or anything like that (that does not sound all that fun). Manage your expectations is what I’m saying.

Did that J help? I bet it did. Image Source: thesocialman.com

You Might Get Moobs

One fun fact about cannabis and sex, that guys probably won’t consider to be all that fun is the possibility of man boobs, aka “moobs”. Studies have shown that increased cannabis consumption in men can lower testosterone and lead to the formation of moobs. Again, this is not necessarily a given, because the science on this has been said to be contradictory in the past.

Indicas Give Better Orgasms

There is some science to suggest that smoking an indica before you get wild can give you a better, more fulfilling orgasm. Well doesn’t that sound nice! Be sure to try Granddaddy Purp for the best indica effects!

Featured Image Source: The Fresh Toast

Got any other fun facts about cannabis and sex? Tell us in the comments!

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