January 14, 2019

October 24, 2018

With more relevant research, awareness and on-the-ground implications, people are becoming receptive of the idea of cannabis legalization. Polls and surveys time and again show that the popular support for cannabis reforms is gradually and unrelentingly increasing. The results of the latest Gallup polls have come in that suggest that the support for marijuana legalization is more than ever before.

Gallup has been assessing the beliefs and attitude of Americans towards marijuana for years. And this year’s polls show the highest approval for marijuana legalization as compared to all the previous surveys and polls. Gallup poll reveals that 66 percent of adult US citizens support the legalization of cannabis. In other words, two out of 3 Americans are now in favor of legalizing the plant.

The figure suggests a significant turnaround among the masses with their views on cannabis. One can’t imagine such support for the legalization 15-20 years ago. It is also important to note that the support for legalization is now making new records for three consecutive years. In 2016, the unprecedented (at that time) 58 percent population supported the legalization. In the following year, this support climbed to 64 percent and now it stands at 66 percent, setting a new record.

Polls and surveys
Polls and surveys – Image powered by Obsurvey.com

The survey has also broken down the support for legalization along party lines. The most significant change witnessed by Gallup is among conservative voters. As per last three surveys, the support for legalization among Republican supports has increased by 18 percent. Now, the majority (53 percent) of Republicans support legalization.

On the other hand, the support among Democratic voters is continuously growing. The full 75 percent of Democrats support the legalization. The same percentage of the non-partisan population is also in favor of legal marijuana.

The views regarding legalization are also experiencing major shit among different age groups. For instance, the support among Baby Boomers stands at its highest level. 59 percent of adults 55 and above are now in favor of legalization. The age group 18-34 unsurprisingly shows overwhelming support for the legalization.

The survey also reveals another important thing regarding the popular support for legalization i.e. it has transcended the regional boundaries. Whether its a Midwestern or Eastern state, the support for legalization in nearly the same everywhere.

Stubborn stance of the federal administration

Federal government
Federal government – Image powered by Consciouslifenews.com

Amid this swelling support for cannabis legalization, the Federal government seems to be in a state of oblivion. Even when the majority of states have acknowledged medical uses of marijuana, the Federal law still classifies the strain as Schedule 1 controlled substance. Schedule 1 classification entails that the given substance is harmful to health and doesn’t contain any therapeutic and healing aspect.

Federal administration is so hell-bent on the issue that it doesn’t even consider to reschedule the strain that now enjoys blanket legalization in the most populous state of the country. The federal government has declared a national emergency in the light of the countrywide opioid crisis and ironically some legal states are using MMJ to deal with this ongoing epidemic.

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