January 17, 2019

GeoPot Self-Supporting Square Bottom:

The containers or pots where cannabis plants are planted plays a vital role in the success of the entire grow operation.

Aside from the fact that its instrumental in shielding roots from light and providing a valuable environment containing oxygen, water, and nutrients, it prunes or shapes the root system as well.

From the old school clay, ceramic or plastic with holes in the bottom, to the now numerous type of pots and containers in various sizes, the choices are endless.

There are the traditional black-colored hardened-plastic pots as well as the plastic grow bags that are usually white on the outside. These pots both have holes in the bottom, but the latter have durable plastic sleeves. For high-impact grow operations or require frequent plant movement, sturdier containers are the best option.

The white grow pots are ideal for outdoor or mixed indoor-outdoor grow since white reflects light and keeps the sun from making it too hot. Likewise, it keeps the root zone healthier and cooler than darker-colored containers.

Moreover, there are pots made from organic or mesh materials, also known as bags. These bags are supposed to be better than its plastic counterparts because it allows more oxygenation in the root zone and provides better water drainage.

This bag culture has made some buzz in the cannabis horticulture world due to its flexibility. It is also a method of expanding or extending the volume of available root structure media for the crop by merely growing it out of a bag instead of the conventional pots.

Typically, an already-plotted plant would be placed on top or inside a bag filled with new growing media. The roots can grow down and out of the original pot into the extended medium.

And due to these aspects, container bags are a hit with many indoor and greenhouse growers looking to swell up the root zone volume.

Grow bags can act as a stand-alone or an add-on container, depending on the need of the individual or multiple plants.

There are a few advantages of using bags. First, these are cheaper and more durable than plastic or ceramic pots. It also provides better breathability for the plants than plastic containers.

The importance of getting sufficient air should be prioritized as it is crucial to bring oxygen into the root zone. The roots breath in O2 while the green part of the plants above ground takes in CO2 and both processes are integral to development and growth.

Many cultivators choose fabric to grow bags primarily for this exact reason. These experienced growers know that the yield of the plant is directly proportional to the size of its roots.

With all that said, fabric grows bags have a few potential drawbacks as well. Some of these grow bags have less than ideal drainage. As such, there may be a need to punch in extra holes at the bottom to correct the issue.

Additionally, in scenarios such as outdoors in heavy rains or hydro systems with heavy-flow, some bags are not as durable as the others and lack the structural strength that solid containers provide.

Fabric grows bags come in different size ranges, from one gallon to 400-gallon bags. Although it comes with handles, it may be difficult to move it around particularly the bags weighing 20 gallons or more because of the lack of sturdiness and the handles may not support the entire weight and may cause it to tear.

Overall, grow bags are an excellent choice for growers with indoor table systems that require less mobility. It is also perfect for plants grown to tree-size and large-scale outdoor grow operations with crops that are meant to stay in a permanent space.
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GeoPot Self-Supporting Square Bottom

GeoPot Self-Supporting Square BottomGeoPot Self-Supporting Square Bottom is a mesh container with handles.

This fabric plant container allows air to prune the roots when it grows to reach the edges of the bag. Air pruning is when the breathable potting material shapes and limits the root perimeter for denser and natural growth. It also provides better drainage with more oxygenation.

The air root pruning design of GeoPot aids in forcing roots to branch out with more fibrous type. These feeder roots are much more efficient in taking in water and nutrients.

These pots are made from top quality durable geotextile fabric. This porous material provides impressive drainage and lets more air into the root zone, resulting in the ultimate environment perfect for roots.

The ideal combination of aeration of the root zone and air pruning encourages crops to reach its biggest and fullest potential.

Each seam in this product line is sewn with a superior quality polyester bonded thread that can withstand constant UV exposure and moisture.

GeoPot Self-Supporting Square Bottom is available in tan and in a pack of 10 in
Growers House in the following sizes and prices:

Price Gallon Diameter (inches) Height (inches)
$30.60 1 7 6
$35.50 2 8.5 7.5
$41.00 3 10.5 9
$49.10 5 12 10.5
$59.70 7 14 11
$71.10 10 16 12
$82.40 15 18 13
$90.50 20 20 15
$101.30 25 21 16.5
$117.90 30 24 16.5
$159.30 45 27 18
$194.90 65 32 18
$254.70 100 38 20
$342.90 150 44 23
$431.10 200 50 24
$556.70 300 60 28
$682.20 400 70 30

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