January 14, 2019

While the US federal government and its officials like Jeff Sessions continue to show their hatred for cannabis, state officials continue to ensure the betterment of the lucrative medical marijuana industry. Georgia is no less than a perfect example in this regard. The state is making efforts to allow more and more patients easier access to medical cannabis. Recently, Nathan Deal—Governor of Georgia—went on to sign a medical marijuana expansions bill. The entire purpose of this bill was to allow more patients the authority to bring cannabis into the state.

The legislation Nathan signed was constructed to ensure that patients who suffer from serious conditions in the state can easily get their hands on cannabis oil. Fortunately, the state succeeded in doing what it set out to. With the approval of the bill, patients suffering from diseases like autism, the Alzheimer’s disease, AIDS, epidermolysis bullosa, Tourette’s syndrome, or peripheral neuropathy will not face any issues with the law in gaining access to cannabis oil. However, there are a number of concerns that need to be addressed.

Georgia Flag with Strain – Image powered by 123rf.com

One of the foremost problems is that Georgia still does not allow the manufacturing of cannabis oil. This makes the patients face a lot of trouble. To start off, they have to travel to a state where medical marijuana is legal, and then purchase cannabis oil from there. This is not even the hard part. The issue arises while bringing the cannabis oil back to Georgia. While on the way back, patients can encounter federal drug agents who are likely to make it close to impossible to take the drug home.

Although there haven’t been many cases as such, there could certainly be many in the near future. This is mostly because Jeff Sessions has explicitly called out interstate drug traffickers. He said that such people are on the fed’s hit list. With the amount of hate he has for cannabis, there is a fair chance that, despite the legal purchase, he would treat cannabis oil trafficking as an illegal move.

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To make matters worse, the Congress-issued protections for medical marijuana users do not cater to such situations. Not everyone is as gutsy as the lawmaker Allen Peake who has openly said that he himself travels to marijuana-legal states in order to bring cannabis oil for patients in Georgia. He said,

“We’ve made sure that families who are properly registered with the state have gotten access to medical cannabis when they needed it,”

Peake also plans on introducing legislation for broader reforms so patients wouldn’t have to go through such troubles. He said in a statement,

“My hope is that in 2018, we can fill the gaping hole that still remains, and provide legal access to medical cannabis oil here in our state with a safe, lab tested product produced within our own borders,”

He further went on to make it clear that in order to finish the job once and for all, he and his supporters need to accomplish the said feat next year. Things would really get easier for the MMJ patients in Georgia if the state allows production of cannabis oil within its boundaries. The good part is that everyone is hopeful, and provided that the state has legalized the use of cannabis oil, it is likely to allow its production as well.

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