January 14, 2019

Medical marijuana has become far more popular than it had ever been before. It has been a year since marijuana was elevated to the status of medication. As it stands at the moment, there is more good news for those in favor of medical marijuana: Georgia House has now allowed the expansion of medical marijuana!

Recently, the Georgia State House showed its interest in introducing a far broader version of its medical marijuana law. This news was further elevated when the House Bill 65—that talks about adding to the medical illnesses requiring medical marijuana treatment—was backed up by Republican and state representative Allen Peake.


The list which was far shorter before the bill will, if approved, include treatments including Alzheimer’s disease, AIDS, autoimmune diseases, autism, HIV, Tourette’s syndrome, epidermolysis bullosa, and peripheral neuropathy. All of these will now be subject to treatment using medical marijuana. The bill further takes off the previously held one-year residency requirement.

House Bill 65 also lets people with rec cards from other states to possess their cannabis oil in Georgia. However, this is conditioned to the fact that the state, whose rec cards an individual possesses, must have similar laws regarding the THC cannabis oil as in Georgia. In other words, only those having rec cards of states that allow concentration of THC in their cannabis oil to be no more than 5%, will be entitled a lawful use of that oil in Georgia.

However, as per the House Vote, the THC levels allowed in the Cannabis oil will be a maximum of 3% down from 5%. This move did not bring much appreciation. In fact, the law’s advocates feel that the downgrade in THC levels tampers with a major part of Georgia’s MMJ law. It is a concern that those using the oil to treat devastating illnesses will be left alienated in this case.

Medical Marijuana
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As of the moment, Georgia has a population of around ten million people, a mere 1,300 of which are approved for the use of medical marijuana.

There have been several studies on medical marijuana, its pros, and the cons. One of them was by W. David Bradford who found that there is a certain association between the use of lowered prescription drugs and medical marijuana. This was, however, while remaining confined to the boundaries of Medicare’s prescription-drug program, that too in states that recognize medicinal use of weed as legal. W. David Bradford is a professor at the University of Georgia and studies the effects that public administration and policy bring along. His findings in the last summer mentioned above were coauthored by a national study.

The results regarding medical marijuana, were greatly encouraging for the researchers at Georgia’s medical college. It was found that Epidiolex oil, which was based on cannabis oils and produced by GW Pharma, helped reduce severe seizures in 19 out of the 30 subjects. It is fair to say that medical marijuana has brought more benefit in the current day than it ever has before.

Marijuana stays in the news, and Alice is always ready to keep us updated. A world traveler and lover of freedom, Alice knows what is going on, no matter where she roams. She specializes in marijuana legalization stories across the globe, with up to date... [read more]


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