January 14, 2019

Recently, many lawmakers in States across the US have been working on legalizing the use of medical marijuana and CBD oil which is a form of marijuana. While in recent times, some US lawmakers have been successful in getting their respective marijuana legalization bills passed in the senate, other lawmakers have not been that lucky, and with the mounting opposition on similar bills, the legalization of marijuana has been reduced to allowing the use of CBD only.

According to reports coming out of Georgia, there’s some good news for those in favor for the legalization of medical marijuana. Georgia’s Medical Cannabis Working Group has recently approved a controversial list of recommendations which expands the use of medical marijuana and its benefits within the medical sphere.

Medical Marijuana
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According to the new research backed report which has been completed by Georgia’s Medical Cannabis Working Group, marijuana is now believed to have even more benefits than what was previously expected. The study which as carried out as a pretense for a bill which has yet to be approved in the senate, suggests that medical marijuana can be used for other medical conditions apart from PTSD and depression. According to the new list, other ailments such as HIV, AIDS, autism and chronic pain have also been included to the list of benefits of medical marijuana.

While lawmakers, advocates and citizens in Georgia are still pushing for the legalization of medical marijuana in their State, this new report will certainly give those in favor of medical marijuana a few more points to argue with in the Senate. Georgia’s Medical Cannabis Working Group have finally approved of the list of recommendations for the proposed bill which will now have new diagnoses to the list of qualifying conditions which justify the use of medical marijuana.

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According to reports, the new bill which is still to be approved in the senate will also remove some of the residency restrictions and will ease the reporting requirements that have been put in place on the prescribing physicians, which has hindered the accessibility of medical marijuana. The newly revised bill is all set to go to the full senate judiciary non civil committee where further discussions will be held. Those who have been pushing for the legalization of medical marijuana in Georgia are looking forward for a possible vote in favor of the bill.

Georgia pediatrician and mother of an autistic child, Dr. Page Ward, has testified on the new medical uses of marijuana and is in support of the new bill which will allow those who are suffering from autism to be treated with medical marijuana within the state. According to the pediatrician, the use of CBD oil has greatly helped her 17-year old son who has not have a violent episode since he has began using CBD oil. Georgia is also introducing other bills which addresses other factors such as the decriminalization and legal cultivation of medical marijuana in the State of Georgia.

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  1. By Judie

    ,16 Mar 2017
    Oh my goodness. This is great news. I have chronic pain due to a MRSA infection in my spine, PTSD, and major depression. I would be so thankful.

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