The Golden State Going Legal

January 14, 2019

December 20, 2017

Recreational marijuana stores are all set to open on January 1, 2018 in California. It will be the beginning of a new era in the US with its most populous state going legal. The state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control is regularly updating the list of retail stores issued with the licenses.

Here, we will talk about legalization development in some of the major cities and counties of the state because all local administrations are not in line with the California’s legalization laws.

Major California Cities, Counties and Respective Legalization State of Affairs

All set on January 1, 2018
All set on January 1, 2018 – Image powered by

Los Angeles: Retail marijuana stores are allowed to operate from January 1.

San Jose: Cannabis stores are expected to go functional on the first day of the New Year.

Oakland, Berkley, Eureka, Santa Cruz and San Diego: In these cities, retail operations will be commenced on January 1.

San Francisco: Due to delayed licensing, the first retail store might take five to six days more to get operational.

Fresno: The city hasn’t allowed any retail marijuana store to operate.

Sacramento: Retail stores are expected to go with sales on January 1 and some MMJ dispensaries will also launch their adult-use sales on the same date.

Long Beach: The city has a plan to allow recreational cannabis stores by June 2018.

Santa Monica, Bakersfield and Anaheim: No retail recreational marijuana stores will be allowed in all of these cities.

Santa Ana: The city will see legalized recreational sales by January 5.

Riverside: The city currently bans all marijuana operations.

Stockton: Right now, the city is working on its cannabis program. Recreational sales won’t start earlier than 2019.

San Bernardino: A bill was already passed to regulate MMJ and recreational marijuana. But lawsuits have hampered the implementation. Therefore, sales of legalized recreational marijuana won’t be available from the New Year’s Day.

Modesto: The city council has given approval to 10 marijuana stores but it’s still not clear whether they will go on sales from January 1.

Arcata: The city is giving finishing touches to the regulations of retail cannabis program and issued licenses to two retail stores. But we are not sure if they will be open on January 1.

Crescent City: As of now, the city bars all marijuana operations but working on few measures which might allow some cannabis business in the area.

Recreational marijuana will be Open on 2018 in CAlifornia
Recreational marijuana will be Open on 2018 in California – Image powered by

Los Angeles County: In all the unincorporated areas of the county, retail marijuana stores are banned.

Orange County: All unincorporated sections of the county are not allowed to have recreational cannabis stores.

Redding: All sorts of marijuana businesses are prohibited in the city but one recreational store might open in a close proximity alongside Shasta Lake.

Santa Barbara: The city has allowed retail stores in certain district zones but it’s unclear if any store will be open on January 1.

Ventura County: Most of the county’s towns have banned recreational cannabis stores.

West Hollywood: The city is going to issue licenses to eight marijuana stores but recreational sales won’t be happening from the New Year’s Day.

Marijuana legalization has gained a lot of momentum in California. It remains to be seen how fast legalization would continue in the future.

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