Robert Bergman

January 17, 2019

Great things do not necessarily come in small packages. Sometimes, it goes “the bigger, the better”. Take growing tents for example.

Tents with small dimensions mean trouble at times. It might mean compromising quality by stress training marijuana plants for them to fit inside the tent. In the end, cultivators fail their grow journey because of messed up plants and buds.

Gorilla Grow Tent (8’ x 16’) lessens the possibility of losing crops. Growers no longer need to bend and break their plants for them to fit inside the tent. It even comes with wonderful features that would help achieve a fruitful journey.

These features combined with that spacious grow area works best for businessmen. It enables them to grow 24-32 marijuana plants in one go. However, it does not matter what end goal they have in mind. Gorilla Grow (8’ x 16’) would help them succeed with their plans.
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Bigger and Better

Gorilla Grow Tent (8’ x 16’)Growing tents provide convenience for people who are restricted to pursue their marijuana growing needs for various reasons. It serves as a safe-house for their plants. Grow tents eliminate the risk of light leakage, distinct marijuana odors and inconspicuous gossips around town.

Gorilla Grow Tents are among the first to pop into mind when talking about grow tents. In fact, they consistently belong to the Top 10 of Best Brands in the market. Also, their quality tents famously tops other brands in terms of size, thickness, strength, temperature control and so much more.

Briefly, here are some of the features of Gorilla Grow (8’x 16’) Tent:

Human-sized Gorilla Grow Tent

With its 8 x 16 feet area, this tent could fit at least 10 people inside. So, growers can expect 24- 32 big marijuana plants to fit inside with ease. There is also a patent-pending height extension kit that comes with every unit. It gives the growers the capacity to extend or lower their tents from 7 to 8 feet or vice versa.

No more need to give the plants some stress training for them to adjust to the tent’s height. Thus, avoiding the possibility of deformed plants and buds. Plus, growers get the chance of doubling their yield.

Diamond Reflective and Tear Proof Walls

Plants are protected with the 1680D threaded fabric as the grow tent’s walls. It is three to nine times denser than the average thickness of grow tents. This also ensures the light-proofing capability of the fabric, durability and safety of the grow tent.

The fabric even has diamond-like reflections that evens out the lumen distribution. Thus, no hot spots would form, and the lights are well reflected.

As Strong as A Gorilla

Gorilla Grow Tent (8’ x 16’) poles are made of pure metal. Unlike other grow tents which use plastic connectors, metal fasteners secure the framework into place. Plus, it can hold up to 300 pounds (145 kilos) of equipment with its cross-members.

“EZ Viewing”

Large “EZ View” windows are provided with the grow tent. This allows growers to view inside the tent without having to open the whole doorway. Not to worry because it comes with tight reinforced seal that would not interfere with the interior environment. This reinforced seal is then secured with a heavy-duty zipper that is also light-proof.

However, if they do wish to enter and inspect through the doorway, Velcro strips that cover the zippers are also accessible for them. Both the doorway and EZ View large windows have 360° openings.

Cooler than Other Tents

This is temperature-wise, of course. Aside from the height-adjusting poles, the Infrared Blocking Insulated Roof also await its patent. Still, it does a great job of keeping Gorilla Grow Tent (8’ x 16’)’s exterior cool, no matter what the weather is.

It also comes with large ducting ports for external and internal fans/ filters. This way, growers may opt to maximize the airflow inside the tent.

A Whole Lot More

There are some extra features of this grow tent that can be hard to find on other tents. It has filter windows that comes with a mesh screen that adds protection to the plants. A handy tool pouch can also be found inside the tent for essential growing tools.

Last but not the least, it comes with a sturdy flood pool. This helps avoid creating a mess inside the tent.
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Growing Easy with Gorilla Grow Tent (8’ x 16’)

Gorilla Grow Tent (8’ x 16’)Growers House offers Gorilla Grow Tent (8’ x 16’) for a low price. Each unit sells for only $1,799. If anyone can beat this price, show them proof and they might just match or even beat the competition’s price.

The price is worth it considering the benefit and service growers would get from Gorilla Grow Tent (8 x 16 feet). No more long waiting hours to finish a cycle to start another one. With this tent, growing even three dozen plants at once would be a breeze. Buy Gorilla Grow Tent (8’ x 16’) Click Here!

The founder of I Love Growing Marijuana, Robert Bergman, is a marijuana growing expert that enjoys sharing his knowledge with the world. He combines years of experience, ranging from small-scale grows to massive operations, with a passion for growing. His articles include tutorials on growing... [read more]


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