Gro Pro Premium Nursery Pot Medium Duty 5-gallon Tall Pot

January 17, 2019

Plant cultivation in containers has been a common practice since time immemorial. Egyptian horticultural pottery fragments date as far back as 10,000 years ago.

The OGs of container gardening was the unglazed terracotta pots. These porous containers allow insulation in the root zone from cold and hot temperatures and let in a very small amount of air pass to the root zone to pass through the clay walls. The downside of these planters is its weight and price.

On the other hand, plastic pots came along around the 1950s. Since it’s less expensive to produce, it quickly took over the market. Plastic pots like the Gro Pro Garden Products Premium Nursery Pot Medium Duty 5-gallon Tall Pot are more durable and much lighter than the ancient ones.

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Gro Pro Premium Nursery Pot Medium Duty 5-gallon Tall Pot

Gro Pro Premium Nursery Pot Medium Duty 5-gallon Tall PotCompared to the traditional blow molded nursery pots, the Gro Pro Nursery Pots are much durable and thicker. These premium quality, injection molded, medium duty 5-gallon tall nursery pots are available at Growers House for $2.16 each.

It features grip lip for easy movement. Gro Pro Premium clear saucers appropriate for the pot’s size are sold separately.

Gro Pro offers a complete line of quality outdoor and indoor growing containers for all types of cultivators, from beginner to hobby to professional growers. All Gro Pro pots are made in the USA.

  • Weight: 0.55 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 5 Gallon

There are numerous kinds of growing pots to grow cannabis. Pots such as smart pots, air pots, hempy buckets, hydro and the tried and tested plastic plant containers.

These standard nursery pots have holes at the bottom or sides for drainage. It can be purchased with a saucer to capture runoff water for easy disposal and these pots can be found easily at any gardening stores.

Final Container Size for Desired Plant Size

In terms of choosing the size of the pots, the desired final plant size must be considered. Smaller plants need relatively small containers while bigger plants grow best in a large pot. The plant size must be proportional to the container dimensions.

Generally, growers can have up to 2 gallons per 12 inches of height. This is still dependent upon the actual crop since some grow differently than others. Although some build up wide instead of tall, the guideline below predominantly works on all kinds of plants.

Desired Final Plant Size Pot Size in Gallon
12 inches 2 – 3
24 inches 3 – 5
36 6 – 8
48 inches 8 – 10
60 inches 12 or more

Choosing to grow containers with good drainage holes at the bottom is key to a successful grow. If plants wilt quickly, check for stress signs and ensure its well-watered and getting only the proper amount of lighting. Take note that sunlight can be hard on plastic pots and cause brittleness and fading. For outdoor use, many plastic nursery pots are treated with UV light inhibitors for it to maintain flexibility and reduce fading, thus increasing its life-span.

Transplanting or Using the Final Container

Starting out in a small container then transferring the plants as it grows so it never runs out of the room is what transplanting is all about.

If done right, it can encourage a faster plant growth. The reason for this is transplanting allows for an environment where roots continually get access to adequate amounts of air and water.

On the flip side, it can stress the crops and slow down growth if executed incorrectly. It is important to move the plants carefully to avoid excessive disruptions on the plant’s roots. This entails plant transfer before its root-bound and prepping a big enough hole in the new container’s potting mix for the transplant.

Due to its unpredictability, some growers start the plants directly in its final container. The major disadvantage of this is the clones or seedlings can find it difficult to get sufficient air to the roots. the seedling roots won’t be able to drink it fast enough when the potting mix gets soaked and the roots can end up sitting in stagnant water with very little access to O2. The crops will be overwatered and droopy until the roots start getting access to air again. This is when the growing medium dries out on its own, which typically takes a while. Watering the plants correctly can help minimize these effects.
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Premium Nursery Pot Medium Duty 5-gallon Tall Pot

Gro Pro Premium Nursery Pot Medium Duty 5-gallon Tall PotThe Premium Nursery Pots are made of inert elements and are deemed safe for growing cannabis. When the pots are no longer usable, disposal is environmentally friendly as many are made of recyclable plastic.

For grow systems that require frequent plant movement and are high-impact, sturdier containers like plastic nursery pots are the better option. Buy Gro Pro Premium Nursery Pot Medium Duty 5-gallon Tall Pot Click Here!

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