Gro1 Nutrient Digital Scale 2.2 lb. Capacity

November 26, 2019

Gro1 Nutrient Digital Scale 2.2 lb. Capacity:

Knowing how to weigh cannabis accurately and adequately is beneficial for several reasons. For one, getting shorted by the dispensary can be avoided. Another advantage of understanding the basics of cannabis measurements better is learning how to measure the amount of THC is present per piece if needed.

There is more to the process of weighing cannabis than just a placing a nug on a scale. Technically, to weigh cannabis properly, the correct piece of equipment is necessary.

Usually, resolute marijuana enthusiasts invest on a scale in order to get precise measurements. A top choice is a digital scale, with two decimal places at the very least. A suitably sized dish or tray on the scale to use during the process is fundamental as well. It is also a good practice to utilize a smaller plate to avoid direct bud-to-scale contact. This keeps the scale resin-free and clean. Once everything is set, all that’s needed are buds to weigh.

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Cannabis Weighing Process

Gro1 Nutrient Digital Scale 2.2 lb. CapacityTo start, place the empty smaller dish on the scale to find the tare weight. This is to zero out the weight of the individual container. Most digital scales have a tare button, which weighs the container but shows the weight as zero to not have to deduct the container’s weight manually.

Otherwise, in order to get the final number, the weight if the container needs to be manually deducted each time.

After the tare weight is settled, merely place the cannabis on the smaller dish. A digital readout of the total weight should appear on the screen within seconds.

Standard Cannabis Measurements

Typically, cannabis is sold in the standardized empirical measurements all over the globe.

The basic measurements are a pound, a full ounce, a half, a quarter, an eighth and a gram, in decreasing order.

These measurements represent a fraction of an ounce. An eighth, for example, is shorthand for 1/8 of an ounce while a quarter is 1/4 of an ounce.

Although empirical values are universal, some are unfamiliar with the conversions. To make it easy, the metric conversion is as follows:

  • One gram is equivalent to one metric gram
  • An eighth equals roughly to 3.5 grams
  • A quarter is approximately seven grams
  • A half is about 14 grams
  • A full ounce tops out at just over 28 grams

Moreover, there are cannabis measurement slangs that some old timer enthusiasts throw in during transactions that are good to know as well. Nickels and dimes were terms commonly used back when marijuana was more stigmatized than it is today. A nickel meant roughly $5 worth, which is enough to roll a small joint while a dime bag is $10, which is about a gram.

Types of Scales

Most experienced enthusiasts rely on digital scales to weigh cannabis. These scales often are sold at head shops, dispensaries and online. Some are available in the baking section at department stores, although those may be the less accurate versions.

Enthusiasts who are serious about accurately weighing can find a scale with two or more decimal places. Baking scales may be used for smaller quantities, although a jeweler’s scale should be used for higher precision.

Most digital scales nowadays come with measurement conversions, the metric to imperial switch can come in handy depending on one’s location.

Commercially-sized digital scales can also be availed if weighing more than the standard ounce. These ones can be sourced easily online.

Importance of Weighing

As a cannabis consumer, learning how to weigh accurately is vital in budgeting the cannabis stash, particularly when it’s used on a daily basis. It is an essential skill that can be easily mastered.

It is even more critical for medical cannabis patients as every gram intake should be monitored. The physician prescribes typically a daily dosage, about a gram or two a day and learning the proper way of weighing ensures an appropriate Cannabidiol dosage consumption.

Increasing the Weight

Even if an enthusiast is not on the market to sell, there are a few nice to know information on increasing the weight of the bud a little bit more. These tricks might be used by some sellers.

The essential element that adds heft to the buds is moisture. Therefore, increasing moisture content can add to the final weight.

Some connoisseurs or seller place a citrus peel at the bottom of the bag, while others use a wet Q-tip.

Both methods work to rehydrate the buds. However, it is important only to leave minimal moisture and not overdo it. Excess moisture can lead to mildew and mold development very quickly.
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Gro1 Nutrient Digital Scale 2.2lb capacity

Gro1 Nutrient Digital Scale 2.2 lb. CapacityThe Gro1 Nutrient Digital Scale showcases a 1,000-gram capacity. It is available at Growers House for $25.49. It features a large detachable plastic dish bowl for trouble-free cleaning.

This Scale’s digital display shows weight in pennyweight (dwt), troy ounces (ozt), ounces, and grams, with a 0.1 gram or ounce increment. The tare function gives it the ability to measure and weigh multiple ingredients together precisely.


  • 1000g Capacity which is equal to 2.2 Pounds
  • 0.01 ounce or 0.1-gram graduation
  • Tare function capability
  • Measurement conversion availability
  • (2) AA batteries included
  • Requires 1000-gram weight to calibrate (not included)

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