Grow your own marijuana. Even as a beginner

Step by step instructions

  • Avoiding common mistakes and issues new growers experience
  • Setting up indoor and outdoor growing environments that won't cost a fortune
  • The essential skills for growing strong and healthy plants that produce massive yields every time

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Learn the basics of growing marijuana

Learn all Robert's secrets so even beginners can grow their own.


Anyone can grow their own marijuana. Robert shows you all the steps.


Healthier plants grow bigger and give you more value for money.


That's right, growing your own marijuana can provide you with huge yields!

Our readers love the Grow Bible

"I followed all the steps in the Grow Bible, two days from soak my Girl Scout Cookie baby has arrived!"

- Mike C. (Columbus, OH)

"The Bible has been invaluable in getting started and in following up on all aspects of the grow."

- Anna (Detroit, MI)

"Followed what I read in the Marijuana Grow Bible and my plants are now amazing."

- Derek (Santa Maria, CA)


Join 1 million+ Grow Bible readers and start growing your own marijuana

"I'm extremely impressed! I have referenced the Grow Bible many times over the years and it has always been my go-to resource." - Dave (Omaha, NE)

Robert Bergman

I'm Robert

Founder of I Love Growing Marijuana

Growing marijuana has long been a professional's game. I know, because I've done mega grows with industrial-sized grow rooms and lab breeding for years.

Those days are long gone and now I dedicate all my time to sharing my knowledge, so any beginner can grow their own marijuana.

There are two common challenges new growers face:

  • Finding a reliable source of information online.
  • Having a guide that explains the process step by step.

That's why I wrote the Grow Bible - to explain everything you need to know to start growing quickly.

In the last eight years, I've helped over 1 million people (like you) grow huge plants with even bigger yields. I'm sure you can do the same.