January 17, 2019

Grow Crew Wing Reflector Budget Package is a complete kit that helps plants reach optimal growth. At 1000 watts, the light intensity is the least of concern in the environmental factors that dictate quality and yield. Not to mention, the included lamp is arguably the best type available – high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulb. Furthermore, it also includes metal halide (MH) bulb to boost the production of flowers during the bloom phase.
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Wing Reflector 1000w Budget Package

Grow Crew Wing Reflector 1000w Budget PackageCost is definitely a consideration for aspiring home growers. Individually, some items are already more than costly. And, that is why packages are a great option. The Wing Reflector package from Grow Crew is one of the least expensive ways to obtain 1000w lighting for the plans. It is available at Growers House for only $243.95.

Package Inclusions:

  • Ultra Sun HPS 1000w
  • Ratchet light hangers
  • Pluto wing reflector
  • SG Lite switchable MH/HPS 1000w magnetic ballast

Ultra Sun HPS 1000w

Typically, 600w HPS bulb already is enough for plants to produce a generous yield. However, growers can expect a significant increase with the use of 1000w. It emits around 126,000 lumens to have a lumens-to-watt ratio of 114 effectively. At this light intensity, the light penetration allows for a stronger maturation in the lower canopy compared to 600w (or more so 400w). One of the easily observed difference is the density of the bud structure of plants.

Not all bulbs are the same though. In particular, the included Ultra Sun HPS lamp is explicitly designed and engineered for horticulture. The 1000w model has a higher than typical lumens rating at 140,000. In essence, it performs better than average. For growers, that means that in a given time frame during the vegetative period when it is used, the growth rate will be faster than usual.

For those coming up from lower wattages, one of the critical changes to consider is the height of the fixture from the top of the canopy. Expectedly, it emits more heat. However, it is not only the temperature of the environment that growers should monitor more frequently. The distance should also be at least 24 inches away to prevent light burn.

Measurement alone is merely a guideline. A practical way to ensure that it is not too hot is to place a hand on top of the canopy for a few seconds. If it feels like burning up, then the height of the Ultra Sun HPS 1000w needs to be adjusted higher.

Proper ventilation is critical to dissipating heat from the growing space. Not only that, but circulation is just as important too. As long as growers remain vigilant in monitoring and controlling temperature and humidity, achieving a much significant yield becomes possible.

One thing to consider when using this 1000w lamp is to release carbon dioxide during the daytime cycle. Doing so is equivalent to maximizing the light intensity for more explosive growth.

Ultra Sun 1000 Watt HPS Lamp Spectral Intensity Graph

Key Features:

  • Brightness: 140,000 lumens
  • Temperature: 2000°K
  • Base: E-25
  • Warranty: One year

Hydrofarm SG Lite Switchable MH/HPS 1000w Magnetic Ballast

Included in the Grow Crew Wing Reflector package is an SG Lite Switchable MH/HPS 1000w magnetic ballast from Hydrofarm. It comes with a dual receptacle that lets it be used with reflectors from the same brand or others in standard sizes.

The ballast has a patended Lock & Seal plug system. It is a unique circular prong pattern for electrical contact and recessed to not only secure but also ensure safety during plug in. A collar also protects against accidental electrical contact.

Electricity and water do not mix well. Hydrofarm took that into consideration with the unique pin configuration and recessed receptable design to prevent accidental electrical contact. Furthermore, it is also water resisant to protect it from mists and sprays. In essence, not only is it safe for growers but also the Ultra Sun 1000w HPS lamp.

Key Features:

  • 1000 watts
  • 120V/240V dual receptable
  • 9.5 amperes
  • #14 wire
  • CSA certified

Pluto Wing Reflector

The Pluto Wing Reflector is assembled with highly reflective German aluminum with a lamp cord and socket built in. It comes with a standard style type of plug.

The aluminum is pliable so the projected light footprint of this reflector can be adjusted. Depending on adjustments, width can vary from 8 to 10 inches. There are no sharp corners unlike “gull-wing” type reflectors since the corners are rounded. However, it does not accept glass.


  • Socket and 8 feet power cord
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel mounting bracket
  • A pair of A-hooks


  • Reflector dimensions: 19″ L x 16″ W x 4’ H
  • Entire fixture dimensions including A-hooks ad socket: 22″ L x 16″ W x 10” H

Ratchet Light Hangers

An often-overlooked accessory is ratchet hangers. No matter how excellent a lighting fixture is or how sturdy the cross bars of a tent are, these little hangers are responsible for securing the lighting fixture.

Included in this Grow Crew Wing Reflector package are two pieces of ratchet hangers that could hold up to 63 kilos (138 pounds). Due to its construction using composite material, it tends to last long as it does not rust. A carabiner clip is also provided to secure the hold. It comes with 7 inches of braided polypropylene rope.
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Budget-friendly Wing Reflector + HPS Package

Grow Crew Wing Reflector 1000w Budget PackageIt is fun shopping for individual items as there are indeed a wide variety of brands and models available. However, it can also be time consuming. Not only that, buying separate items also means that these products could be shipped at different times from different locations. Going for a package, therefore, avoids the hassle.

Grow Crew Wing Reflector is a complete set of lighting fixture that has everything plants need to begin growing. Buy Grow Crew Wing Reflector 1000w Budget Package Click Here!

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