Growing Cannabis Indoors (Anthony Teller)

January 17, 2019

Growing cannabis must be a natural progression for many recreational and medical users. In fact, more than using, it is cultivating that makes it more fun and satisfying. Be that as it may, the use of marijuana is not common and in many areas, illegal. If that is the case, then planting it is even more tricky.

A common perception of the vast popularity of indoor cannabis cultivation is due to privacy. In other words, growers hide the fact that they are growing. Now, it is possible that it is illegal. But even in places where it is legal, many people simply do not like other people knowing what they are doing.

But the most compelling reason for growing marijuana inside the house is the same grounds as other crops. Outdoor, some plants can only grow in certain environments. And as winter sets in, it is impossible to plant anything under such extreme weather condition. Hence, the solution is to cultivate indoors.

Because of the advancements in technology, an ancient practice of using hydroponics is as easy as ordering the necessary equipment online. In fact, enclosures or habitats are so advanced that they come in all sizes, shapes, and unique features. Some companies like Dealzer even offers a complete kit where everything that is needed to get started is already included in one package.

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About the only thing left to do, especially for beginners, is to gain the necessary knowledge to cultivate cannabis.

A good option is to pick up Growing Cannabis Indoor, written by Anthony Teller.

Inside the Book

Growing Cannabis IndoorsHaving seen many other books, we can say that only a few are what can be considered as the ultimate reference. However, these books are perhaps too complicated for many beginners. As far as planting and growing marijuana or any plants are concerned, the best way to learn is to actually grow plants.

Hence, a simpler book that has enough information and an excellent step-by-step guide can certainly help one get started.

Here is what the book contains:


  • The Cannabis Growth Cycle
  • Germination
  • Seedling Growth
  • Vegetative Growth
  • Flowering
  • Location
  • Seeds
  • Sative Strains
  • Indica Strains
  • Hybrid Strains
  • Light Sources
  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs
  • LED Light Bulbs
  • Incandescent Light Bulbs
  • HID Light Bulbs
  • Reflecting the Light Source for Optimal Growth
  • Ventilation
  • Containers for Cannabis Growing
  • Containers for Growing in Soil
  • Containers for Growing Cannabis Hydroponically
  • Ebb and Flow
  • Top Feed
  • Deep Water Reservoir
  • Traditional Growing in Pots
  • Hydroponics Systems
  • Rock Wool
  • Oasis Cubes
  • Expanding Clay Pellets
  • Additionally Needed Supplies
  • Checklist When Preparing a Cannabis Grow
  • Germination


  • Light Cycle
  • Watering
  • Feeding the Plants with Nutrients
  • Pest Control
  • Pruning


  • Pre Flowering


  • Flushing
  • Harvesting
  • Curing
  • Processing Trimmed Leaves
  • Flat Screening

Does the book live up to expectations?

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Subtitled “The Ultimate Concise Guide on How to Grow Massive Marijuana Plants Indoors” is stretching it a little too far. At best, the content of the book is a great starter. However, it lacks the depth to be considered as ultimate.

Who Is this Book for?

Anthony TellerSome people are more inclined with details and depth. As such, this book may not be the right one as there are others that offer a truly comprehensive information. But there are also others who do not have the patience or the capacity to absorb so many information. The real learning when it comes to cultivating plants is in actually doing it. Having said that, this book does a good job of getting beginners from point A to point B.

A real appreciation of this book is in its simplicity and offering a more logical step-by-step guide to cultivating cannabis.

Sold at Amazon for under $3, it does not suggest that it is useless. Far from it, we think at that price, this book is a bargain. It is true that people get what they pay for. In this case, what customers are receiving is a book that focuses on getting people started.

We do recommend a secondary book, one that has more details such as Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Growing Guide. It has far more details and is written by an author whose fame is already legendary in the cannabis community.

To avoid disappointments, one could think of this book as a series of blog posts put together in a structured manner. In other words, it is concise. Admittedly, we feel that the title is misleading. It is not or never will be anything close to being the ultimate. Anyone expecting anything more should look at the price tag again.

If Simple Is What One Wants

Anthony TellerThe frustration of many people is born out of impatience, perhaps amplified by excitement. Anticipating plants growing and producing THC rich buds is enough to make many salivate. Not to mention, most people are busy with other things. Hence, going straight to the point is appreciated.

If the purpose is to get people started in the shortest possible time, without being swamped with details, then this book is it. Good books are out there. Yes, they have much more information. However, those may not be necessary information for starters. Keep in mind, though, that for a successful cultivation, one might need to learn more.

In checking out the book, we also took a look at what other people had to say. Perhaps the best description comes from someone in the USA. According to the customer, the book felt like an instruction manual. On that, buyers should know what kind of book they will receive.

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We have seen many books in the market, and we can say that this one is as simple as it gets. Buy Growing Cannabis Indoors (Anthony Teller) Here!

There are many products related to growing marijuana; so many that we needed a dedicated person to review them all. Anthony is that person. If there’s a product that will help you grow marijuana, he’s likely tried it or at least heard of it. More... [read more]


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