Growing Marijuana In California

June 8, 2021

Are you confused about the rules on growing weed in California? Still can’t seem to find information about how many weed plants you can grow? I’m pretty sure that is by design.

Being that marijuana legalization is still pretty new, in many states the rules are quite vague. I’m no lawyer, but I have gathered some info in the hope that you’ll learn what you need to know about marijuana growing laws in California.  However, if you need more information, you probably should talk to a lawyer.

I’ll also share some basics on California’s medical marijuana program as well as a timeline of all the changes in marijuana law. It isn’t always about the rules, though, that’s why you will find some weed growing etiquette advice as well.

Keep reading to learn about growing in the great state of Cali.

Please note: ILGM is NOT a legal adviser. Information contained in this website is intended as general introductory information only. The information contained on this website is not legal advice. It should not be construed as legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.

First, a summary:

California can now legally grow up to six marijuana plants at home, including all of the harvest from those plants.

That means:

Every adult Californian can now legally grow marijuana.  Based on California’s history, this is likely an event that was destined to occur. Still, before you get started growing; there are some rules.

Here’s what you should know:

  1. The minimum age is 21
  2. Possess no more than 6 plants at a time
  3. Grow only where you live, where it cannot be seen and lock it
  4. Carry no more than 28.5 grams, leave the rest at home
  5. Cities can prohibit outdoor growing, but not indoor growing
  6. If you’re in trouble with the law, get a cannabis lawyer

And don’t forget, know what you are doing! Grab Robert’s free grow guide, the Marijuana Grow Bible, before growing in California.

The minimum age is 21

Marijuana is now treated similarly to alcohol, so no underage growing. To clarify, while teenagers may love growing weed –

Hey, it’s a fun science project.

The current law is clear that it is an adult sport.

Possess no more than 6 plants

This is probably the clearest part of the new law. It says six plants, regardless of their stage in the growing process. Many other states allow adults to have additional plants that are not already flowering – California does not.

You can grow maximum 6 marijuana plants

Without a doubt, this rule is likely due to environmentalists concerns over widespread home growing impacting the water supply. Therefore, everyone needs to be conservative in their weed growing.

Once again, a single person can only grow six plants.

While this rule may be a bummer to some, it’s not that big of a deal.

After all, do you know how much weed you can yield from six plants?

You’ll be fine – especially if you use advanced growing techniques like those taught in this blog… Plan ahead and store your weed well, and you’ll have plenty to cook with.

When limited to six plants you want to consider which plants to grow.

Gorilla Glue is one of the most popular strains on the market. Our version of the strain is especially sticky and it does very well in the warm Cali climate. Learn more

Our friends from aPotforPot offer a great solution for a small grow, be sure to check out their offers here

Keep your growing personal

Another key point: just because growing is legal in California, it’s still a personal privilege that should be kept private.

Sorry, guys, it’s still not a good idea to reality show your grow.

In a similar fashion, you should only be growing in your own home or on your property. People should not be able to see your plants unless you live in a place that doesn’t care and it’s just your neighbors – and they don’t mind.

For the most part, it seems reasonable that you should be able to grow in your backyard, however even that may be a problem. If you are growing openly in your backyard and you live next to someplace public, like a park, that is, in fact, illegal.

28.5 gram is the maximum ammount
28.5 gram is the maximum amount – Image powered by

28.5 is the magic number

Great news; you can grow as much weed as you want from your six plants!

But there’s a catch. You can’t carry it around.

At any given time, you can only have 28.5 grams of marijuana. Seeing that this equals an ounce, this should not be a problem for most people. On the positive side, this does not apply to weed from your personal harvest. You can keep all of that.

However, if you give away any of it, you can only take 28.5 grams of it out of your house.

Want to grow premium Amsterdam genetics in California?

Visit the ILGM seed bank, we ship to California for free! 

Here’s my advice:

If you don’t already own a scale, invest in one. If you grow six plants, you will have much more than 28.5 grams. To stay legal, make sure you aren’t carrying too much at one time.

If you plan to grow in California, take some time to learn advanced growing techniques. It will help you get the most yield from a few plants. Click here if you want to buy marijuana seeds in California

Growing marijuana is your right

Although it is now legal, many California home growers may need to stay stealth. There are cities and towns in California that are prohibiting marijuana growing.

Guess what?

They are allowed to do that by this law. If you live in one of those areas, you cannot grow outdoors unless no one knows you are doing it. If they can tell you’re growing weed, you have broken the law.

Growing is your right
Growing is your right

The law also says cities and towns cannot keep you from growing marijuana inside your home. This includes rental homes and apartments. If you are a renter, follow the rule of keeping your growing personal, and you will stay legal.

California growing laws are highly defined, like California wine. Although they are more restrictive than other states, they also give a lot of rights to home growers. To repeat, if you need help, talk to a lawyer.

California growing etiquette

The right to grow weed at home is vital for many Californians. However, some things can get you in trouble, and likely piss off at least one of your neighbors.

Here are some of them:

  • Growing more weed than you need – that’s not eco-conscious
  • Selling your weed – leave that to the ‘professionals.’
  • Planting outdoors where people don’t want you to plant – that’s just rude

Medical marijuana users in California

Starting in 2018, medical card holders will not pay sales tax on retail weed. However, legalization may still be bad for medical users as it may restrict the availability of certain medical strains based on demand. This happened in neighboring recreational states.

Medical marijuana in California
Medical marijuana in California

So, if you use medical strains, it is probably a good idea to start growing them now, before the supply diminishes (if you aren’t already).

California laws in 2020
California laws

Prior to November 2016,
California was well known for its medical marijuana program, and many California patients enjoyed the benefits of growing their own weed for medication. The state led the medical marijuana movement in the United States, with many states following their lead.

The California program is approved for HIV/AIDS, Cancer, MS, epilepsy, Glaucoma, Chronic or unmanageable pain, Cachexia, Arthritis, and Migraines. in the past, you didn’t necessarily need a medical marijuana ID card to grow, but if you did, you risked getting arrested for illegal growing.

You’d also need to:

  • Talk to a doctor about your condition. A doctor will need to write a recommendation. To find a California doctor, visit CANORML.
  • Download and read the Marijuana Grow Bible. This is the authority on growing the best marijuana. It will explain how to locate the right seeds and set up a grow room
  • Purchase I Love Growing Marijuana has a large selection of marijuana seeds to choose from.
  • Check local Growing Rules. California Weed growing laws vary by city and county. Check the rules in your area here.
Growing weed in California
Growing weed in California

The medical marijuana card

You don’t need a medical marijuana card to grow California weed. Previously the card was useful for protecting growers from arrest. Patients and caregivers could register for the card with the state and show it to police in the event of possible arrest.

For patients who prefer to remain anonymous, some nonprofits, as well as a few prescribing doctors, offer medical cards that are not registered with the state. These cards can provide proof of medical need but may not prevent a police officer from taking your weed.

Medical Card is not needed in California
Medical Card is not needed in California

The laws have changed

Growing marijuana in California used to be straightforward for those with medical approval. Before legalization, there weren’t actual limits on how much weed can be grown. This was unique to California.


If you have a medical need to grow marijuana, the state assumed you will grow as much as you need.

This wasn’t popular with everyone, however.

Some areas in California challenged the idea, making it illegal to grow, or limiting collective grows. But for the most part, you were okay to grow if a doctor said so.

As a matter of fact, California weed growing was so popular that you could find advertisements for professional weed trimmer years before legalization! Of course, if you follow the advice in the Marijuana Grow Bible, you can save some money and do it yourself.

How much can you grow in California
How much can you grow in California

Growing marijuana in California has been a thing for a while; so, it should be no surprise that there is still some confusion about how many plants medical users can grow.

These things will get you in trouble

There is one thing that you do not want to do as a marijuana grower in California.  It should be obvious, but you should not try to sell your marijuana.

Here’s what could happen:

If you happen to sell your weed to a kid, you are facing felony charges. You also could be sued by the family member or employer of the person you sold it to. If you want to sell weed legally, go through the appropriate channels to be a legal marijuana business.

OffensePenaltyIncarceration Max. Fine  
Personal Use
Up to 1 ozNo penaltyNone$ 0
28.5 grams or less, over 18 years, and occurred on school groundsMisdemeanor10 days$ 500
28.5 grams or less, under 18 yearsMisdemeanor10 days*$ 250
More than 28.5 gramsMisdemeanor6 months$ 500
With Intent to Distribute
Any amountMisdemeanor6 months$ 500
*Detention center
Sale or Delivery
Any amountMisdemeanor6 months$ 500
Gift of 28.5 grams or lessNo penaltyN/A$ 100
Over 18 years to an individual 14-17 yearsFelony3-5 yearsN/A
Over 18 years to an individual under 14 yearsFelony3-7 yearsN/A
Up to 6 plantsNo penaltyNone0
6 plants or moreMisdemeanor6 months$ 500
Hash & Concentrates
Up to 8 gNo penaltyNone0
8 g or moreMisdemeanor6 months$ 500
Unauthorized manufactureN/A16 months – 3 years$ 500
Chemical manufactureN/A3 – 7 years$50,000
Sale, delivery, possession with intent, and manufacture with intentMisdemeanor15 days – 6 months$ 500
Involving a minor at least 3 years juniorMisdemeanor1 year$ 1,000
Vehicles and other property may be seized for controlled substance violations.
California Laws and Penalties

Buying marijuana seeds in California

While you can buy seeds in some parts of California, they are not available throughout the state. As with most things, you’ll also find a greater selection online. Even more, the process will be discrete. Buy the best seeds for discrete marijuana growing online. Click here if you live in California and want to buy marijuana seeds.

Latest Updates

Below are some previous articles on growing in California:

November 2018 – Fontana, CA gets new rules

August 2018 – Calaveras County bans growing

July 2018 – LA will start licensing growers

December 2017 – California accepting applications for licensed growers

November 2016California Prepares for Legal Growing

October 2016 – California marijuana legalization campaign launches a TV ad communicating responsible use and safeguards.

To sum it all up:

The rules around growing marijuana have gone through a lot of changes in the past few years, and they are continuing to evolve. To stay out of trouble, you need to keep up with the local news and stay discrete. Living in California has its benefits, so why not enjoy them!

Frequently asked question

Where can I find a lawyer?

Check out the NORML website or use this article.

How do I grow discretely?

Download the Grow Bible or read this article.

How do I start a legal Marijuana business?

There are many steps, but you can get an idea of what you’ll need in this article.

If I get in trouble what are the typical charges?

Most marijuana offenses in California are now misdemeanors. You can read the full law here.

Ready to grow your own marijuana in California but not sure where to start? Explore our wide selection of seeds in our seed shop.

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Marijuana legislation can be complicated, but Jenny Bloom is always up for the task. Although not a lawyer, her experience as a reporter and PR specialist helps her understand legalese – especially when it relates to growing marijuana. A passionate supporter of legalization and home... [read more]


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      Hi Mike, your case is quite specific and I wouldn't dare give you advise. Best check with local authorities on this.
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    I live on 10 acres and have some renters that stay on the property also. Let's say 6 adults live here...are we allowed 36 plants?
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      Hi Beasle, it's 6 per property, not per person
  15. By steven bustamante ,25 Mar 2017
    me and my girlfriend we can grow up 12 plants of marijuana in temecula california
    1. By Jeff ,28 Jul 2017
      Steven, only indoors. Riverside Co doesn't allow outdoor grows
  16. By Edward Telles ,13 Apr 2017
    If my wife and I both have California medical recs can we grow 12 plants in los Angeles county
    1. By Roy ILGM ,14 Apr 2017
      Hi Edward, as far as I've learned the restriction is per household. But you may want to check that locally. – I❤️GM
  17. By Don Schwenke ,24 Apr 2017
    My question is how many people can you grow for. I live on property but my brother and sister both live in apartments. Can I grow for both of them. Is there a limit on how many caretakers is my […]Read More
    1. By Art ,18 May 2017
      No more than six plants may be cultivated at a single private residence (i.e., you and your spouse can cultivate no more than six plants total, as opposed to six plants each, at your home). HS 11358 after Proposition 64 […]Read More
  18. By Todd Hicks ,28 Apr 2017
    What about in tehama county I can't seem to find the laws for my county "can I do six outdoors"
  19. By Jeff ,01 May 2017
    Is a green house ok in CA I read in an enclosed structure ?
    1. By Roy ILGM ,01 May 2017
      Yup! As long as you can lock it – I❤️GM
  20. By Stevie ,06 Jun 2017
    What is the consequence of growing a single plant outdoors in a locked yard obscured from public view? Fine? Charges? In SoCal.
  21. By Christine LaBeach ,18 Jun 2017
    Can you grow in an RV if its your primary residence? In California?
    1. By Roy ILGM ,19 Jun 2017
      Hi Christine, I'm not sure if that count's towards a household. Best verify that locally. – I❤️GM
  22. By Larry ,19 Jun 2017
    If you have a charge for weed in another state and complete your probationary period and move to California and owner property's can you still get a grow card?
  23. By Mike ,28 Jul 2017
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    1. By Roy ILGM ,28 Jul 2017
      I'm not sure if Duarte allows outdoor growing but if they do you should be set. People may complain about the smell come flowering time though :D
      1. By Nene M. ,03 Dec 2018
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  26. By Sean ,04 Aug 2017
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    1. By Roy ILGM ,07 Aug 2017
      Hi Chances, this is what I deduct from the article: "people should not be able to see your plants unless you live in a place that doesn’t care and it’s just your neighbors – and they don’t mind. However, growing […]Read More
  28. By Kurt ,10 Aug 2017
    Southern California is in a huge battle,and know one is telling the fine details of the law.It's up to you the individual to do your your home work. Most of the small towns want no growing anywhere.Riverside county has a […]Read More
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    1. By latewood_ILGM ,18 Aug 2017
      FirstTimer, I recommend you contact your local community Medical dispensary or agriculture dept. I cannot keep up with Cali. laws. They change all the time and local municipalities can vary limits and such from county to county. Some states allow […]Read More
  30. By Chances ,16 Aug 2017
    Thanks for the response Roy. If a neighbor (or anyone else) were to see the plants, he/she would have to go on to my property and peek over a 6' block wall. That would be unacceptable to me since I […]Read More
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    Oregon has towns and cities that have banned outdoor growing. A bunch of BS if you ask me! ;)
  32. By Steve ,18 Aug 2017
    My city in So. Cal bans growing weed outdoors. But is a greenhouse in the yard considered indoors?
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,28 Aug 2017
      Steve, Your question is better suited to be asked to local authorities than in this International blog. With the ever changing legislation in Cali., and other states allowing Cannabis; It is hard to keep up with local laws. I cannot […]Read More
  33. By cisco ,21 Aug 2017
    i Got a permit to have no more then 99 plants in Orange county is it legal or illegal to have this many indoor growing
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,28 Aug 2017
      cisco, If your state allows you to have 99 plants; "That says it all". Happy growing.
  34. By Don ,25 Sep 2017
    Do you have a list of counties and cities that allow outdoor or indoor grow
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,28 Sep 2017
      Don, I suggest you contact your State for the limits on growing in your area. has good info also. :)
  35. By Wendy ,12 Oct 2017
    Can you grow plants in California if you have children in the home part time? If you are growing in your RV?
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,17 Oct 2017
      Wendy, Yes you can; However, it is best to check your state laws and especially County, City, and Townships. IN Cali... each local government can change restrictions or whatever, whenever they want. Hope it all works out.
  36. By Nik ,17 Oct 2017
    We are 2 adults planning to grow marijuana at our residence(condo-renting). I understand we can grow 6 plants each. So total of 12 plants? Or there is a limit per house 9 plants? Also how do we check our city […]Read More
  37. By latewood_ILGM ,18 Oct 2017
    Nik, You can each grow 6 for a total of 12 but, do this to confirm your rights. Go to your local town website, and look it up. Or go to county website and look it up. You have to […]Read More
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    1. By Stacy ILGM ,16 Mar 2018
      We are truly sorry, we overlooked and forgot to update the last part. We will look in to it and update it shortly!
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    What steps and processes do I have to go through to legally sell my weed to dispensaries?
  45. By Rigo ,11 May 2018
    Hi my name is rigo and I have a question I know some people that want to rent a piece of my property to grow marijuana is that legal
    1. By chris ,17 Jun 2018
      Hello, I was curious to know whether or not it is currently legal for someone to pay rent to grow their plants in a warehouse?
  46. By Mary Jo ,21 May 2018
    My doctor has licensed me for up to 99 plants. Then I've heard that doesn't matter because the high desert (Inland Empire) only allows 6. I have 36 starts in a locked green house surrounded by pinons and junipers. Are […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,26 Sep 2018
      Mary Jo, The laws in Cali. are so messed up due to the state allowing localities to adapt laws to there own standards. This is a problem. I cannot give you legal advice but, I can say; If you are […]Read More
  47. By Roy ,23 Sep 2018
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,26 Sep 2018
      Roy, This info is located on the State, County, and Local websites. You can try but that is not always up to date. Best to call your local government and ask :)
  48. By Blazeaglory ,01 May 2019
    Water usage? Nevermind the water wasted on front and back lawns that offer NOTHING . Not to mention, you forgot to add that a person with a medical MJ recommendation can grow up to 24 plants in CA
  49. By Anthony ,28 May 2019
    I love 2 in California,If I Grow 6 plants ,does it matter if they are grown in pots or in the ground in my backyard?
  50. By Nancy ,12 Jun 2019
    What a comprehensive overview of California with laws as well as growing techniques. Job well done guys.
  51. By latewood ILGM ,20 Jun 2019
    Anthony, No it does not but, I also suggest checking with local government to make sure. Laws of Cannabis seem to change in Cali when the wind blows in a different direction or due to new county or municipal regulation. […]Read More
  52. By Terri Dantz ,09 Aug 2019
    I order white widow see and only 5 have Sprouted, how do I get refunded?
    1. By latewood ILGM ,30 Nov 2019
      You should use the email that was sent to you with a link for customer service. Or; Join the forum and use the Customer service area. We always back our seeds 100%
  53. By Chuck ,22 Oct 2019
    I live in a residential Neighborhood in Northern California, Sacramento County.. how do i determine if it is legal for our neighbor to grow outside in containers. The odor is overwhelming. Thank you
    1. By Latewood ILGM ,30 Nov 2019
      I personally love the smell of fresh Cannabis. I am sorry but, we do not get involved with meighbor disputes; Especially in a legal area.
  54. By Tedd Bin ,15 Mar 2020
    Forget legalization in ca. It’s just a money grab. I rather give my Hard Earned cash to the homie than a shitty politician.
    1. By Jared ,06 Jul 2020
      Giving money to your homie like a good neighbor makes you a good person. The government is only 1 level above service workers.
  55. By Huey ,25 May 2020
    I have approximately 100+ cannabis seeds of unknown strains that I've saved over the years. Is there a way to identify what specific strain they might be by the adult plant's appearance (i.e. like Blue Dream, GDP, etc.)??
  56. By Ken ,18 Jun 2020
    could you PLEASE cite your references. You are discussing rules and not pointing to any authority for them.
    1. By Jose ,06 Oct 2020
      What about the 99 plants growing it’s it true
      1. By Jason ,18 Feb 2021
        Matters what county you live in
  57. By Tony ,18 Jun 2020
    If I have a medical condition and require more than 6 plants am I still protected under the Ca Cannabis medical laws?
  58. By Marty ,12 Oct 2020
    If you can grow 6 plants per person over 21 yrs of age and have 4 over 21 does that mean you can have 24 plants growing from one household?
    1. By Rita ,17 Oct 2020
      Want answers to this question Rita
  59. By chris brewer ,25 Dec 2020
    can i grow six per household or six per adult living at the house
  60. By Rafael ,20 Jan 2021
    How can I get my marijuana license to grow weed plants
  61. By Jolein ,23 Mar 2021
    Can you use the leaves if a male plant for cbd balm.

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