Growing Marijuana In Massachusetts

March 8, 2021

Please note: ILGM is NOT a legal adviser. Information contained in this website is intended as general introductory information only. The information contained on this website is not legal advice. It should not be construed as legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.

Growing marijuana in Massachusetts has never been more easy, especially now that it has been legalized. That said, it’s still important to know the rules to be sure you’re staying within the limits of the law.

Here are a few things that are not allowed:
Growing some place other than your home
Selling your harvest
Storing your harvest any place other than home

There is also a section on parenting while growing. Although the state clearly says you can parent and grow, it also says it is for those aged 21 and up. If you have children in your home, it may be a good idea to invest in a lock or have a designated grower outside of your home.

If you have more questions or comments about growing in Massachusetts, leave them below in the comment section. I will update this article as needed to add the most frequently asked questions as well as any other interesting information.

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Find the complete Massachusetts initiative here.

In 2015, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health began accepting applications on a rolling basis from non-profit organizations that wish to apply for a state license to operate a Registered Marijuana Dispensary (RMD) in Massachusetts. RMDs are allowed one location, and may have a second location for cultivation or preparing marijuana-infused products.

These applications are not a merit-based competition, but are verified for compliance and suitability, and will be reviewed in the order received. However, applications in open counties will be processed first. There is no stated limit to the number of RMDs that may be approved.

Medical marijuana

The medical program will cover the following conditions:
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Crohn’s disease
Hepatitis C
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson’s disease
Other conditions as determined in writing by a qualifying patient’s physician

It also will let certain patients designate caregivers, if they can prove they are unable to purchase from a dispensary.

Massachusetts marijuana laws

The tax is $3.50/gram, but it is only required if the weed only has at least 40 grams. When the tax is paid, the user receives a stamp. If caught with marijuana, the stamps must be produced, or there will be additional fines or jail time.

For those charges that do give jail time, Massachusetts has a conditional release program. Conditional release means that people caught for the first time will most likely not receive jail time.

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Mandatory sentences are the exception to conditional releases. Massachusetts has mandatory sentences for large amounts of marijuana (100 lbs or more).

You won’t get arrested for having less than an ounce of marijuana, so be sure to keep your possession amounts small.

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Growing marijuana in Massachusetts
The minimum age to grow is 21
You can have no more than 12 marijuana plants
You can have no more than 6 flowering marijuana plants
You can keep the entire harvest of your 6 plants, and give away up to an ounce
You must grow within your primary residence
You can grow for someone else, but they must be at least 21

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Massachusetts Growing Laws In-Depth: If you’re confused by any of those rules, here’s a little more detail:
You must be 21 to grow your own marijuana. At 21 you’re officially an adult. At that age, you can drink, go to a casino and now, grow marijuana. If you’re still underage, wait a couple years to stay legal.
You are limited to 12 plants per household. One person is limited to 6 plants. Time your harvest so that you never have more than 12 plants in your household at one time.

They need 18 hours of light and 6 hours of complete darkness per day to remain immature. Once the days get shorter, your plants will begin producing flowers.

When growing indoors, you can control that light cycle. By shortening it from 18 hours of light to 12 hours of light, you can trigger the plants to start flowering.

You are limited to 6 flowering plants. Like I talked about in the previous section, the flowering stage is triggered by light. It lasts about two months. Make sure you harvest your plants on the right cycle so that you never have more than six flowering at a time.
Keep your entire harvest, and give away up to an ounce. You’re expected to keep your entire harvest, not to sell it. If you would like, you’re welcome to give some away to any adult, but you can’t give away more than an ounce.
Grow within your primary residence. Make sure you only grow within your own house. Do not plan to grow marijuana in your office or at your mom’s place. If you own a second home, whether it’s an apartment or a cabin in the woods, you cannot use that space to grow. You can grow in your garden or in a greenhouse but ensure it is properly secured and your plants are not visible without binoculars or an aircraft.
You can grow for someone else, but they must be at least 21. If you have a friend who’d like to grow marijuana but doesn’t have the space or time to do so in their own residence, you can help them out and grow at your home. However, make sure your friend is 21 or older and that you have no more than 12 plants at a time.

As you can see, most adults in Massachusetts should be able to grow their own marijuana. And for those who cannot, there is probably someone that can help you out.

Faq about growing marijuana in Massachusetts

Is it legal to grow marijuana in Massachusetts?

Yes, it is now legal for everyone to grow marijuana in Massachusetts! but if you want to start growing, you must first read the rules or else you might end up in trouble.

What are the rules of growing Marijuana in Massachusetts?

Here are some rules that you need to take care of: Minimum age is 21, You can’t have more than 12 marijuana plants, You can’t have more than 6 flowering plants, You can only grow with in your primary residence, and if you want to grow for someone else than he/she must me 21 yr old at least.

What are the best strains to grow in Massachusetts?

Here are top 5 strains to grow if you live in Massachusetts: Blue dream feminized, Super silver haze feminized, Cheese feminized, Cheese auto and Sour diesel feminized

Latest Updates

December 2016 – Massachusetts is legalized! Let’s Get Growing

October 2016 – Massachusetts Marijuana Initiative 2016 launches their first TV ad.

Marijuana legislation can be complicated, but Jenny Bloom is always up for the task. Although not a lawyer, her experience as a reporter and PR specialist helps her understand legalese – especially when it relates to growing marijuana. A passionate supporter of legalization and home... [read more]


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  1. By Growing Marijuana In Maine – 11/8 UPDATE – Growing In Maine is Legal! ,09 Nov 2016
    […] | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota | Mississippi | Missouri | Montana | Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire […]Read More
  2. By Overgrow ,14 Nov 2016
    If theres two adults in one home, can they grow 12 flowering plants, 6 for each adult? Or is it 6 max per household?
    1. By Jimmy ,22 Dec 2016
      that is a great question! When I read the ballot question it mentions nothing about the STAGE of the plants grown (like this article states). I view the current state of the law as 6 plants per person with no […]Read More
    2. By Bosox ,20 May 2018
      My parents live out of state and I'm staying in a half a duplex they own in MA. I have been growing and the neighbors on the other side are complaining about the odor outside and inside their home. Is […]Read More
  3. By James Tran ,14 Nov 2016
    Hi I have some people asking me if they can rent part of my warehouse to grow. Is this okay?
    1. By Roy ILGM ,15 Nov 2016
      Hi James, I don't see why not. Best check with nearby authorities though. And wait until the law goes into affect :)
    2. By Jimmy ,22 Dec 2016
      No to the warehouse. It MUST be the GROWERS Primary residence.
    3. By Warren Currier ,02 Aug 2017
      James Tran: Contact your Insurance Company and ask them this question and the answer you get may direct your actions with ease. Who are we to tell you is it is okay?
  4. By Mañuel Laver ,18 Nov 2016
    As I construe Question 4, seeds are considered 'marijuana', and as such would not be legally vendable within the Commonwealth until licenced shops open in January 2018,though they could be given away as part of the 1oz permitted for transfer […]Read More
  5. By Jay ,27 Nov 2016
    Anyone in Boston interested in "giving" me some seeds, parents will let me set up a little grow, and are encouraging me too, but wont let me order the seeds online b/c laws or something :/. Im *sure* i *cant* […]Read More
    1. By Roy ILGM ,28 Nov 2016
      Hi Jay, your questions are best discussed on our support forum :D
    2. By jonnyRotten ,22 Dec 2016
      well lots of opportunity for advice for you and the 'rents' but will refrain. seeds run from 8-12 bucks a seeds if you can believe that. Any cultivator will tell you the ultimate goal is not to just push buds, […]Read More
  6. By joel ,30 Nov 2016
    Will you be allowed to grow in a apartment like in a locked grow tent
    1. By Roy ILGM ,01 Dec 2016
      Yup, as long as it is your primary residence
      1. By Jimmy ,22 Dec 2016
        You need to determine YOUR PRIMARY RESIDENCE. If you rent it is not YOUR property.
  7. By jake ,02 Dec 2016
    can you be an out of state college student and grow marijuana. and if you have 3 people over 21 in your house can you have 18 plants flowering?
    1. By Roy ILGM ,02 Dec 2016
      I think if you're out of state but a resident in state you qualify as a state resident. The number of plants (6) count per address I believe. But best check those facts locally.
    2. By jimmy ,22 Dec 2016
      No silly! How can you be growing a garden when you are not present? Also who's name is on the deed? Probably your parents home. Save up, buy a home and grow six plants. Or have a friend who is […]Read More
  8. By Sin ,03 Dec 2016
    I've done some reading online and i'm curious why no talk of acquiring or purchasing cannabis seeds locally or online is not discussed more. The most fundamental part of the grow is starting with a seed. If you cant acquire […]Read More
    1. By Roy ILGM ,05 Dec 2016
      Hey Sin, you can buy our quality seeds here and read up about shipping here :)
    2. By Mañuel Laver ,13 Dec 2016
      As I construe the law, cannabis seeds are deemed 'marijuana', and marijuana cannot legally be sold in this state until at least January 2018 when retailers might first be licensed; until the, seeds can be given-away as per any other […]Read More
    3. By jimmy ,22 Dec 2016
      You can certainly break federal laws to ship seeds from other countries via US Mail. What do you have to lose? Freedom?
  9. By Jack orsie ,10 Dec 2016
    It have a green house can I grow in that on my own property I also abut school property just wondering if it's ok to grow here
    1. By Mañuel Laver ,13 Dec 2016
      Legally, plants must not be visible with the unaided eye from outside your property, and the room in which they're growing must be locked. I've no idea if outbuildings are allowed, I'd have to reread the measure to be sure […]Read More
    2. By Jimmy ,22 Dec 2016
      Yes to the greenhouse if it locks and you cannot see them from outside of it. And it is YOUR Primary residence
  10. By john jones ,16 Dec 2016
    What are the penalties if caught growing more than 12 plants in one house? Would if be a fine or subject to arrest ?
    1. By Roy ILGM ,19 Dec 2016
      Hi John, this is from: regulatemassachusetts (e) Possession or cultivation of excess marijuana. Notwithstanding chapter 94C of the General Laws and until the import or export of marijuana to or from the commonwealth is not prohibited by federal law, a […]Read More
    2. By Jimmy ,22 Dec 2016
      So this is a question for the DA that will be charging you. 13-20 plants may be like ROY ILGM states below, but anything over that they may charge you with a federal crime. The wording is in hopes of […]Read More
      1. By Carl ,27 Feb 2020
        Hah you think a plant count is going to Stop the cartels Or chinese mafia From Setting io Shop?
    3. By Carl ,27 Feb 2020
      i was caught last january with 30 plants. 15 in flower and the rest in variousStages of veg. All they did was take my plants. No arrest, no jail.
  11. By Boston Homegrow ,29 Dec 2016
    I started germinating seeds the day it became legal in MA, this is my first time ever doing this and I'm documenting the "Boston novice homegrow" experience over at - looking to sync up and trade info and tips […]Read More
    1. By DankFrank ,12 Apr 2017
      I tried to go to that site but u can only look at pics there is no way to interact with you
    2. By Norm ,21 Nov 2017
      Boston Homegrow - WOW!! This is your "...first time ever doing this,..."? Holy smoke (pun intended)! That's an impressive effort, to be sure! I wish I had that much time...and ambition! LOL Great job!
  12. By AW ,31 Dec 2016
    Are you sure it must be grown inside? I have heard conflicting things. Some say inside. Other "Marijuana could be grown outside for personal or commercial use, but it must not be visible to the public without the use of […]Read More
    1. By Roy ILGM ,02 Jan 2017
      Thanks for noticing AW! I changed the info on outdoor growing and added a link to the complete initiative text.
  13. By Chuck ,05 Jan 2017
    Now that it is legal in Mass I'm thinking about growing 6 plants outdoor in a locked and fenced in garden. I have two questions. Is it legal if the garden can be seen by aircraft? What seeds do you […]Read More
      1. By mojoscot ,25 Jun 2018
        RE; "You can grow in your garden or in a greenhouse but ensure it is properly secured and your plants are not visible with the aid of binoculars or from the air." Shouldn't this read as: "You can grow in […]Read More
  14. By Chuck ,09 Jan 2017
    I ended up buying a 2'x4' Gorilla grow tent, a 600 watt HPS light, and a 6" fan with carbon filter. I was hoping to grow 4 plants. How many do you think I can grow at a time?
    1. By Bob Dobelina ,23 Jan 2017
      Depends on how long do you let them grow before flowering. The longer they grow the bigger the plant. Plan on a plant getting 30 to 50% bigger during flowering, so stop growing vegetively when your plants have filled 2/3 […]Read More
  15. By latewood_ILGM ,11 Jan 2017
    Hey Chuck, You need a minimum of 2'x2' for 1 plant; So, I would not attempt to grow more than 2 in a 2'x4' tent. Happy growing :)
  16. By Jeb ,19 Jan 2017
    Amount of plants allowed in MA. Is it the household that is allowed 12 plants at different stages or the amount of adults in the home. My case would be 12. X 4.
    1. By Roy ILGM ,19 Jan 2017
      Hi Jeb, it's 1x12 per house so not per adult :)
      1. By Anonymous ,30 Jun 2017
        I'm growing six autoflower plants outdoors. I have them caged in with 1/2 inch galvi wire mesh to keep the gophers who are around in the neighborhood from eating them. With these secured cages nobody can actually see what I'm […]Read More
  17. By Mary ,30 Jan 2017
    For outdoor growing in your garden...just what is considered a reasonable security device?
    1. By Roy ILGM ,31 Jan 2017
      Hi Mary, I'm not sure what you mean but you just have to ensure your garden is secured from access and view to the outside world and children
  18. By Jane ,31 Jan 2017
    if I have a cage sides and top grow 6 flowering plants can they bust me ? I live in a privet area woods behind me.My house is set way back in off the road.Also if i grow for someone […]Read More
    1. By Roy ILGM ,01 Feb 2017
      Hi Jane, you can find all the information available in the full legislative text
  19. By Chuck ,12 Feb 2017
    I bought a combo pack of seeds from ILGM. They have been growing for about 2 weeks, and I think they look great. The Super Silver Haze has some Purpling of the stems, but Gold Leaf, and the Purple Haze […]Read More
  20. By DankFrank ,12 Apr 2017
    Do u need any type of card to grow in Massachusetts or as long as your 21 and grow up to 6 plants in your house your with in the law?
    1. By Roy ILGM ,12 Apr 2017
      Hi DankFrank, no card required as far as we know!
  21. By Mark ,30 May 2017
    If I own 12 plants, and I would like to help a family member grow by doing it in my home, can I own additional plants in their name?
    1. By Roy ILGM ,01 Jun 2017
      Hi Mark, I believe the restrictions count per address, not per number of people you are growing for. – I❤️GM
  22. By Silly rabbit ,22 Jun 2017
    So if you can only grow at your residence, how can you have a friend grow it for you? That's a contradiction.
  23. By Woody nelson ,01 Jul 2017
    your plants are allowed to be in your garden but have to be secured, not seen from the street and not in the woods (where there is no sun by the way), are not allowed to be seen by air […]Read More
  24. By Stella ,08 Oct 2017
    If you and your room mate grow a weed plant together throughout the summer and when it comes time to harvest your roommate take the bud and locks it in their room, can they charge you with larceny if you […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,07 Dec 2017
      Stella, You should consult a lawyer. I am sorry; We cannot give you legal advice.
  25. By Biff ,25 Oct 2017
    12 plants only, what about seedlings or cuttings or mother plants?
  26. By Norm ,21 Nov 2017
    I guess you could call me an aging 'hippie,' although I've always hated that term. I've been enjoying good weed for fifty (yes, 50!) years, and just read this thread. Wow, boys and girls!! Relax! As it has always been, […]Read More
    1. By Jody F Slade ,12 Jul 2018
      I will say that I am a slightly younger, aging hippy, who has been smoking for 30 years, and I live in a very progressive town in Mass, that is known for it growers. We had 5 plants that were […]Read More
  27. By Alice ,30 Nov 2017
    Hello, I started growing in my house not too long ago and its growing great! lol. My problem is, although my plants are in a locked closet upstairs my house still smells very strongly of marijuana and every time my […]Read More
    1. By Aedifex ,07 Mar 2018
      Get a carbon scrubber - it’s an exhaust fan with a carbon inlet filter. Duct it so the filter is inside the closet and the blower exhausts the air outside the closet. It will also help keep temps down and […]Read More
  28. By Jack podkowka ,10 Jan 2018
    Is it leagal to grow pot outside in Massachusetts
  29. By Mike ,26 Feb 2018
    If I can grow 6 plants for myself and grow 6 for my wife that gives me 12 now they say I can grow for others as long as there 21 what do I have to do to prove there […]Read More
    1. By Aedifex ,07 Mar 2018
      You can have 12 plant max regardless of number of people you grow for. If you get caught the cops won’t care what you say. The one exceptions is if you become a licensed caregiver but in MA that limits […]Read More
  30. By Tom ,13 Mar 2018
    How do you grow outdoors but not allow the plants to be seen from the air?
  31. By Steven O’Brien ,02 May 2018
    IMPORTANT: You don't have to. The wording here presented here on this site is wrong and is not what the law actually says. The law says you can't grow marijuana plants if the plants are visible "without" the use of […]Read More
    1. By indica fan ,29 May 2018
      i grow on the roof of my deck ,6 plants that i veg indoors for 10 weeks ,then put on roof of deck with my tomato plants ,"most people cant tell the difference at 300 ft away " so that […]Read More
      1. By latewood_ILGM ,06 Jun 2018
        Indica fan, Thought 1. I would definitely run a 1/2" poly hose to the roof in order to set up a simple drip or spray system for watering. 2. You have to make your choices as you become more experienced. […]Read More
  32. By Joel ,20 May 2018
    Is it ok to grow if I am on Section 8?
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,06 Jun 2018
      Hoel, I cannot give legal advice but, I would recommend asking your state government for the facts and regulations. Perhaps consider discussing this with your advocate or legal counsel. Good Luck
  33. By cecile celotto ,19 Jul 2018
    does growing have to be in a locked growing spot
  34. By cecile celotto ,19 Jul 2018
    if growing in a closet area does the area have to be locked
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,21 Jul 2018
      cecile celotto, Not that I know of but, our staff is located around Europe and the U.S. and Canada. I always suggest you simply check the laws yourself in your state. You have an office that controls Cannabis in Mass. […]Read More
  35. By Dave ,20 Aug 2018
    Does anyone here know anything about a company that alleges to sell seeds called Farmers Lab Seeds? I bought from them believing them to be in MA. I got not seeds, but a game CD mailed from Canada. The language […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,29 Aug 2018
      Dave, Don't know what to tell you except, report them to FB as a fraud.
  36. By Mark Suchocki ,28 Aug 2018
    I have 5 plants growing and are almost to maturity. I am in the process of changing residences still within Massachusetts . My question is can I transport my plants from one house to the new one in an open […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,29 Aug 2018
      Mark Suchocki. I suggest you ask your local authorities. I would not be able to tell you what each town, city, or county might do. Best to ask someone in Mass. along the route you plan to take. Personally; I […]Read More
  37. By Melma ,11 Sep 2018
    I've been growing a CBD-only strain for a year now, and giving away the excess. No honestly, just giving stuff away that cost time/energy/space/etc. to produce. I know I can grow for someone else if they're 21+ and as long […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,30 Oct 2018
      Melma, I am not sure exactly what you meant to do in you description but, here is my advice. Learn the laws in your area. Stick to them and do not try to "get over". I am not saying you […]Read More
  38. By ,28 Oct 2018
    I live in an in a house with an in law apartment. My landlord lives in the in law, and grew at least 12++ plants in the small garden by the road. It stunk up our house toward the end. […]Read More
    1. By latewood_ILGM ,30 Oct 2018
      Clinton ma, I am not sure what to tell you. I do not believe in someone telling someone who owns a residence how to run their land. On the other hand; If it is illegal to grow outrside and you […]Read More
  39. By JENNIFER ,08 Apr 2019
    My backyard is literally bordering a school parking lot. Can i grow outside in a greenhouse?
  40. By jeff ,10 Sep 2019
    can anybody clarify if 2 people can have 12 budding plants or is it 6 regardless? what about having 6 flowering, 6 in veg, and say 6 -8 tiny clones just starting out? I usually start with twice as many […]Read More
  41. By Dimond ,01 Apr 2020
    Donovan and sons of fall river( jamal Donovan) has way over .12 flowering plants, he sells it, and he has a 13 year old unstable son, he don't lock his doors.
  42. By Karen ,08 May 2020
    Hi We live in a 2 family home in MA...Both units have 2 adults per unit...Are we both allowed to grow 12 plants each since we are separate families in separate units but on same property???
  43. By Michael ,17 May 2020
    what's the purpose of growing marijuana? Can you make money giving your growing plants to legal dispensaries? Is it strictly for personal use?
  44. By Frank ,21 May 2020
    I would like to know if you need a type of land residential commercial agricultural to grow commercially
  45. By Candice Lewis ,05 Oct 2020
    If you are renting an apartment can you grow without your landlord approval?

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