Assorted ILGM Cannabis Grow Strain

It’s a cannabis grower’s dream to be able to grow multiple cannabis strains together. On top of having a greater selection of buds to choose from, this practice will allow any grower to maximize the grow space and increase overall yields!

Assorted ILGM Cannabis Grow

Is it difficult to grow multiple cannabis strains at once?

However, growing more than one type of cannabis may also have its disadvantages. Obviously it takes more time and effort to take care of plants with different needs. Taking care of more plants will also present problems with the horizontal and vertical grow space especially if you’re not careful. And finally, plants will grow at different rates thus requiring earlier or later harvest times.

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Before putting different plants in one grow cabinet or grow tent, you need to consider several factors:

  • Strain genetics. Every strain grows differently from each other even in the same grow conditions. Depending on their genetics, cannabis plants will grow to different heights, widths, and have various flowering stretch or the amount of “stretch” after switching to the flowering stage.
  • Harvest time. Each plant will take different amounts of time for their buds to mature before they’re ready to be harvested.
  • When growing many plants at once, it’s important to allow all plants the same amount of light which should also be evenly distributed among its branches. There are many strategies to maximize the light your main bud sites receive. One of the best ways to maximize light in a crowded grow cabinet is by using reflectors.
  • Accessing all the plants. By having plants growing in rows, it may be a challenge to reach all the plants. Always consider how you can reach the plants especially during training, diagnosing, and even doing basic activities like watering.
  • Plant size. If you don’t regulate plant growth well during the vegetative stage, you might end up with an overcrowded grow space. When your grow space becomes extremely crowded, you increase your chances of getting infected plants: mold, bud rot, and bugs.

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Long story short, you need a lot of planning to make the grow process much smoother. This grow journal grows three plants – Purple haze, Gold Leaf, and Sour Diesel – in one grow space. All the seeds are from ILGM and are feminized.

Grower: DS401
Location: USA
Yield: 746.8 (before drying)
Seeds: Purple Haze, Gold Leaf and Sour Diesel

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April 20th

The seeds were ordered from ILGM and arrived after 10 days. 1 seed from each strain was germinated on Saturday night in a glass of tap water. After 24 hours, each seed popped then moved to a wet paper towel. 48 hours later, each seed produced a tap root about 8th of an inch long which were also transported to their own 1-gallon pots filled with Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil.

On Tuesday morning, the Gold Leaf and the Sour Diesel popped out of the dirt. By the afternoon, the Purple Haze popped out of the dirt too.

Here are some of the earliest photos of the (from left to right) Gold Leaf, Sour Diesel, and Purple Haze.

April 25th

Here are just some update photos as they grow taller. The Sour Diesel needs a brace to help her grow straighter because she’s leaning to the side a bit. It seems like the Purple Haze (left) is a few millimeters ahead of her sisters.

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    April 29th

    The lights were lowered to 18 inches to prevent them from stretching upwards too much. You can see they’re almost level with their pot rims. Here’s a group photo followed by solo shots of the Sour Diesel, Gold Lead, and Purple Haze.

    May 12th

    A couple of weeks later, the plants have grown multiple sets of leaves. The Gold Leaf seems to be the widest of the three with her leaves almost reaching the edges of the pot.

    The Purple Haze (left) and Sour Diesel (right) seem to be of the same width and height now but the latter seems to be a little paler due to its genetics.

    May 16th

    These photos show the first attempt at FIM-ming. This should train the cannabis to produce bushier growths and increase lateral branches and produce more flowering sites.

    May 19th

    Just a quick update. It seems the plants were able to tolerate the FIM-ming process well.

    May 20th

    After undergoing FIM-ming, it’s time for some LST.

    This technique should maximize the light reaching the plants and create even higher yields!

    May 26th

    Here are some photo updates before they’re transplanted into their new homes. All the plants also recovered well from the LST. Here are the Purple Haze, Sour Diesel and Gold Leaf plants.

    May 29th

    Just put the ladies in their final home: 5-gallon fabric pots! They look so much bigger in the larger pots.

    And here they are… all tied down again a few hours after being repotted.

    tied down

    June 2nd

    And out comes the pistils.

    June 6th

    Gave the girls their 1st taste of Mammoth P today based on the recommended dosage for their age. Check out the even canopy on this Sour Diesel.

    The Purple Haze is clearly taking the lead as far as vertical growth is concerned.

    And the award for thickest bush goes to the Purple Haze.

    June 8th

    It’s never too late for a SCROG. Here’s the netting a few inches above the girls.

    June 18th

    After cracking a couple of branches, decided to tie them down and keep them in veg a bit longer to help them recover.

    June 21st

    Just an aerial view of the canopy. Two fans installed in the grow room helps keep the air circulating.

    June 22nd

    Just an insane update of the Gold Leaf. New growth is coming out right where she was topped.

    July 10th

    Just about 2 weeks under the 12/12 light cycle. Let the flowering begin!

    July 18th

    Tomorrow will be their 3rd week under a 12/12 light schedule. Here are some quick updates.

    July 21st

    Here are a few side shots. Thankfully, even the lower branches are getting equal amounts of light.

    July 26th

    Just some photos of the girls getting frosty.

    August 3rd

    Week three of flowering and these ladies already have some very nice looking colas coming in.

    August 24th

    After a few weeks, the ladies are finally showing some signs of amber.

    August 30th

    Want to see how big the colas are?

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      September 12th

      Harvested the Purple Haze first. Some mistakes were made during the grow and it was far from perfect but this plant alone yielded 276.4 grams before drying!

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      Gold Leaf was also chopped down later today and weighed in at a slightly heavier 280.5 grams.

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      September 15th

      The Sour Diesel turned out to be the lightweight of the bunch and only yielded 189.9 grams before drying.

      Grower: DS401
      Location: USA
      Yield: 746.8 (before drying)
      Seeds: Purple Haze, Gold Leaf and Sour Diesel

      In case you missed it, the other important details pertaining to this grow are as follows:

      • Lights – 600W LED
      • Ventilation – 2 small fans
      • Strength of nutrient mix – 1400 TDS

      Growing multiple strains together may be difficult but it’s not impossible. Sometimes, all you need are high quality seeds from ILGM to get the ball rolling.

      Do you know where to get great seeds to grow your cannabis?

      Happy growing!

      Bob ILGM

      Writer, Grower at I Love Growing Marijuana

      Bob knows a thing or two about growing at home. He's not as experienced as Robert, but he has a knack for keeping his gardens incognito. Bob also loves writing about how other people grow their crops and has extensive knowledge on anything you might need to have a successful grow in your own home.... [Read full bio]


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        1. Bought auto- mixpack this is my first attempt at indoor growing read a bunch and done lots of research before deciding that i wanted to perfect all organic autoflower cannabis. After mind numbing consideration i went with “KIND SOIL” hotmix comes organiclly nuted for 12 weeks wich makes doing organic autos water and walk growing easiest grow ive done. First
          Grow actually but i have a unique lighting set 600 watt hps 450 watt hps both are tube cooled but i took fixtures and reflecting hoods out and am using raw light hps eye hortilux bulbs them i have about 2700 watts of led lights a 600 a 300 and an 1800 watt cob/cree red flowering led the other two are full spectrum i am looking to add another 4-600 watt hps to the mix soon got 3 fans going at all times. My grow room is a sealed 12x6x7 cellar with ventilation ducts set in the cement temps between 75- 85 with 35-50% humidity. Got the bag of Co2 last for six months “they say” we will see. Ran into a water problem soon as all 20 sprouted 2 died 1 northerm lights and 1 amnesia haze then another one a blueberry this time so i stopped bought tds meter digital and my faucet is dropping a smooth 3900 ppm sodium and calcium and lime so i ran ro wal mart bought 30 gallons of ozarka spring water aince it is found and bottled in TEXAS SEEMED LIKE A WIN WIN to me and of course it was soon as i watered with ozarka they have all picked up and are yielding quiet nicely this is day 34 on the remaining 16 ibe still got going ill be adding white widow and low rider to the mix on the next twenty that should be here next week i love watching them grow into mature ladies. Anyways heres some picks day 34 of this grow let me know what yall think. And Thank U ILGM I WILL BE BUYING ALL THE AUTOS I CAN FIND. REMEMBER MY FIRST TIME AND I STRESSED THEM WITH LIGHTS TO CLOSE FOR A DAY AND THE WATER I USED AT FIRST I DID BUY 7 stage R/O SUSTEM WHAT A WASTE OF 1000$ it does its job takes that 3900 and makes it 320ppm but the autos wont touch it. All organic kind soil with coco-loco mixed in to all i do is water every other day since it stays void of humidity inside the cellar they are drinking alot more than they should be but i only give them a drink most times. Heres the pics tell what you think. Well ill send pics when i figure out how to attach them sorry