The Cannabis Nutrient Guide to Grow Healthy Plants

Cannabis requires phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium like any other plant. It also requires certain metals and trace elements for healthy growth. You will find plenty of ready-made cannabis nutrients being sold (like these), and giving the right dosage regardless of the lack of superiority of the elements is bound to yield good results.

You can opt to buy the complete nutrient solution, which usually contains every nutrient, mineral and trace element that the cannabis requires. There are myriads of solutions, blended differently to be used with varying growing mediums. However, the cannabis nutrients come with instructions on the time and dosage of feeding the plants. It is important that you use the nutrients mixed specifically for cannabis; this will make the care of the plant easier and hence easier life for you.

Most nutrients are hydroponic solutions. You find soil feeds and hydro feeds, with each type of feed containing amounts of nitrogen to aid leaf growth, potassium to facilitate the development of the flower and phosphorus for root growth.

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Cannabis is a plant that thrives in a lot of nitrogen, and it requires a feed with extra nitrogen during the growing stage. This need for nitrogen reduces during the flowering stage, and extra potassium and phosphorus become necessary. The cannabis gradually stops needing all nutrients as flowering ends and it matures. This requirement of nutrients in stages is the reason for the cannabis nutrients coming in formulas for two and three stages.

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    Tips for best cannabis growth

    -Mixing nutrients

    The mixing of nutrients should be left to the experts. If you do it yourself without the experience, you risk coming up with a solution that contains incompatible nutrients that will lead to plant death instead of performance boost.

    -Administering growing and flowering feeds

    Avoid changing the leaf growth feed to the flowering feed the moment you notice the flowering cycle has started, unless an expert instructs you otherwise. It takes a bit of time for the cannabis to respond optimally to light stimuli. Therefore, that extra nitrogen is necessary for two or three weeks after the beginning of the flowering cycle, which is when growth will have adequately slowed down.

    -Mixing organic feeds

    You may prefer an organic instead of horticultural experience. Ready-made organic feeds are available in the market, but you can do your own mixing if you have the right knowledge and patience. Sometimes it takes months to get the perfectly balanced home-made organic feed.

    -Controlling plant growth

    Mediums without bland nutrients are ideal in controlling the amount of nutrients your cannabis receives, and the rate at which it receives them. They do not contain standard potting compost, and you are required to add them to the plant’s water. It is not recommended to use the mediums alongside slow releasing elements or manure unless you are a pro.

    -Nutrient problems

    As long as the cannabis nutrients you are using are from reputable feeds, you should check other factors like pH of the nutrient solution, medium or water when your cannabis starts to look sickly. Underfeeding, overfeeding and overwatering are common causes of wilting and plant death. Other factors include disease, fungus, pests, lack of sunlight and extreme temperature. Click here for detailed information about all nutrients and nutrient deficiencies

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