Cultivating ILGM Blueberry Autoflowers Indoors

Cultivating ILGM Blueberry Autoflowers Indoors

The ILGM Blueberry autoflower cannabis strain is one of the most infamous strains among marijuana growers and users. Blueberry cannabis has been around since the 70s and the reviews have been positive across the board!

Blueberry autoflowers are quite easy to grow compared to most cannabis strains. It is also compact, getting as tall as 32 inches with a fairly high average yield of 6 ounces per 3 square feet of cannabis. Blueberry autos have a 55-day flowering period and can be grown by beginners without too much trouble and effort.

Read the following cannabis grow journal to learn about indoor cultivation of ILGM Blueberry autos!

Grower: MattyBear
Location: NA
Yield: 3.1 ounces
Seeds: Blueberry Autoflowers

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February 14th

Purchased three Blueberry autos from ILGM. Two girls are growing in 3-gallon pots inside 2’ x 2’ x 4’ grow tents. Germinated them on January 2nd and 2 sprouted after 48 hours. Here are the most recent images.

The plant on the right received some LST and she now has more colas than the one on the left which was left alone to grow naturally, controlled only by tucking large leaves down.

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    February 15th

    They got too tall in a few places so had to bend down a few colas. The top leaves were taco-ing a little so the light was elevated as high as possible and bent down the stems.

    February 20th

    Just an update on the ladies. They are 47 days from germination and 45 days from seed. They have been flowering for 3 weeks now!

    March 4th

    Just a short photo update of the ladies. Here they are just packing on the buds!

    March 9th

    One of the ladies is maturing faster. Here she is!

    These are photos of the other lady which has thicker buds but she’s not trying to finish like the other… at least, not yet.

    As you can see, they’re both still quite young into flower but they should pack on more bud weight as they get closer to the end.

    March 17th

    The girl who progressed faster will be harvested tomorrow. She has 80% amber hairs and mostly cloudy trichomes.

    March 18th

    Decided to go against the harvest and give her a couple more days to mature.

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      March 26th

      Harvested one of the plants almost a week ago. Dried the buds for 6 days and jarred them up last night. Got 1.5 ounces of dried bud off one Blueberry auto! Tried out some of the buds early this morning and it produced a good stone. Can’t wait to harvest the other lady.

      April 2nd

      Jarred up the second of the Blueberry autos and got 43 grams off than one. With the other plant, that’s a total of 3.1 ounces from 2 auto plants!

      Grower: MattyBear
      Location: NA
      Yield: 3.1 ounces
      Seeds: Blueberry Autoflowers

      This grow journal was short but there are plenty of information about growing Blueberry autoflowers which were mostly left unmentioned. Keep on reading to learn more about cultivating Blueberry cannabis indoors.

      As mentioned earlier, the Blueberry autoflower seeds are relatively easy to grow.

      If you want to successfully cultivate this cannabis strain, remember this is one of those marijuana plants which really shine outdoors. If you decide to grow outdoors, start early and plant the seeds in spring. The soil should be rich enough to support the growing plants. When the soil is of good enough quality, the Blueberry seeds will surely take off.

      Novice growers are recommended to prepare the soil with the most nutrients even before the plants are in soil. When the Blueberry autos enter the flowering period top the soil with worm castings and bat guano to provide the plants with the nutrients they need to produce nothing but high quality buds.

      By topping the plants early, you will create a bushy shape which will promote bud production and increase yields. Don’t skimp on pruning inside the plants to prevent powdery mildew from developing.

      Throughout its lifespan, it’s best to provide the Blueberry autos with consistent temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees F. This strain can handle cold nighttime temperatures without the yield being affected all that much.

      During the veg stage, focus your efforts on making sure the Blueberry plant grows big and strong. At this point, think of the Blueberry cannabis as a kid before going through puberty. Start with half-strength nutrients because Blueberry marijuana plants can easily burn. Once you can see the plants are able to tolerate their feeding, start increasing the nutes through gradual increments.

      Blueberry autos should receive full strength nutes only if they are showing signs that they need more nutrients. One of the sure signs is when bottom leaves turn lime green, then yellow then fall off. This plant species is also prone to nitrogen deficiencies so keep an eye out for that.

      Once the Blueberries enter flowering, keep in mind they are finally going through puberty. Remember to only keep female plants because they are the ones which produce buds. You can identify female plants by their wispy white hairs which appear at the tops of branch joints.

      The flowering stage is also when the Blueberry plants (and all other cannabis varieties) are most likely to suffer from nutrient problems. They will need all their energies to develop their buds! During the flowering stage, Blueberry cannabis prefers a cooler environment. Keep the plants in a cooler environment to produce buds with the best color, trichome production, and smell!

      And finally, wait until the buds stop growing new white hairs. When almost half of the white hairs have changed color and are curling inwards, then it is a good time for the harvest to take place.

      However, if you want the Blueberry buds to have a strong couch lock effect, it’s best to wait until 80 to 90% of the hairs have darkened. This is also when the buds produce the best anti-anxiety effects.

      Do you think you have what it takes to cultivate the Blueberry cannabis strain? Order your Blueberry cannabis seeds today and find out!

      Happy growing!


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      Writer, Grower at I Love Growing Marijuana

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        1. Lisa,
          You did not tell us how many hours your light is on…I agree; Lanky means light is too far away or inadequate. Without knowing your setup; It is really hard to give you an informed answer. Join me at: tage @latewood and share a picture or 2 🙂

        2. I read that with auto flowering plants, you don’t need to reduce the amount of light to 12 hours, but my plant just seems to want to continue to grow upward and isn’t very bushy – kind of lanky. I know it may be a light issue, but I can’t add more light at this point, and wondering about how many hours it should be on. Thanks!