First Grow with 11 Cannabis Varieties

First Grow with 11 Cannabis Varieties

The best way to learn how to grow marijuana is to get your hands dirty and start growing!

Late bloomers regret not getting hands-on experience sooner. With the amount of research and materials online, people become stagnant in researching. They get overloaded and overwhelmed by too much information.

No amount of research can prepare you for growing. Even the most experienced growers run into unanticipated challenges.

This grow journal records the excitement of growing 11 different varieties! This journal also starts late with the largest plant at around 3 weeks into vegetation, 8 of them are 2 weeks into vegetation, and the Gold Leaf and Super Skunk are a little over 1 week in.

Grower: Bushgrower
Location: Top Secret

August 19th

They’re all growing in one space with a 400w MH shining over them since germination. It’s 350mm above the canopy with a small fan to keep the air circulating. We use guano at 5mL per Liter. The soil is premium 100% organic soil. Everything seems on point.

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    August 21st
    Topping already started 4 days ago with the biggest plant. Now it just got ridiculously bushy.

    August 22nd

    The ladies were moved around a bit because the plants closest to the fan keep getting hit hard. This just damages the leaves. The freshly-topped plant grew 2cm overnight. The plants are also switched from a 20/4 to a 18/6 light cycle.

    August 26th

    A week after starting this grow journal, these lovely girls have grown! They’re receiving water from the tap and pure lemon juice is gradually added to achieve pH 5.0.

    Scrogging would be amazing for these 11 plants.  Just imagine how much weed 11 healthy plants can produce!

    August 28th

    Here are the ladies now! You can see one plant didn’t show any progress for a week now but she seems healthy. Hang in there, fighter! We’ll add a drop of Root Blast to see how things pan out with her.

    August 31st

    The biggest plant is now enjoying her new 4-gallon home/pot. You can also glimpse her healthy root system here. It’s too early to transplant the others.

    September 3rd

    We’re now down to 10 plants. The smallest plant didn’t pull through but we hope to see all remaining 10 plants during harvest season. The smell gets stronger and stronger from the remaining 10 but there’s no sign of pre-flower yet. It’s exciting to think of what these babies will produce.

    Here’s an update of the ladies now.

    September 9th

    The plants are enjoying more light thanks to this 600w bulb. The lighting will flip to flower in a few days. You can see one of the plants seems to have grown a little pair of nuts.

    September 15th

    Finally have a couple of white hairs sticking out! It won’t be too long now! At this point, all the plants seem to have caught up with each other.

    September 16th

    If things go well, we’re only 4 days away from flower! While waiting for these ladies to go through puberty, they underwent some LST. They’ll probably continue to stay inside the tent until the tent size proves too small for them.

    September 18th

    This isn’t a good day. Only 7 plants left! Of the remaining plants, the biggest one is showing a lot of pistils.

    September 22nd

    The new room was set up to allow the girls to grow to their fullest potential. The room looks fantastic! They’re receiving light from 19 600w bulbs with 1 cooling tube maintaining the ideal temperature inside the room. If this increased power consumption increases yield, then so be it!

    After checking the survivors, we can now confirm we have 7 healthy females left!

    September 23rd

    Here are some photos of the Super Skunk, Gold Leaf and Dwarf. Funny enough, the Dwarf is dwarfing everyone else!

    September 24th

    At this point, the plants undergo LST every night and are undergoing a 12/12 light cycle. They’re becoming quite broad.

    September 25th

    The girls are brushing out nicely. This second cooling tube seems to help. Hopefully, some decent-looking heads show up next week.

    September 29th

    Some of the bigger plants started showing these yellowing leaves. This could be a Magnesium deficiency so some adjustments to their nutrition should do the trick. Also, this isn’t confirmed yet but one of the plants could be a hermaphrodite.

    October 5th

    The other plant really was a hermaphrodite. It’s removed and now only 6 plants remain out of the original 11. Finally dropped a net on them.

    October 7th

    These photos were taken after the light went off. Some of them are budding like crazy!

    October 15th

    Not much progress to see here. Just some green porn.

    October 20th

    Start of 3rd week in flower! The Gold Leaf looks and smells like weed on organic steroids with the main ingredient being weed! Can’t wait until harvest!

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      October 29th

      Remember the heramie from a few weeks ago? Here he is now and he smells very skunky!

      October 30th

      It’s day 26 of flower! The popcorn buds were calling out. Long story short, they can get you pretty high but they’re not mature enough so you won’t see the impressive smoke.

      November 6th

      Day 33 of flower and the ladies look even better! The Gold Leaf takes the cake on this grow for sure! The second photo features the Super Skunk.

      Unfortunately, these were all harvested earlier than expected because of a building inspection. The weed was a pound lighter than expected but it was still pretty good!

      Grower: Bushgrower
      Location: Top Secret

      For first-time growers, maybe it’s better to start with fewer plants. It’s tempting to try and grow more cannabis but that doesn’t necessarily translate to success. By focusing on fewer plants, you will be able to monitor their growth a lot better. With that, you will be able to avoid issues like heat stress, nutrient burn, humidity problems, and more!

      This grow journal saw 6 plants out of 11 survive. How many cannabis plants have you grown successfully?

      Happy growing!

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        5 comments on “First Grow with 11 Cannabis Varieties”

        1. WTF were you thinking that made you think you needed 19 600watt bulbs for 6-7 plants, the electric bill will be 10 times more than.the value of the plants. You could have bought the stuff online for a whole lot less and saved yourself the time and trouble of growing it, not to mention.thousands of dollars.

        2. That grow sucked. WTH is the 9/22 post about? “They’re receiving light from 19 (19!) 600 watt bulbs.” To grow 7 plants! & LEMON JUICE ph? This has got a JOKE. And a bad advertisement to buy these seeds!

            • But I did have a $5 K electric bill. Damn, those 19 – 600 watt bulbs sure do use some electricity! And the room reached 333 degrees on one particularly balmy day –