First Grow with Homemade Cylindrical Grow Tent

First Grow with Homemade Cylindrical Grow Tent

First-timers are hesitant to grow marijuana because of the resources needed. With a little ingenuity and innovation, one can work around these little kinks to grow marijuana without going over your budget!

On this grow journal, you’ll learn about using a homemade grow tent to get optimal results!


Grower: Happygro
Location: United States

February 20th

The homemade grow tent perfectly accommodates the plants! This grow tent is made of an EMT conduit and reflective bubble wrap. It also has a 4” muffin fan. When the lights are on, the temperature is at a cool 74°F and 62°F when they’re out. Everything looks good so far.

The plants are closer to the hanging UVB light because of these stools made from scrap wood and allow for more air flow inside the tent.

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    February 23rd

    The humidity is maintained at 42%. Things seem to be doing well. All 6 of them have already sprouted. The seedlings were placed in LECA (lightweight expanded clay aggregate). This porous structure allows bacteria to grow and retain moisture.

    February 27th

    For the first time, the plants will be few with 4mL of SLF 100 and 1 teaspoon of organic plant magic in a gallon of pH-balanced water. These nutrients should be enough to continue all 6 babies’ healthy growth!

    March 2nd

    Almost two weeks after sprouting, the plants are almost ready for some LST! All of the leaves are healthy, green and there are no brown spots!

    Plant for LST

    March 12th

    The babies underwent a little LST today and they passed with flying colors! With the way things are going, multiple bud sites will probably pop up for a bigger yield! It seems they’re thriving in 35% humidity and air temperature 72°F.

    Baby plants

    March 20th

    Almost 30 days from sprouting and the girls are going crazy! They’re ready to flower!

    March 25th

    As they’re flowering, the CFLs were changed from 6500 to 2700K. The ladies need more light now so their lamps were upgraded to 6-42 watts instead of 6-27 watts.

    Flowering Marijuana

    March 31st

    A week or so into flowering, the ladies still look good. However, the two White Queen plants were removed because they might be males. The extra light seems to be working but at this rate, the grow tent’s interior would run out of space!

    April 9th

    The buds are filling up nicely. These little white hairs are growing more numerous each day!

    In preparation for drying, this homemade drying bin was assembled with a computer fan for speed control that will help exhaust the grow tent. This should also help control the stink. Hope this low-cost alternative works!

    April 21st

    Very happy with how the buds turned out! However, the space inside looks a little crowded.

    April 27th

    Just like the weather, it’s getting cloudy. Harvest season is right around the corner!

    Harvest Season

    April 30th

    The White Queen was taken out of the tent because there’s no more room! It’s now under 2 100watt CFL light bulbs.

    White Queen

    May 1st

    Just some more bud porn! These are the AK47s inside the homemade grow tent.

    May 6th

    Despite being outside the grow tent, this White Queen is a field of green!

    field of white queen

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      May 7th

      Once these babies show more amber hairs, it’s be harvest season!

      This homemade setup accomplished a problem-free growing cycle. One huge benefit of using homemade equipment is they allow you to be have greater control in creating a conducive environment for growing marijuana.

      Have you ever used a DIY setup for your green babies?

      Grower: Happygro
      Location: United States

      You can learn from many resources online but growing marijuana also takes time, patience, and a little common sense. Make sure to download the free marijuana grow bible and learn to grow like a pro!

      Happy growing!

      Bob ILGM

      Writer, Grower at I Love Growing Marijuana

      Bob knows a thing or two about growing at home. He's not as experienced as Robert, but he has a knack for keeping his gardens incognito. Bob also loves writing about how other people grow their crops and has extensive knowledge on anything you might need to have a successful grow in your own home.... [Read full bio]


      marijuana grow bible
      • Grow With My Quick Start Guide
      • Discover Secrets To Big Yields
      • Avoid Common Grow Mistakes

        13 comments on “First Grow with Homemade Cylindrical Grow Tent”

        1. I built 2 hydroponic setups for 2 different grow rooms. Both setups hold 5 plants. I had a root rot problem that I caught very early luckily. I read an article on rob Bergmans site that made me check daily for a rotten egg type of smell around the roots. I poured 1 capful of hydroguard into the netpot so it would run down the clay pellets to the roots then sprayed with filtered water to dilute it slightly. The roots came back and only the first set of primary leaves “yellowed”. It was more they got a lighter color of green. They haven’t darkened back to the normal green but also haven’t got any yellower in color either. I had a few plants in soil but all of them died except 2. 1 wasn’t doing very well so I dug the rockwool out of the soil and found a bit of root rot so I mixed 1ml of cal-mag+ with 2ml of hydroguard and 4 ounces of water. I let the rockwool sit in the solution for a few hours then transplanted into a net pot in one of my hydro setups. The leaves it had before I caught the problem haven’t grown any, haven’t gotten discolored, etc but the stalk is thickening and it has new growth. I’ve grown for a few years myself and am slightly concerned about this problem. But I’m also hopeful it has fixed itself and the old growth is not growing due to the stress it was under. Its been 3 days since transplant to the hydro setup and its starting the 3rd set of leaves for new growth. The 2nd set is unfurling now and the 1st set was a full 7 leaf fan. Being only a few days since it started coming back and its the first bit of new growth its not big yet but they match the size of some of the old growth. The other would grown plant is still in soil. I topped it and leaned it over a bit to give the growth between the leaves and stalk more light to grow. All my plants I started with the light setup 2-3 inches from the tops to keep them from reaching too much for the light so the stalk would get thick when its young for a few reasons. 1 a thin stalk doesn’t pull in as much water and nutrients. 2 a thick stalk can stand up to the breeze from a small fan better. 3 thick stalks and branches hold the weight of the big buds better. I’m currently 2-3 weeks hopefully from flowering my soil plant and 1 of my hydro setups. There is a 3 week difference in the hydro plants as I wanted to get a small harvest before waiting several months for the “el Dorado” harvest. Loving the new law in Massachusetts allowing up to 12 plants per household with at least 2 adults (21+) residing in it. Now for the rest of the country and the world to get on board. I love all these different blogs. Very informative and helpful.

        2. Looks amazing, I hope mine will look just as good..Thanking you for your help.

        3. Wow, the plants really liked your setup! Did you have any pest problems or not at all?
          Also, have you tried them already?? They seem delicious.

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