First Grow with ILGM Candy Kush

First Grow with ILGM Candy Kush

Candy Kush from ILGM will take over your body and bring you to new heights!

This cannabis strain is an evenly-balanced indica and sativa hybrid with genetics traceable to OG Kush and Trainwreck. With just a puff or two, Candy Kush envelopes you with a calming sensation which creeps up to your head just before it locks you down.

It’s one of the most potent cannabis strains and has found popularity amongst users who want to relieve themselves of stress, uplift their spirits, increase appetite, and deepen relaxation. It produces a strong euphoria which is guaranteed to put a smile on your face at the end of a long day.

Not only does this cannabis has sought-after effects, it also has a flavor and scent which are extremely pleasant. This cannabis strain is sweet like berry but with a strong hint of citrus.

When it comes to cultivating Candy Kush, keep in mind it goes into heavy trichome production mode at the start of the 5th week until harvest time. Hence, you may want to look into supporting the branches to keep them from breaking under the weight of thick resins.

Using the SCROG method for an indoor Candy Kush cultivation will result to a flowering time with an average of 65 and 75 days. It can yield 14 ounces per square meter too. Most growers combine SCROG with LST to push it to yield even further.

Because of its resistance to molds, this is also compatible for growing outdoors in cooler climates where it can yield 18 ounces per plant.

This grow journal records a newbie grower’s first attempt at cultivating ILGM’s Candy Kush.

Grower: Stvzie
Location: NA
Yield: 2.9 ounces (wet, one plant only)
Seeds: Candy Kush

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    July 30

    The grow starts with the germination of 2 Candy Kush seeds in Jiffy Peat plugs and transferred to 6-inch planters. As you can see from the photos, their first sets of leaves are turning yellow, curling downward, and new growth seems slow despite being 2 weeks old.

    Other details about this cannabis cultivation are as follows:

    • Grow Box – 15 x 11.5 x 32 inches
    • Lighting – started with 3 x 60W CFL and was switched to 150W UFO LED 3 days ago; plants are 8 inches away and on the 18/6 light cycle
    • Ventilation – 2 x 3-inch intake and exhaust fans; 1 x 4-inch fan
    • Soil – 50/50 mix of Scotts Premium topsoil, Kellogg Organic Garden Soil, and Perlite
    • Nutrient – Fox Farms Grow Big (1 teaspoon:1 gallon water)
    • pH – close to 7.0
    • Humidity – 30% to 42%
    • Temperature – 90 degrees F

    When they were first transplanted to soil, the seedlings looked great but growth has not been as expected. A bowl of water was added to the grow space to help get the humidity up.

    August 1st

    Apparently, the overload of nutes is stunting their growth. No longer using nutes. For now, the ladies are being misted with water with pH 6.5-6.5 a couple times a day. The LED was also raised to 14 inches away from the top of the plants.

    Hope these simple adjustments will have a positive effect and expedite their recovery.

    August 13th

    Today, both girls were finally transplanted to 3-gallon pots filled with Fox Farms Happy Frog potting soil. They’re still stunted but this move to a bigger home should help them improve.

    August 21st

    It’s been a week since they were transplanted to new soil and bigger pots. The baby girls are looking so much better now but it’s going to be a few more days before they receive some sort of nute feeding.

    Unfortunately, the day also brought some bad news. Temperatures are running extremely high during the day resulting to 95 to 100 degrees F and humidity is under 30% during most of the day. The plants are being misted 2 to 3 times per day to help them cope.

    September 4th

    It’s been 22 days since the babies were transplanted into the Fox Farms soil and they have picked up the pace of their growth. They’ve already been fed several times with FF Big Grow nutes alternated with pH—ed water. On top of that, they’re being misted 2to 3 times a day.

    Luckily, heat stress didn’t get them and they started showing their first signs of pre-flowers.

    September 12th

    It’s been another week and they continue to produce pre-flowers/pistils. Lighting is switched to 4 x 23W 2700K CFLs. Have continued with the FF Big Grow nutes and on Sunday, started feeding with FF Big Bloom. Also continuing with foliar misting of the plants with a weaker solution of pH-ed water and FF Big Grow.

    Big Grow is being used at a mixture of 1tablespoon per 1 gallon of water. Big Bloom is used at about ½ tablespoon per 1 gallon of water. Big Grow foliar misting is being tapered as the buds develop more.

    September 21st

    The girls have continued to grow and are showing off multiple baby buds. Stretching has slowed down but that’s expected during early flowering stages.  Unfortunately, the plants are running out of room at the top where the CFL lights are.

    Performed some lollipopping on the bottom 1/3 of the plant in attempt to direct bud growth to more dominant buds at the top.

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      October 8th

      Continuing to water every other day and alternating with reverse osmosis water and then with nutes. Current nutrient mix is 1 tablespoon Big Grow, 3 tablespoons Big Bloom, and a teaspoon of Epsom salts in an attempt to add some magnesium to the girls. Bottom 1/3 of plants are now mostly bare as most of the leaves have dried out.

      October 26th

      The two girls were harvested last night. The first girl yielded 2.9 ounces after trimming. The second plant produced buds which were airy, and very small… too small that they’re not worth the effort to trim. Instead, plant #2 was stripped and will be used to make butter in the future.

      Grower: Stvzie
      Location: NA
      Yield: 2.9 ounces (wet, one plant only)
      Seeds: Candy Kush

      This first grow was a learning process:

      1. Don’t start seedlings with a lot of nutrients/hot soil. They’re very easy to burn.
      2. Avoid overwatering.
      3. Even a small grow space can become overcrowded with only 2 plants. This can cause a negative impact on the overall health of the plants.
      4. Invest in a TDS meter to monitor pH runoff.
      5. Invest in more nutrients and equipment such as digital microscope, larger intake and outtake fans.

      Can you remember how you started your first grow?

      Happy growing!

      Bob ILGM

      Writer, Grower at I Love Growing Marijuana

      Bob knows a thing or two about growing at home. He's not as experienced as Robert, but he has a knack for keeping his gardens incognito. Bob also loves writing about how other people grow their crops and has extensive knowledge on anything you might need to have a successful grow in your own home.... [Read full bio]


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        3 comments on “First Grow with ILGM Candy Kush”

        1. I noticed u mentioned u where going to cut back on the nuts in the beginning stages….well no matter what u do get rid of the Scott’s soil(any kinda of doil from Scott’s or mircle grow will not satisfy u or your plants! Try happy frog starting soil from fox farms…then once u start feeding and your going to stick with fox farms! Invest in the dirty dozen starter kit & if your grow are stays the same as the pics U NEED TO USE A 1/4 of what fox farms calls for! I dont know who made the feeding chart for fox farms but yeah u use your set up with their feeding chart u will burn the terd out of your babies! I use the full line of fox farms but. Products(dirty dozen + “kelp me kelp you” & Holy mackerel from fox farms) now since fox farms will burn your plants if u give to much…I invested in the HUMBOLDTS SECRETS starter kit! I use the HUMBOLDTS SECRETS when their Delicate & young then after 2 or 3wks I combine Fox farms nuts. with the humboldts secrets BUT ILL CUT BACK ON EACH AS FAR AS THE FEEDING CHART GOES…FOR EXSMPLE ILL FEED THEM A 1/4 OF WHAT FOX F. CALLS FOR AND SINCE HUMBOLDTS SECRETS ISNT AS STRONG AS FOX FARMS I USE 3/4 WHAT HUMBOLTS SECERTS FEEDING CHSTT CALLS FOR….KEEP A JOURNAL OF HOW MANY ML’S U USE for each nutrient u use AND MAKE ADJUSTMENTS ACCORDINGLY…..REMEMBER TRY SND TSKE IT SLOW…ROME WASNT BUILT IN A DAY AND NEITHER WILL YOUR PLANTS! AIR FLOW, AIR TEMP, HUMIDITY AND PH WILL EFFECT YOUR PLANTS WITH YOUR KIND OF SET UP AS MUCH AS NUTS WILL!!! REMEMBER MORE LIGHT MORE FOOD, MORE MEDS BUT DONT USE SO MUCH LIGHT U BLEACH YOUR PLANTS!!! BUT YESH TSKE YOUR TIME & TRY THE PRODUCTS I TOLD U ABOUT! THE HAPPY FROG STARTING POTTING SOIL WILL BE ALL YOUR SPROUTS NEED FOR THE 1ST 2WEEKS OR SO! I DONT USE NUTS TILL MY SPROUTS HAVE AT LEAST 3NODS NOT INCLUDING THE 2SPROUT LEAFS! I HOPE IT HELPS! #MOUNT-UP #GROWON

        2. I ordered White Eidow. 4 out of 4 germinated. Not my first grow and I will say these are the most beautiful plants i have grown
          Lush and green and super healthy.

        3. Day 35 since i planted my first critical mass seeds, been able to germinate 5 seeds successfully. Very happy with ILGM.