Growing Marijuana for the First Time Ever

Growing Marijuana for the First Time Ever

Do you need cannabis for medical reasons? Are you tired of paying for cannabis? Are you having difficulty looking for a guy who sells cannabis? Then it’s the perfect time to grow your own cannabis. For many people, growing cannabis is a relaxing pastime which can turn into a booming business or a money-saving venture.

Why do some people start growing cannabis?

Compared to buying weed, growing is much cheaper. It’s also much easier than tracking someone from whom you can buy. This hobby will also give you a consistent supply. If you time your grow just right, you’d never run out of weed for the entire year. Finally, growing your own cannabis you can produce exactly what you want – higher quality cannabis in the right amount you choose.

Don’t be afraid of growing your own marijuana. Weed adapts to many different climates and is really easy to grow if you know what to do. This grow journal will help walk you through the challenge of growing cannabis for the first time.

Grower: Astrocreep
Location: NA
Yield: NA
Seeds: Blueberry

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April 28th

It starts on the 3rd week of a grower’s first ever grow with the following supplies:

  • Seeds – 4 x Blueberry autoflowers from ILGM
  • Grow medium – Hydroponics with Super Bubble bucket system with individual air stones
  • Feeding – Technaflora 1 x weekly after cleaning reservoir
  • Lights – 12x T5s
  • Grow room – Double-walled 6’ x 4’x 8’ sealed grow tent but vented outside with two filtered intakes

Here are a couple of photos of two of the plants at three weeks old. Their leaves have fanned out so well.

May 2nd

These photos were taken about three hours ago. Notice how green these leaves are. True to their genetics, these Blueberries are showing compact, forest green leaves.

May 5th

Just a short update. The one with the measuring tape on it was bent a little today to help expose more colas for growth.

This one is looking sturdy.

This plant is the biggest of the bunch. She’s about 7 inches high and about 16 inches across. Still no signs of pre-flowers.

This one is a little weird because the way her stems grew from her body are very different from the other three Blueberry cannabis plants. This shouldn’t be a major problem in the future.

May 8th

After three days of bending different stems, she has definitely bushed out a lot more!

Here’s her adjacent sister being tied down, hopefully to achieve the same amount of bushiness!

May 10th

Check out these beautiful views from the top!

May 12th

Here are the girls on their first month and their still stretching!

May 13th

And the girls finally showed signs of pre-flower today. These pistils are sharp so they’re guaranteed to be females!

They’ve also started to stretch and grow more rapidly.

May 17th

Had to trim some of the shriveled and dying leaves so the rest of the plants can focus their energies on flowering and not on maintaining dying leaves. They handled the leaf removal like champs!

May 18th

Disaster struck! One of the fans fell on a plant, crushing one of the main branches. The broken areas were duct-taped to hopefully save some of them.

May 19th

24 hours later, the duct tape seems to have worked. The leaves and branches did not wilt overnight and they actually turned upwards towards the light!

And finally, here are some photos of the developing baby buds!

May 22nd

Nothing to see here. Just some nice, green photos to mark the ladies nearing their second month of existence.

June 3rd

Here are more updates on the plants. Three of them are about 4 to 4.5 feet tall. The small one (encircled) is only about 1.5 feet. It seems she’s not able to soak up the same amount of light as her sisters, leading to a stunted growth.

Some of the buds are just getting started.

While some are big and frosty enough to make you drool!

June 8th

The canopy isn’t as even as before. Most of the buds are in different stages of development.

June 25th

It’s getting frostier in the grow tent. These plants have focused on putting more weight on the buds and it’s such a beautiful sight.

June 27th

Some of the lower leaves were removed so the plants can finish better by channeling all their energies into the bud development. With only a few weeks left, these beauties should be producing some high quality smoke.

And here is a beautiful trichome shot. Most of the trichomes are clear/white with very minimal hints of amber for now.

And here are a couple of bud shots up close!

July 4th

This is just a test run and as you can see, they’re all different shapes and sizes because different methods of trimming, shaping, and bending were done on each of them.

This plant was the one which was badly burnt after a vacation. She’s the “zombie plant” because she sprang back to life. Despite her injury, she’s producing new hairs and is continuing to put on more weight!

The biggest regret for this grow is not clearing the bottom 3rd of the plants earlier. As a result, the buds are not as big as they should be due to all the smaller buds gathered around the base.

Meanwhile, we still have buds don’t have a lot of amber yet. It won’t be long before the final flush!

July 8th

One of the plants looks like it’s ready for flushing!

And here are some close-up shots of the trichomes with the right amount of amber.

July 17th

The ladies got axed today! Check them out hanging in all their glory. They should be dry in several days then they’ll be placed inside mason jars for curing.

Grower: Astrocreep
Location: NA
Yield: NA
Seeds: Blueberry

This grow didn’t show the final dry weights of the plants but since the Blueberry strain can yield 18 ounces per square meter, then you can safely conclude the produce was quite substantial considering the grower was conscientious about little differences in his growing plants.

When growing cannabis for the first time, try to learn from the featured grow journal. Don’t stress the plants or micromanage too much. Sometimes less is more. Despite being a novice grower, the grow journal showed minimal problems.

What methods can be improved on this grow journal?

Happy growing!


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