Macro Nutrients And Their Effect On Cannabis Plants

Those elements which are vital for the life of every plant of Earth are the so called Macro nutrients. The most needed ones are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. They are an inseparable part of all kinds of fertilizers; however, the amount of each nutrient varies according to the type of fertilizer. How much of these elements are included in the fertilizer is written on its container using three hyphenated numbers. It is important to know this in order to find the best fertilizer which corresponds to the stage of growth of your cannabis plants.

In the vegetative phase, more Nitrogen and Phosphorus are needed, while in the flowering period instead of Nitrogen, Potassium is vital.

Now for the effects of each element there is a description which involves its atomic characteristics, the effects it has on the marijuana plant and why it is so important and the results of a deficiency of the particular element in the marijuana plant.

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    To begin with, Nitrogen, which is referred to with the symbol ‘’N’’ in the periodic table has atomic number 7 and an atomic mass of approximately 14. It helps in the photosynthesis and is responsible for the chlorophyll production. Photosynthesis is impossible without the existence of chlorophyll and this is why Nitrogen’s role is so important for the life of marijuana plants. Stimulation of the growth of leaves and stems and increasing of the size and vigour are also effects of Nitrogen on the plant. Nevertheless, when there is a deficiency of N, the growth rates are reduced and the leaves become yellow faster. The first leaves who suffer are the older or the lower leaves of the cannabis plant. This is a reaction to colder temperatures of the soil which makes nitrogen to become less.

    The second element is Phosphorus or P in the periodic table with an atomic number of 15 and an approximate atomic mass of 31. Its major benefits include promoting the germination of the cannabis seeds, growth of the seedlings and their roots. Phosphorus is an important element for the development of the terpene resins and floral clusters. It also participates in the formation of sugars and starches. The overall vigour of the marijuana plant depends on it. A Phosphorus deficiency is signified by a reduction of the rate of growth and the quick dying of smaller leaves. They become purplish and their edges are seared. What is more, the excessive levels of Phosphorus can also cause Potassium-deficiency.

    The last important macro element is Potassium or K in the Periodic table of elements. Its atomic number is 19 and it has an atomic mass of approximately 39. It is vital for the normal plant metabolism during the flowering period and it helps in the formation of the clusters of marijuana flowers. It keeps the plant vigorous, healthy and growing. Its deficiency can cause reduction if growth rates and problems with the leaves. It can cause them to have tips and edges which are brown in colour with their margins curled.

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