Marijuana question – What pot size?

Q – What size pots should be used to grow full-size indoor marijuana plants?

A – It depends on the amount of plants you want to grow per lamp and what lights you use. For a 600-watt HPS light you should use around 100 liters of soil (60 liters hydro). So if you want to grow in 11 liter pots, you should place 9 to 12 plants per lamp. And if you use 6 liter pots you should place between 16 to 20 plants and 4 to 5 25 liter pots per lamp…

Pots that confine the roots inhibit the growth of the marijuana plant itself. Marijuana plants in small pots will grow slower and smaller than plants in larger pots. In a small pot the amount of water and nutrients to the roots is limited by the small mass and must replenished often. Therefore marijuana plants in small pots require more attention.

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    If you see the tips of the roots sticking out the holes in the bottom of the pot, it’s fine. If large and long roots stick out of the bottom the roots need more space and the marijuana plant should be repotted

    If you don’t repot the marijuana plant in the pictures above it will grow a little bigger but not much. If you repot it to an 11 liter pot it can grow huge…

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      4 comments on “Marijuana question – What pot size?”

      1. I am using 25 gallon fabric pots outdoors. It’s the minimum I can use, otherwise there are problems with the roots binding. My plants are huge though, many get over 10′ high and produce between 8oz to 1 lb of buds.

      2. nzg,

        Are you in flower? Are you in veg cycle? You would transplant into bigger pot 5-10g if plant is still in the veg cycle. If it is in flower; I would recommend leaving them in the 11L pot. We have many growers from NZ at our support forum. You should Join! 🙂

      3. i have 1 plant outdoors in New Zealand in a 11 litre pot it’s been lst to keep eyes off it, looks healthy, is about 3 months old. is the pot big enough or should i re pot?

      4. I like to use the plastic 18-20 gallon /2-rope handle drink tubs. They the best thing to use, easy to move, big&flat(no tip). Only thing needed is to drill 6-8 drain holes on the bottom. Also I add some big chunks of packing foam, it saves on soil. Try it you will love it.