Proper Lighting Technique For Every Growing Scenario (Part 2)

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Earlier this week we took a look at proper lighting technique for different kinds of growing scenarios. Here is the continuation of that conversation.

Scenarios for Growing Indoors

You are Growing Small Clones or Short and Stocky Plants

If this sounds more like your growing situation, then your proper lighting technique will once again involve using fluorescent lights, in particular CFLs. As it so happens, CFLs are perfectly designed for growing clones and other plants that come in shorter and stockier. CFLs produce less heat than other types of lighting systems, so they can be placed very close to your plants, and you won’t have to worry about them taking in too much heat, or burning the leaves themselves. Word of caution: don’t try to use too many of them in a small space, otherwise you may end up in a situation too hot to handle!

You Want an Efficient Setup, but With Less Heat on You

If an efficient setup is what you’re looking for, but you’re looking for less heat than with a typical High Intensity Discharge (HID) setup, then an LED setup is probably the best way for you to go, at least as far as proper lighting technique goes. One of the best things about an LED setup is that it requires little to no actual setup at all.

LEDs are quickly becoming the lighting system of choice for enterprising growers. Some are even mixing in LEDs with HPS lights in an effort to make their plants more resinous.

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The issue with LED lights is that they require a lot more guesswork than other lighting systems. I’d say that these are best used by growers who know what they’re doing, and have more than a few crops under their belts. Just so you are aware, larger LED setups do require some kind of a cooling system as they can tend to heat up just as quickly as the regular HID systems.

a grow light setup for growing cannabis

You Want a Larger Yield, But are Growing in a Tight Space

If you’re looking to maximize your crop yield, but are growing in a space just a bit too small for using an HPS lighting system, then T5s are probably your best option, as far as proper growing technique is concerned. T5s are a type of fluorescent light that comes in panels. They are typically the easiest growing light to find.

They also don’t use a lot of heat and can be placed fairly close to your plants without risk of overheating or burning them. As with other fluorescent lights, these are good for use on young clones and seedlings, as well as plants that you expect to come in shorter and fatter than other cannabis plants. T5s are great for when you want to use as little energy as possible, and they all in all do a better job of lighting your plants more thoroughly than the standard CFL bulb does.

So, as you can see, there is a proper lighting technique for every growing scenario that you come across. Which one is right for you? Of course, for more in depth information, you can always check out the Marijuana Grow Bible, which you can find right here.

Stay tuned for Part 3, when we discuss proper lighting technique for outdoor growing.

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