Second Grow with ILGM White Widow

Second Grow with ILGM White Widow

The White Widow cannabis strain is one of the most popular strains consumed and grown by marijuana enthusiasts all over the world. White Widow gained popularity among expert and novice cannabis growers because of its good genetics.

ILGM’s White Widow brings a strong, steady high. It lets users relax while enjoying a strong, mental buzz because of its high THC content – 19%!

White Widow from ILGM grows best in controlled indoor settings. The strain flourishes outdoors in warm, sunny climates. She’s also fairly resistant to diseases. White Widow adapts well in cold climates too so it’s a good strain for new growers who don’t have the ability to control the grow environment.

White Widow seeds grow into compact plants which are no taller than 4 feet. When grown indoors, they can produce up to 18 ounces of usable buds per square meter after a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks.

Outdoors, White Widow can yield 21 ounces of usable cannabis per plant. It’s also perfect for those who want to experiment with the Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (SCROG) cultivation methods.

Grower: Onlythebest79
Location: USA
Yield: 1,937 grams wet weight
Seeds: White Widow Autoflower

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June 25th

Dropped three White Widow auto seeds in pH-ed water for an overnight stay.

Also got the vegging/germination tent setup. All that’s left to do is to get a fan speed controller, power cord, and CFM fan.

June 26th

24 hours after soaking, all three seeds are now in their forever homes!

June 27th

One of the White Widows popped up late last night. Isn’t she beautiful?

June 28th

Ecstatic over here! WWA #2 is here! Welcome her with open arms.

June 29th

Look who decided to join the party today. It’s WWA #3!

July 1st

Finally have a total of 4 plants growing. One backup seed sprouted!

July 4th

Happy 4th of July! Here’s an update of the four newly-adopted WWA babies. They are thriving under the Meizhi 600W LED light. One of the babies came a few days late but she’s here and ding good.

July 8th

Here’s an updated photo of the 4 little angels!

Broke down and ordered the Meizhi 300 LED with Bloom and Veg switch to go in the tent with the existing Meizhi 600W. Also ordered another carbon filter and 6-inch CFM fan to replace the 4-inch one in the bigger plant.

July 13th

Here’s an update of all the WWA babies. Three have been topped already. Got them under the 5th node. The other one is taking her time and is still on her 3rd set of leaves. She’s coming along but at a steady and sure pace.

They look promising.

July 15th

All the girls got some LST and water today! Check them out! Here are the first, second, third, and fourth babies from left to right!

And rounding out this update is a group shot of the beautiful girls.

July 17th

Woke up this morning to discover the three youngest White Widows are already showing pistils. The oldest doesn’t have any at all.

July 18th

LST-ed them more and gave them their dose of Fox Farm nutes.

July 19th

Mixed a gallon pH-ed nutes and Week 6 nutes on Fox Farm feeding schedule. Split the gallon in 4 and gave each baby their ¼ gallon of feeding over the course of a day. They are growing and sprouting fast. The first born has no white pistils at all but this shouldn’t be a sign of anything bad. Hopefully, she turns into a beast once she starts showing.

July 21st

These White Widow autos are just are growing by the day. Just tightened up the LST more and watered them pretty good.

July 22nd

Here’s an updated photo of the setup with the new additional Meizhi 300W LED light. Now the WWA have a total of 900W. That’s enough light in this tent!

July 27th

Girls are growing ever so fast and smelling so stinkin’ good! Only a month or so left and these babies will be ready.

July 28th

Plants have light burn and curling on the leaf tips. Can’t raise light any higher. They’re getting only half the mixture of a weekly Fox Farm nute feeding and humidity is around 50 to 55%.

These are signs of root burn so will back off the nutes strength next week.

August 2nd

Here’s an update of the White Widow autos. They’re looking good and far from disappointing!

They’re starting to look a lot better after the slight nute burn from a few days ago.

August 11th

Well, it’s Friday and the babies are thriving 49 days from sprout. Don’t know how much longer these babies have left but it seems like they’ll all be finished at the same time.

August 28th

They are growing steadily and becoming beautiful babies right before the camera!

September 3rd

Removed a lot of the fan leaves to expose them to more light and they seem to have taken to it well!

It’s funny how the first plant that sprouted (Plant 1) is left in 4th place. Plant 2 is in 3rd place, Plant 4 is in 2nd place, and Plant 3 is in 1st place. It just shows how you won’t really be able to gauge how they will turn out based on the first few days of life.

September 7th

Nothing to see here just some photo updates of the plants and their developing buds!

Some of them look ready to come down and have a couple of white hairs still showing.

September 10th

One of the 4 White Widow Autos was harvested today. After getting her all done, she was 359 grams wet weight. This should end up at about 3 ounces dried. Not bad for an auto.

September 18th

Harvested the WWA #4 this morning and the wet weight was more than the first one. She had a wet weight of 473 grams!

September 28th

Harvested Plan #1 and the total wet weight was 523 grams. It seems like the ladies are getting heavier and heavier after each harvest. Here’s to hoping the last lady will continue the trend!

October 1st

Finally cut down the last WWA and she did not disappoint. She came in with the highest weight among the four! The total was 582 grams and the smell is just mesmerizing!

Grower: Onlythebest79
Location: USA
Yield: 1,937 grams wet weight
Seeds: White Widow Autoflower

Except for a short and victorious battle against light nute burn at the middle of the grow process, cultivating White Widow autos from ILGM is one of the most problem-free ways to start growing cannabis.

White Widow plants are resilient, compact and easy! They’re the perfect fit for growers of different skill levels.

Do you think you can grow ILGM White Widow on your own?

Happy growing!


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