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When you’re considering growing your own weed, you’ll eventually run into the question, what seeds should I be growing? Researching what cannabis to grow, one can get lost in the myriad of choices you find online. Indica, sativa, feminized, autoflower, thc, and many strains, are just some of the indications you’ll come across. 

We have many guides for those who want to educate themselves on all these topics. You’ll even find some of the info below. But you’re just here for seeds and not for a cannabis Ph.D., are you? For you, we built this seedfinder tool, AKA the ILGM Strain Quiz. 

By taking a minute and going through this quiz, you will learn what type of cannabis strains and which seed types are best for your personal needs.

Start the seedfinder quiz immediately, or read on to learn more about its contents.

Experience level

Are you new to growing marijuana? Or are you a seasoned grower looking for their next delight? By sharing your experience level, we can filter out strains that are more of a challenge to grow. As a new grower, you probably don’t want a plant that is unforgiving towards minor mistakes in watering, fertilizer, or other forms of plant care. This will save you from unintentionally killing your plants.

If you’re really new at this, you will want to download my free eBook, the Marijuana Grow Bible. This guide will save you from finishing off your grow.

Where will you grow?

Where your plants will be growing is very important to the type of seeds you pick. Some plants are more sensitive to catching a bug or some other misfortune. These are better grown indoors, where you control the grow conditions. 

When growing outdoors, you will want a type of plant that thrives in the climate that you live in. Lanky and sleek sativa plants are beautiful to grow when you’re in a very sunny and hot climate whit lots of sunlight hours. But when you live up north, some sturdier indicas will do better in the colder days and nights of early Spring and Fall.

Plant size

Next up, you must consider the space you will be growing in. Some autoflowering cannabis plants don’t grow larger than a foot or two. But other strains that you’ll find through the seed finder can sprout towering monster plants of almost ten feet in height. You wouldn’t want one of those filling up your stealthy grow tent.

How do you like your high?

Some people get up early to wake and bake. A great way to start the day, but you wouldn’t want to kick off with a relaxing couch-lock strain if you have errands to run and things to do. The same goes for toking up an energizing strain just before bedtime. That thing’ll keep you up for hours while you were really looking forward to a night of deep and dreamless sleep. Here’s where our seedfinder helps you select a strain that affects your day in just the right way. You’re welcome 🙂


Consuming cannabis is not always about getting high. Though some people like the strongest, highest THC-level strains available to mankind, others prefer just a light buzz. Then there are folk who just prefer to get the CBD cannabinoid in their system. Let the seed finder help you get the perfect dose for you.

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More to consider

Once you’ve entered all your preferences in the seed finder, you’ll be greeted by a set of strains that fit your needs. If you like, you can delve deeper even. Here are some additional considerations that may be important to you.

Photoperiod vs Autoflowering Seeds

Cannabis plants grow over the Summer season and start flowering when days become shorter towards Fall. This process can be simulated indoors. We call these plants photoperiod cannabis plants. Contrary to light-dependent photoperiod plants, autoflowers automatically go into flowering after a few short weeks. This makes them smaller and quicker to harvest. 

All our seeds grow feminized plants. This means that you will never have to worry about male plants which yield no weed at all.

Want to harvest soon?

Grow autoflowers if you’re short in time and want your bud a.s.a.p. Autoflowering plants finish in two to three months from the moment you sprout the seeds.

Want a heavy yield?

If you’re in the market for the biggest yields possible, you will want to grow photoperiod feminized seeds. They take longer to finish than autoflowers, but they grow more flowers and heavier buds.

Terpenes for taste and aroma

In our store, you will find that each strain has a terpene profile. A lot can still be learned about terpenes and their effects on the flavor and even the type of high. For the aficionados out there, you can do a deep dive into our store for more information and to find the seeds that fit your needs!

If you want to read more about the effects of different strains and more information about CBD vs THC, download my free marijuana grow bible and start growing with the best help available!

Learn more about seeds

If you made it all the way here and you’re hungry to learn more about cannabis seeds, check out this set of guides to help you on your way!

That’s about it when it comes to selecting the right seeds. Try our seedfinder for yourself, and you will be growing the perfect plant in no time. New to growing? No sweat! Download my free Marijuana Grow Bible and learn all about growing your own!

Happy growing!

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