Simultaneous 4-Strain Indoor Grow

Simultaneous 4-Strain Indoor Grow

Many indoor cannabis growers dream of growing multiple strains together to have more bud choices after harvest. Additionally, maximizing the grow space by growing many plants will result to bigger cannabis yields. Unfortunately, this approach to growing marijuana may take more time and effort to care for plants. You’re also more likely to encounter space and height issues if you’re not careful. Finally, plants may be ready to harvest at different times. If you’re not careful, you might end up with an uncoordinated grow process and harvest.

This grow journal chronicles growing 4 different strains together: Damnesia, AK-47, White Widow, and Diamond Girl.

Grower: mantas
Yield: 14.4 ounces
Location: MA, USA

February 27th

After a disappointing second grow which went out of control, starting this new grow and hopefully will suffer no power outages. These are clones taken from the second grow and are looking good so far. They were heavily sprayed with a little organic pest spray so some leaves are a little curled but overall, they look fine.

These clones started in Rockwool cubes with a rooting gel form the local hardware store placed in a closed dome sprayed with rainwater 3 times a day and placed under 18-6 light cycle with the T5 110W lighting and they started to root after 2 weeks.

They were then placed in small pots using martins organic potting mix for cuttings and seedlings and feed organic seaweed solution at 180PPM once a week with pH 6.4.

All the ladies will be placed inside the larger grow tent in about a week using a 250-watt HID for about 3 weeks then transplanted into larger pots and placed under a 400W HPS on a 12/12 lighting for flowering.

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    March 6th

    Well, the cloned girls are moved to the big house for 2-3 weeks of veg under a 250W HID light. They are placed in 2-liter pots with a mix of 50/50 coco and soil on an 18/6 light cycle. Watering has increased to twice a week at pH 6.4 and 400 PPM.  This grow will be using a mix of Yates fertilizer as well as a Part A and B formula just to mix things up a bit to see what happens.

    March 14th

    The time has come to transplant into larger pots. Only just 8 days have passed but they produced great results under a 250 HID light. Some clones will be taken from these plants in 4 days before flipping to flower.

    March 17th

    The clones for the next grow were just taken and placed in Rockwool cubes at pH 6.0 overnight dipped in rooting gel. They were also placed under 110W T5- 18-6 lighting.

    March 20th

    These girls were finally placed into flower with a 12/12 light schedule.

    March 26th

    Here are the girls one week into flower and on cruise control. They’re starting to fill out the grow tent, being fed once a week, being watered twice a week, with a 12/12 light cycle under a 400W HPS.

    April 3rd

    Two of the cloned White Widows are doing well two weeks into flower. This grow will also experiment with Tiresias mist on all the plants. This experiment is producing pollen sacks already.

    April 4th

    Here are the rest of the girls 2 weeks into flower.

    April 9th

    Here is the latest update of the girls as they are 3 weeks into flower. This is an uneven canopy but you can see how much potential they have.

    Meanwhile, the clones are taking off and looking good.

    April 14th

    The girls are starting to produce trichomes though the White Widow is a little behind the others but she’s still swelling up.

    April 19th

    Here are the girls 1 month in flower and still cruising along nicely. So far, this grow has been problem-free despite having multiple strains growing at once. Each plant was flushed with 20 liters of rain water and let dry for 4 days and fed at 1000 PPM.

    This routine should help them blow up some more. Fingers crossed!

    April 20th

    Some photos of the plants grouped according to their strain is in order. First in line is the White Widow. As you can see, the larger White Widow is getting a bit top heavy so will have to place some stakes and start roping. Otherwise, she will start breaking even if she is just 1 month into flower. She still has 5 weeks to go until harvest.

    Here is the Diamond Girl. She has smaller buds compared to the others.

    The AK-47 is taller than the wheels of a car.

    And the Damnesia has a nice, even top.

    Feeling very happy with this grow. No dramas are happening so far and the buds are fattening up without the slightest hint of nute burn or heat stress. The feeding ratio must be spot on! Finally, here’s a group photo of the girls.

    April 30th

    Not far to go now. We’re only 2 or 3 weeks ago from harvest. The first photo is of the three leading ladies with the most promising buds (from left to right): AK-47, White Widow, Damnesia.

    Second photo is the pleasure harem with the Diamond Girl at the center of two White Widows with the larger girls behind them.

    Also started to clean the undergrowth on the AK-47 and Diamond Girl. White Widow and Damnesia look a little untidy but they should look good after the cleanup.

    May 4th

    Here they are. Cleaned up, staked, and re-strung.

    May 11th

    Most of the trichomes are milky. Just waiting for some amber to show up and “timber!”

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      May 18th

      They’re just about ready to come down. There’s still some amber there. Just a little more and we’ll be happy. But they have swollen in the last 2 weeks which is awesome. Here’s a bottle of Coke for reference.

      May 31st

      It’s all done! The harvest yielded 14.4 ounces dry so you can imagine the results are very pleasing.

      Grower: mantas
      Yield: 14.4 ounces
      Location: MA, USA

      It’s possible to grow different strains together with no problems whatsoever. As we saw in this grow journal, you can even take clones from them if you’re good enough. It all boils down to learning how to synchronize your schedule for these different strains to take care of their needs.

      Have you grown multiple cannabis plants before?

      Happy growing!

      Bob ILGM

      Writer, Grower at I Love Growing Marijuana

      Bob knows a thing or two about growing at home. He's not as experienced as Robert, but he has a knack for keeping his gardens incognito. Bob also loves writing about how other people grow their crops and has extensive knowledge on anything you might need to have a successful grow in your own home.... [Read full bio]


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