Tips for Growing When You’re Tight on Space

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Ideally when you’re growing, you want as much space as possible. If you have access to a wide open field, a greenhouse, or a warehouse, these are the ideal places to grow. Of course, many people who want to grow don’t have access to a field, a warehouse, or even a greenhouse. Instead, they’ve got a one bedroom apartment, or share a duplex with especially nosy neighbors. I guess that means they can’t grow, right? Wrong! There are still places you can grow if you’re tight on space.

Use LED Lights

LED are much more compact than other types of lights, and as such are very well suited for growing when you’re tight on space. Another awesome thing about LED lighting systems is that they come with built in reflectors. LED lights are more energy efficient, which means you won’t run up your power bill into the stratosphere. The results are just as good as HPS lights, but you’re saving space and money!

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Try Micro Growing

Micro growing is exactly what it sounds like. It’s simply growing high quality cannabis in very tiny amounts. Micro growing is perfect for those who are tight on space. Micro growing uses the same methods that regular indoor growing uses. Micro growing can be done anywhere, even your kitchen cabinet. All you have to do is make sure your plants are getting enough light, water, and nutrients.

Vertical Space!

When you’re tight on space, vertical space is your best friend. It’s the best for when you need to grow somewhere where there’s not a lot of floor space, for example a closet. Cannabis loves to grow in vertical space, and some strains do better when cultivated vertically. Vertical growing works well with most indoor growing methods, such as SCROG (Screen of Green). Speaking of SCROG...


If you need to grow in a tight space, using the SCROG method is probably going to be your best friend. SCROG ensures that your plants grow in neat and tidy, which is a must if you’re looking to optimize a small amount of space. SCROG prevents your branches from growing out of control and crowding each other out.

screen of green method of growing marijuana plants

Make Sure the Room is Well Ventilated

If you’re growing in a small space, a well ventilated room is a must. It’s a must for any indoor growing operation, but the quickest way to kill your plants in a small space is to have a poorly ventilated room. If you’re growing in a closet or a cupboard, an oscillating fan will provide your space with plenty of ventilation. If you can, try to grow in a room with a built in fan.

Choose the Right Container

Choosing the right container is vitally important, especially if you’re growing in a tight space. Many newer growers don’t take the size of their containers into account, and then they end up with a space problem. If you’re growing in a taller, vertical space, you’re going to want taller, thinner containers. If you’re growing in a room with lower ceilings, you’re going to want containers that are lower to the ground and fatter. Got it?

Grow Indicas

When you’re tight on space, you’ve gotta pick the right strain! Your best bet in this case is to grow an indica strain, as they tend to grow in short, stocky and closer to the ground. Sativas are not the best for this type of operation. They can be grown indoors in tight spaces, but your results may not be ideal.

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Got any other tips for growing when you’re tight on space? Tell us in the comment section!

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  1. you could use a solar tube like a skylight about 8 to 12 inches around it has a flexible tube to bring in the light just make sure it doesent have a built in uv filter



  4. I use pedestal LED grow lights. It’s easy to move location of my plants without worrying about hanging lights from the ceiling.

  5. I am growing in a large bedroom. I don’t have to worry about neighbors. I usually grow outside but I want to have a winter crop in Colorado. I have my led lights, nutrients and soil. I have light colored walls and ceiling. My plants are in the ground and approximately 2″ tall.. I have your grow kit, Now, I have a thermometer, Ph device, and good soil. What else do have to have to make it successful? I have grown indoors some but without all of the “bells and whistles ” What, if anything do I have to have to make this a success? I germinated, planted and my progress is only 9 days in. Please advise…. By the way, GREAT SEEDS!!!

  6. I have a 31″ x 31″ Square, 62″ High grow tent fully decked out with carbon filter, LED light and small fan, I got some Zkittlez seeds, how many plants do you think would be suitable to grow in that size tent?

  7. What do you suggest if I choose a variety of autoflower strains.
    Around 4 plants.. Indica dominants. Around the same harvest time.

    What lights are perfect.

    Can I provide a mixture of C02 and 02 to create a closed system with circulair Ventilation?

    I am a fan of ecosystematic Greenhouses, Palludaria.. That’s why I thought of It.

  8. You can “snap” your main stem and train the plant to grow Sideways. IMPORTANT: do these steps over a 2 week period to Allow the plant time to recover from each step. It is achieved by “pinching” the stem all the way around to Slightly damage and soften the capillaries. Repeat over a few days. Then tie down the plant to hold it sideways, ensuring that the stem never Goes All the way to 90 degree angle so the capillary is still able to cary nutrients Up the stem.

  9. Growing WW Auto in a closet but the 3 plants are a bit busshy and growing too tall IAM having problem of keeping the light far enough above them any suggestions

  10. I’d like to know how far from the plants do j Hang my lights. My light doesn’t say. .. it’s a LED 300 watt . Mostly red with some blue.

  11. King Plus 1200w LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Greenhouse Indoor Plant Veg and Flower(Dual-chip 10w LEDs)
    this one i found on a review site of best 10 led grow lamps for 2019…take what you will out of it but its 130 $ usa on amazon so is relitvely cost effective

  12. i want to grown one plant in a 4×4 room ..i have a fan and fresh air vent in it what would be a good low cost light for my grow room …

  13. There is no max, I use a 2000 watt led in a 3×5 grow tent but started with a 300 that did just fine, just not as big of a grow.