Understanding Full Spectrum CBD

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On your path to locate the most effective CBD oil on the market, there is the need for you to first determine the contents of the hemp extract used in manufacturing. It is likely that you have come across the terms “Isolate” and “Full Spectrum” while browsing through CBD products.

This simply depicts what kind of cannabinoids or, molecules are present in the CBD formulation. Full Spectrum means that there are several different cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant.

Isolate CBD means that a single molecule isolation process has been done in order to capture only the CBD cannabinoid from the plant. Isolate CBD products contain 100% CBD (no TCH or any other cannabinoid.) Full spectrum CBD has a blend of CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN and so on. My Natural CBD offers Full Spectrum products that have over 70 cannabinoids present. 

There are many CBD products on the market but a majority of them are isolate. Isolate CBD products are easier to sell and create due to the legal atmosphere surrounding the CBD and cannabis industry. The more you are able to educate yourself on what CBD is, and how it works, and the terminology surrounding CBD, the easier it will be for you to find the product that works best for you! 

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    Entourage effect with cannabinoids 

    Full spectrum CBD works so well because it has several different molecules from the hemp plant. Having cannabinoids like CBC, CBG and CBN in your formulation create what is called the Entourage Effect in your body. The combination of cannabinoids works together to activate different receptors in your body allowing the CBD to bind with different systems throughout your entire body.

    The magnitude of CBDs healing powers is multiplied when CBD is mixed with other cannabinoids rather than CBD all on its own. If isolate CBD was taken, it would not be able to bind with as many receptors due to its molecular qualities.

    Full spectrum is typically extracted from high-quality hemp plants as these contain only trace amounts of THC and are more desirable to the general public. Legally, these industrial hemp plants from which full-spectrum extracts are received from must provide less than 0.3% of THC. Companies that produce full spectrum CBD products, therefore, do whatever it takes to ensure that they start production with hemp strains of the highest quality as these usually tend to be rich in CBD, terpenes and other beneficial cannabinoids.

    It is important to seek out companies that are transparent with all of their ingredients and have done their third-party testing as well as received lab approval.

    We created My Natural CBD under these principals. Each of our products has less than 4 ingredients and they are all from the highest quality sources. Our full spectrum CBD Tinctures contain 70+ and is formulated with MCT oil. 

    CBD products that are full spectrum do contain THC, the THC present is too insignificant to create any phycological effects that you would feel from regular cannabis or any other THC heavy substance. Even though full spectrum CBD products only contain 0.3% it will show up on a majority of drug tests. If you are looking to receive plant medicine from CBD, and are concerned about drug tests, isolate is the way to go. 

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    Decarboxylated, word of the day! 

    My Natural CBD uses a process called ‘decarboxylation’ in our formulation process. That intimidating and large word is not to be feared. It simply means the application of heat to the extract to ‘activate’ and transform its raw cannabinoids into forms that can provide the results expected of them.

    This is really important in the process of creating full spectrum CBD. It is the method in which we are able to get raw substances and actually make them beneficial for a living body. For instance, on a completely mature hemp plant, Cannabidiol or CBD is found as Cannabinidiolic acid or CBDA.

    When heat is applied to the extract, this raw CBDA loses a carbon atom which paves the way for its activation into CBD. This also happens for the rest of the cannabinoids in the extract that we use. Our full spectrum contains over 70 cannabinoids including CBC, CBA, CBG, CBN and so on. Each one contains its own set of healing abilities. 

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    Why use Full Spectrum? 

    The glaring advantage is the entourage effect, full spectrum is also considered to be closer to the original plant. To obtain the Full Spectrum status, we possess a whole-plant chemical profile, so the formula offers maximum potential therapeutic benefits to the consumer. Full spectrum CBD is a non-addictive, powerful natural way to find healing and ease without any negative side effects.

    Many prescription medications that people take for long periods of time will begin to see negative side effects. Pharmaceuticals may target-heal one thing in your body, but along the way will cause several other issues in your systems.

    With CBD products this does not happen, the medicinal properties come from a plant so the only negative reactions your system would have is if you have an allergy or sensitivity to the formulation. Other than that, CBD is a powerful way to receive healing with no negative side effects. 

    When using full spectrum, it is recommended that you take it via sublingual tincture. When you ingest supplements sublingually you are able to start braking it down and receiving the benefits instantly through your saliva in your mouth.

    When you use topical creams or vapes, they do have their own advantages over tinctures, however the healing typically does not last as long, and dose not activate as fast. Taking sublingual full spectrum on a consistent basis is the key to experiencing the full effects of CBD.

    Full Spectrum CBD is best for people who:

    • Want a full body healing experience
    • Want to take advantage of all the benefits of CBD
    • Have severe pain
    • Are interested in deep healing potential
    • Have PTSD
    • Who have sleeping problems 
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    How to begin your journey

    Depending on your specific healing needs, start one of My Natural CBD’s 1,000mg,2,500mg or 5,000mg Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures. 

    These are available at our online store and we ship to all 50 states! (Also, a company secret is that all of our full spectrum tinctures automatically ship for FREE!)

    We suggest taking at least one full dropper of CBD daily. It will take about 10 days to feel the full effects of your CBD product. If you still feel like you could use a stronger dose after 15 days of consistent use, then you can begin to take one full dropper in the morning and one at night. Each one of our full spectrum tinctures are designed with you in mind, using the cleanest ingredients and a formulation that is third party tested and lab approved. Each bottle will last about a month.

    Deciphering how much, and what kind of CBD to take is a very personal experience. Ensure to take into account your body type, your lifestyle and of course your individual health needs.

    You can also take your CBD in creative ways! Many people mix it into their coffee or tea, or even make CBD themed cocktails or use vapes to inhale their delta 8 thc. Have fun on your healing journey, listen to your body and allow yourself to begin healing with CBD.

    If you have any questions you can always contact one of our healing experts online at our My Natural CBD contact page.

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