Vegetative Stage

While all plants share similarities in how they grow, the cannabis plant has its own independent quirks and foibles that set it apart. There are a number of steps you can take during the weed vegetative stage of growth that will help you later down the road, such as what you feed your plant and when you do it.

During the initial growth period of the plant, it builds up structural integrity (stem and roots). It’s only after that the plant begins to develop foliage.

During these early stages of growth, your plant will require a lot of nitrogen supplied to it.

Early leaves will begin the photosynthesis process, absorbing sunlight and furthering the plant’s growth.

After your plants have germinated and begun to stabilize, consider taking out any late-germinating seeds or stunted seedlings.

That way these won’t compete with your other plants for light and nutrients.

Once your cannabis plant has a stable root system and the environment is set up properly, it should just be a matter of upkeep to make sure you end up with a good yield.

The plant will continue to grow and develop given proper nutrients and light, developing a strong structure necessary for the flowering phase.

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    As the plant continues to develop and mature, it will require additional fertilizer, water, light, and higher levels of carbon dioxide in the environment.

    It will also require more nitrogen. You want to make sure you’re providing for all of the cannabis plant’s needs.

    In this article, we’ll talk about cannabis seedlings, the vegetative phase, and how to manage foliage development.

    Cannabis plant growth stagesAverage duration
    Germination stage2-10 days
    Seedling stage1-3 weeks
    Vegetative stage1-15 weeks
    Flowering stage7-14 weeks*

    It’s all about maximizing growth in this vulnerable early phase and making sure you keep your plant healthy and strong right up to the home stretch.

    The number of leaves produced in a single series usually caps out around ten. You may sometimes see leaves referred to as ‘lamina’ in growing literature.

    After about two to three weeks of growth, your cannabis plant should have experienced about 5 or 6 different rounds of growth.

    You should be producing a regular and steady amount of leaves with every new series. You’ll also notice that the branches are beginning to develop and expand outward.

    Feeding seedlings

    You’ll want to make sure your young cannabis seedlings get lots of nitrogen early on in their development.

    Best Nutrients for Veg Stage

    Using fertilizers comprised of worm meal, blood meal, or bat guano will help you get the nutrients you need from natural sources.

    Grab our complete fertilizer set to give your young marijuana seedlings the best nutrients to support their development.

    Buy Fertilizer Set

    Other grow mediums include various algae compounds, nettle blends, or fish compounds as your organic fertilizers.

    There are several factors that make organic fertilizers a better choice for growers than chemical fertilizers.

    One of the major reasons it’s better is that it can be very easy to overfeed your cannabis plants and damage them when using powerful chemical fertilizers.

    When the first leaves pop out, you’ll want to measure the electrical conductance of your nutrient solution. You want to measure very close to 1 at the beginning.

    As the plant grows and matures, it’s ok for the electrical conductance to be raised up higher. When a cannabis plant has at least 4 or 5 different levels of foliage, you can raise the electrical conductance up again, to about 1.5.

    Once branches begin to develop on the plant, you can raise the electrical conductance up to about 2, but be careful about too much nutrient solution and water. Overwatering your plant can cause it to grow more in the stem then the buds, which is counterproductive for most growers.

    Allow your plants root systems to air out and rest between irrigations. Remember to start adding plenty of nitrogen to your plant as soon as the first leaves develop, but make sure you are keeping the electrical conductance at around 1 to start with.

    Environmental factors

    The rest of the environment is also something you want to make sure you are optimizing throughout every stage of growth, but particularly during the early phases. You have a couple options when it comes to lighting.

    After your plants get past the seedling stage, you can expose your cannabis plants to light for a full 24 hours, but it’s better to simulate night and give the plants up to six hours of darkness every 24 hours.

    You’ll want sodium vapor or metal halide type lamps to make sure you’re providing the right kind of light.

    “Vegetative growth is maintained by giving plants 16-24 hours of light every day. Unrestricted rapid vegetative growth is the key to a heavy harvest.”

    Jorge Cervantes

    Keep the air temperature in your grow room somewhere between 68 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The roots should be slightly cooler, around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Despite this, make sure the soil is warm enough, especially early on. If roots don’t develop properly, the rest of the plant will not either.

    Don’t forget to measure the humidity in the room as well. This will affect the efficiency of your plant’s respiration, and also the early health of the plant.

    You want the humidity in your grow room somewhere between 50% and 70%. When the plant matures, it will be less sensitive to humidity.

    Controlling these environmental factors will help optimize your plant. However, genetics still play a huge role in determining how the plant develops, and what sort of yield you’ll get.

    Even if everything is perfect, you can’t turn bad genetics into a great product.

    Still, if you are meticulous and careful throughout the cannabis cultivation process, you can always optimize the plant, however high its potential yield might turn out to be.

    Vegetative stage

    A good growth period will be followed by a strong flowering phase. As a grower, it’s your job to get your plants everything they need to develop properly before they flower.

    This means healthy foliage, a tough structure to cope with the weight of heavy buds, and a strong root system. Keep an eye on the light, nutrients, carbon dioxide and temperature of your grow room throughout the process.

    Vegetative stage week by week pictures

    4 bubble buckets 1 4 bubble buckets with marijuana plants. 4 bubble buckets with marijuana

    Especially during the vegetative stage of growth, be careful when irrigating and watering your plant. As the plant grows larger and larger, it will require more water to keep up with the development.

    This means it’s easy for the plant to become dehydrated at this point.

    Watch out for curling or yellowing in the leaves, and monitor the electrical conductance of your nutrient solution if you’re implementing a hydroponics system in your grow room.

    Temperature, humidity and nutrients

    Once your plants hit the peak of their growth phase, you can expose your plants to light for a full 24 hours, but it’s better to simulate night and give the plants up to six hours of darkness every 24 hours You’ll want sodium vapor or metal halide type lamps to make sure you’re providing the right kind of light.

    Keep the air temperature in your grow room somewhere between 68 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The roots should be kept at a slightly lower temperature, around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Despite this, make sure the soil is warm enough, especially early on. Remember, your roots need to develop properly for the rest of the plant to.

    Don’t forget to measure the humidity in the room as well. This will affect the efficiency of your plant’s respiration, and also the early health of the plant.

    You want the humidity in your grow room somewhere between 50% and 70%. When the plant matures, it will be less sensitive to humidity.

    Keep adding nitrogen, too! You want the electrical conductance to measure somewhere between 1.5 and 2. If you are using soil, make sure to continue adding liquid fertilizers and monitoring the moisture in the soil.

    Determining sex of cannabis plant

    There are two commonly utilized methods of determining gender in Cannabis plants. Gender is definitely something you want to be certain of because mixing male and female plants in your grow room has the potential to ruin your crop.

    The first method for determining gender is to carefully examine the 5th series of leaves on your plant. You’ll want to do this right before the plant should flower. Indicas and hybrids with Indica genetics will display their sex between the leaves of the plant right before they flower.

    If you look very carefully, you should be able to see a tiny white fiber if the plant is female. If the plant is male, it will have a small ball instead of a fiber or tendril.

    This method is easy, but it’s not the most reliable, and sometimes it’s very difficult to find the developed sex organs on the plant because they are so small.

    The better method is to take cuttings.

    Once your plant is in the vegetative stage, you can take cuttings from the plant and root them in another room. Expose the newly rooted cuttings to 12 hours cycles of light and darkness. The plants should flower within several days. If any of them are male, you’ll want to remove them from the grow room.

    Forced flowering

    After you’ve gone through and made sure that you don’t have any male plants in your grow room, make sure you’re ready for the next stage of growth: flowering. Set all the plants up neatly and double-check to make sure they aren’t fighting over any sources of light.

    Once the plant is fully grown, besides flowering, you will need to start thinking about harvest time.

    Our free little Harvest Guide will help you determine the best moment to cut your plants. Download it here.

    Harvest Guide

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      Keeping your plants well spaced is a good way to help ensure a healthy yield. Double-check the roots to make sure all the plants have enough space below the surface as well.

      If you need to transplant your Cannabis because the root system has grown too large, now is the time to do it

      . Root systems expand rapidly during the vegetative stage of growth. You need to make sure the plant isn’t suffocating. If it can’t pull up and absorb the nutrients it needs, it won’t do well during the flowering phase.

      Night and day

      You can force your plant to flower by adjusting the light cycles in your grow room, mimicking a change of seasons.

      You’ll want “shorter” days, with roughly 12 hours of light exposure followed by 12 hours of darkness. The easiest way to manage these changes in the light cycle is to use an automatic switch that turns your lights on and off at the required intervals.

      Make sure that you stick to these cycles once you start. All it takes is a single exposure to light during one of the cycles of darkness to interrupt your flowering. If the flowering cycle is interrupted, the plant might start growing again.

      This sort of stress is bad for the health of the plant, and it can result in reduced yield and unpredictable side-effects. If you do mistakenly expose the plant to light during a cycle of darkness, try to repeat the process again, and this time don’t interrupt it. Don’t be tempted to look in on your plant while it’s “night-time”!

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      FAQ About Weed Vegetative Stage

      What are the recommended weed vegetative stage lighting times?

      To maintain vegetative growth, provide your plants with 16-24 hours of light per day.

      What’s the vegetative stage length?

      The vegetative stage can last for 3 to 6 weeks, depending on several factors.

      When does the vegetative stage start?

      The vegetative stage starts after about two to three weeks of growth.

      You’ll need practice and learning to become an expert grower. Learn how to grow like a pro in my blog.

      Thanks for reading. Please leave comments or questions below and don’t forget to download my free grow bible!

      Happy growing!


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        17. What if I dont have liquid foods or stores here that dont have any of those food. what can I use as food? what organic can I use. cow or pigs dry waste or fish guts? how can i make my own soil what’s the best soil?

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          All your information is very good and I get a lot of great tips and advice from IGLM. I buy my seeds from you and I get better each grow . Thank you.

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          Again thank you for all the information you share

        30. I myself, veg 6 weeks, T5
          I use both Led 2000 watts Cob and Metal halide 315 As well when Cooler @ 600 watt Hps. All indoors

        31. I start my plants indoor with T 5 s I use Happy frog soil then move them outside middle of may my question is I plant in holes with Same soil happy frog what nutrients do I add and when

        32. John,

          We have to assume you are indoor growing. With that said; Depending on strain you could run into problems if you veg too long. First off; 3 months of veg will increase the time plant takes to finish. 2ndly; you may end up having to tie down plants and expend alot of effort keeping them under your lamps. We suggest 2 months Maximum for veg until you see how it goes. Another note: It depends on wheteher you are gorwing indica, Hybrid, or Sative/Haze genetics. Join our forum for friendly expert and enlightened support to allow to grow successfully. Peace

        33. Thanks Rob I gained a lot knowledge with the article,since it’s legal in Michigan now I can really have some real nice fat ass plants ,I see nitrogen is key in the beginning I just want to veg them for around 2-3 months ,give them a great base before I flower them is this a good idea or am I over thinking?????

        34. I enjoy all of the information here at DR. Roberts house of Marijuana lot’s of tricks of the trade. However pimping Seeds is bullshit, not a Fan of Commercials. !

        35. Tami, sorry; I am legally blind and did not mean to call you toni. Happy growing 🙂

        36. As a commer grower – i am const trying to lear more, i enj your common sense layo of the vari cyc of growing-

        37. Douglas, If you go to our store and look on the nutrient page, there is a feeding schedule that works perfectly. Start used for 2 weeks = 1/2 tsp. per gallon. Grow is used throughout veg cycle = 1/2 tsp. per gallon. Bloom used throughout flower including weeks 5-6 where you add Booster = 3/4 tsp. per gallon. Boost used 2-3 weeks before finish is added to Bloom at 1=2 tsp. per gallon along with the 3/4 tsp. of bloom. Boost is only used ofr 2 weeks.

        38. Toni,

          you can look in on your grow during the dark hours but, you cannot turn on the light. Interruption of the dark period can cause plants to hermaphrodite, although this is more Prominent during flower.

        39. I have recently perched your fertilizer kit. Can u explain the feeding schedule? Ur Direction siad to rely on ur personal situation well I don’t have one. The last time I used fertilizer I about killed can u please walk me through the process. Thank .

        40. So is it ok to look in on them during the Veg stage when its dark those 6 hrs? It’s quite cold where we are and I need to Monitor the temp closely & adjust things.

        41. Flowering indoors occurs when you induce flowering by changing the photo period from 18/6 to 12/12. Simple as that.

          Feel free to join our forum where we can help guide you through your grow successfully. Happy growing, 🙂

        42. Trying some White Widow Indica seeds this time. Seems to be taking longer tho get to flowering stage than my previous plants. Is this an Indica thing??

        43. “I’m a grammatical assholes most of the times…” sound like you needed to proof read a little better.

        44. my plants are 6 weeks old 3 feet high ig grow tent when should they be out of veg, and put into flower stage help firstimer

        45. Sorry for the really late reply. Never saw this. I suggest you join our forum, if you haven’t. No. Do not shock your roots with freezing water

        46. Bad example: next time paraphrase what had been said then try to explain it in your own words… the english language is fucked up when coming from another language/country.. and to be honest – maybe it may not make any sense to you however if you were born on this language: it makes perfect sense… I’m a grammatical asshole most of the times and as I read what was said, I hadn’t found many explicit errors to the nature. So with that being said, I find your comment an error within itself. All the best.

        47. The thing with re potting and the soil content is the bacteria, just like in a fish tank… re – potting during the vegetative stage is fine, however if your doing it during the harvesting stage your most likely going to run into some problems… heck i’ve had branches break and have to be mended back to the plant just before harvesting: it sucks a whole lot, mainly because it takes roughly a week or two for the plant to fix your mistake of breaking the branch clean off… luckily when this instance happened it was above the node slightly but still. Holds the cycle back thus much more… As could be or can be the issue when re potting plants, however as long as everything adjustment wise is done within the vegetative stages you should be perfectly fine as long as your doing things within proper parameters as explained above.

        48. So I started growing 2 plants, in early August, outside, in Wisconsin. I know I’m way late on the growing season, but plan to move them indoors, with artificial light. Any suggestions???

        49. kames,

          You do not want the roots exposed to heat. I would use cloth pots, dig a hole and use the cooler dirt in the hole to shelter my root zone ion the pot. I also recommend for outdoors western growers to place posts every 8′ and invest in 50-60% shade cloth to bring those temps down on the canopy. Shade cloth could be your best friend. “Go Bobcats!” Sorry, I used to live in San Angelo 🙂

        50. my seeds have germinated and I have planted them in small containers my question is since I live in South Texas where the temperatures always get in high 90s and we are all ready experiencing temperatures in the low 100s should put these new planted tap roots in direct or indirect sun light

        51. Wayne,

          I think you should join our forum. I am sure you will get a good exchange of info there 🙂

        52. hey all a friend gave me 6 bag seeds all are coming along fine i have a aerogarden to start them with. i topped he 4th node and again at the 4 node which made 6 0r 8 stuck them i 6 5 gal pots with manure /cow/sheep/ far they seem to like and the stalk is about the size of almost a nickel coin roughly 3 foot high. growing in my shed led light and a fan running. 18/6 liight looks like all female and they are starting to smell.i started the seeds in the aerogarden last xmas. it was a gift.all i have given is water not sure what to expect first time growing any tips on em or should i just stick with bottled water. thanks wayne

        53. just set up indoor room with 4=2000 watt LEDs and the plants are about 1 month in veggie cycle.How long should I keep them in this cycle?

        54. Wiffin,

          Hard time making out your language but, here goes.

          No freezing water. Water temp need to be between 65-70f 68f is optimum for oxygen retention.

          You can switch to whatever nutrients you want as long as they work.

          If you have seeds of different strains and traits; You will see plants of different sizes in your grow. Nothing you can do about the genetic make up of your plants, except for investing in quality, stable genetics. Happy growing

        55. THANK YOU that is super helpful nowhere in the article did it say how long to keep in veg. state for.

        56. and also is it ok to giv them freezing water? dats wa av been doin jus cold water out tap 80percent dem looking good . thanks

        57. hi can some1 tell me how come some my plants are smaller than others is dat nomal some are a lot smaller and what do I do to make it up do I just leave den or give den something. and also I started off using vita link is it possible to switch my feed over to jus coco a an coco b an stop giving it vita link

        58. RTM,

          I am not trying to be rude or to insult you (it is not our way…) but, if you have a plant that has been in vegetative cycle for 2 months and it is only 4-6″ tall; You are doing somehitng wrong. My plants are 4-6″ in 2 weeks from seed germination. We are not set up here in the Blog for such grow support.

          I strongly advise you to join us at and start a grow journal or topic, and allow us to see what you’ve got and we can guide you from there. Hang in there.

        59. i have been growing northern lights for 2 months now, there are some great leaves coming in on top of the plant which is now 4 to 6 inch’s tall. My concern is that the main stalk is pretty skinny and does not look like it is getting any thicker. I have the plant tied up to a stick to help support its top heavy ness. Is this the way the plant grows? Should i be concerned and just play the waiting game? any advice would be great

        60. You can absolutely put the plant back into veg, it’s never too late. Just remove any “buds” and put it back to 24h light for a week, then 18/6 again. Takes a few weeks and will be good as new. Many people flower their plants, crop the tops and put the bottoms back into veg for a couple months and flower it again up to 2 more times!! Very common and safe, no loss in quality. I have personally reversed flower 4 times this year on multiple plants after a delay of between 3 and 5 weeks with no issues.

        61. Nitrogen(bloodmeal) very important, it will fix a lot of problems, knats, keep top layer of dirt dry, knats love laying eggs in damp moist dirt, I layer pepper mint leaves over soil, plus its probly good for soil

        62. Twinhd,

          After several weeks in flower it is not advisable to re-vegitate your plant. However; I f you decide to do so, just place the plant back into 18 or more hours of light. The plant will stress for 1-2 months and I cannot guess what would happen next. Not a good idea.

          Happy growing

        63. I’m into a flowering stage for several weeks now is there a way I can return her to a vegetable stage?

        64. I m having the same problem D-ROCC, I ma first time grower,outdoors.Trying to do everything right , but just don’t seem to be working out.

        65. My leaves keep dieing they keep curling up turning yellow or yellow on the tips and it spreads on the leaves or the leaves get brown spots on the leaves…..what am I doing wrong…..this is my first time growning……

        66. How long can you stay n veg., before going into flower? First time grower. I have some n flower and next run in veg… Think I jumped gun. Veg will last 6-7 weeks til flower stage ends. Help

        67. Makesureyoure led lights are at a lux of about 4500 5500 during seedling/veg then 6500 during flower. Blue light spectrum to red light spectrum…get it?

        68. Tina,

          You really need to join our forum. The blog is not set up for wholesale grow support. More simple Q & A.

          A 2 foot fluorescent is good for propagation and early vegetation only.

          Happy growing.

        69. Hi guys, i just want to know if two 18w 2 feet fluorescent uv lights can be used in the vegetative stage. this is our first grow and after putting this uv light, with a few LED red and blue strips, the plants seemed to have started becoming much healthier. And how many weeks should i leave it in the veg stage? thanks so much!

        70. Brandon.

          I am not sure how much light penetration you are going to get once the plants start bushing out. I suggest you join our support foerum. We have many experienced growers there willing to help 🙂

        71. I’m using a 65w T5 light for verging. With 5 plants. Is that enough light… First time grower

        72. Thanks for all the info, I am a new grower and I was lost until I found this site, thank again.

        73. William,

          It all depends on how long the dark period was interrupted. But most likely nothing will happen. If the lights were left off for 2 long this could have an affect on the plant but, leaving the lights on too long just promotes vegetative growth.

          Happy growing, 🙂

        74. Can a plants night cylce be interrupted in veg stage with no side affects?

        75. Robert love the site seeds and info. However I have tried multiple times to download the grow bible and have had no emails received or success to the download.

        76. I have 4 White Widow plants growing under lights. They are still only 3 – 4 inches tall, very leafy and green but I’m thinking they should be double the size by now ? I am using a 4 ft. 4 bulb florescent fixture. Supplemented by a full spectrum bulb. Are they on track ?
          May have to try again. I am using Miracle Grow on them

        77. How are to you, I’ve requested several times for your free grow bible, I still haven’t received it, ??
          HAPPY GROWING.

        78. Hey my name is Mark and I wanted to know how can you tell the sex of a plant if its 2 1/2 weeks in veg?

        79. […] notice your plant is losing lower leave quickly because of the yellowing, particularly during the vegetation stage, you have an issue on your hands that requires and immediate […]

        80. Without more information it is hard to give you an informed answer.

          Please join our Support forum, and some of our many members and expert growers, will be able to help you out. 🙂

          When you join, look in beginners forum, and fill out a support ticket.

        81. Please help my plants not doing well the under leaves are yellow n I lost two of the bottom leaves my temp is 81.1 humidity is 52 the soil level is ph 4 phosphorus is 5 potassium is 6please help

        82. […] of absorbing and processing a much higher amount of carbon dioxide and other nutrients. During the vegetative stage of growth, the roots will continue to expand and the plant will grow taller. This is the point at […]

        83. […] they have an established, sturdy root system in place. The plant is ready to focus its energy on vegetative growth now, so it needs to be moved to a better location for such a task. You will need to educate […]

        84. I have noticed that a lot of information on this site is contradictory due to language barriers and typo’s, I feel a proof reader is required to make this site even better than it is. A good example is when you speak of light leak then you say try doing it again but don’t disturb them ( contradictory ) , this is in no way meant to sound detramental to you. I do feel it would be advantageous to all users of this site.

          Kindest regards


        85. Lee&Jo,
          Not sure what you mean by 1st stage. how many weeks into flower are you? I have re-potted in flower, but I carefully remove plant, and place it gently in new pot. New soil can encourage more root growth. A trick I used to employ was to take the flowering plant and place it right into a bag of potting soil; No pot at all. Very easy on the plant, and it will thrive. If you are more than 2-3 weeks in flower…I might ride out the grow in the smaller pot, just to be safe.