January 17, 2019

Heavy 16 Fire:

Nutrient P/K boosters are supplements for flowering crops. It is explicitly designed to be used during the middle and late stages of the blooming phases. These boosters are unusually high in phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), hence, its name. It stimulates natural chemical changes inside a plant, particularly in the extremities of the stems, where the buds develop.

One of the significant changes that a plant goes through during its life cycle is its transition to the flowering stage. A plant takes cues from temperature, lighting, and hormones to meet the needs of this transition.

Potassium and phosphorus are two of the six main nutrients that are essential to healthy development. Potassium, in particular, is key to the flowering of plants. Growers use P/K boosters to make sure the crops have these sufficient nutrients during the bloom stage. Some also use these boosters to encourage a much earlier start on flowering than the natural timeframe.

These supplements are available in both concentrated and liquid forms. Adding these can significantly enlarge buds and increase crop yields. As it a higher amount of P/K are made available to the plants, it can potentially improve the overall quality, taste, and smell of the buds as well.

Also, there are all-in-one P/K boosters out in the market today. These are a mix of P/K and other flowering stimulators or accelerators and tend to not provide the exact P/K ratio, unlike different variations. Most of these products are often referred to as miracle bottles, just because it has pretty much everything needed.

It is no surprise that these come with a heftier price tag. However, it can be cost-effective when all the math is done. These all-in-one bottles are sometimes cheaper than buying the different products separately. Besides, these boosters are typically applied all throughout the entire period of flowering at lower dilution rates.

P/K boosters work very well. Nonetheless, some cultivators prefer to use additional PK 13/14 on top of the booster. Depending on the maturity of the plant, its typically added at the end of week four of blooming.

It is vital to exercise caution if considering this type of nutrient feeding as it is very easy to overfeed the crops. Boosters and All-in-ones are suitable for any growing methods.
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Heavy 16 Fire

Heavy 16 FireHeavy 16 Fire represents an ultimate handcrafted P/K booster. It is the ideal bloom enhancer, hardener, additive, and finisher, available at Growers House in sizes and prices below:

  • 250 ml – $26.66
  • 500 ml – $69.99
  • 1 L – $118.99
  • 4 L – $342.99
  • 10 L – $699.99
  • 23 L – $1,399.99

Heavy Fire is a versatile bloom stimulant created through strict adherence to biological principals and nutritional chemistry. Though it may be used with any brand of base nutrients, best results are produced when used in conjunction with other Heavy 16 products.

Because of its ingredients, it is suitable to be incorporated into any existing nutrient program and plant system.

Starting Heavy Fire in the late phase of veg allows for more resilient, larger root mass, not to mention, create bigger, multiple-branched foliage. Running this booster in the last week or two of veg and gradually going through the entire bloom cycle can provide pre-bloom stimulation as well. It can also supply late-phase and intermediate Cascading Delivery of Phosphorous.

With high analysis of P/K equivalents as the baseline, four forms of Phosphorous are used, including the highly effective form Phosphite (PO3), together with three other forms of Potassium.

Nitrogen is added in the Ammonium form to facilitate Phosphorous assimilation and uptake. Afterward, premium cold-processed kelp mix, Luminaria japonica, and Ascophyllum nodosum are added in order to balance bio-clays and natural blooming hormone levels to ensure natural structural integrity and quality (natural silica and calcium, plus exotic minerals). It encourages low molecular weight fulvic acid to allow for natural plant-derived energy boosters and natural chelation of elements to increase flower formation maturation and rate.

Instead of merely blending elements, this booster is formulated using the brewing method. Subsequent homogenization and natural aging times of both virgin minerals and hand selected ultra-fine ingredients is why it offers a perfect balance between plant stimulation and nutrition from one bottle allows growers to simplify nutrient regiment while achieving the true genetics code quality of the plants.

For the Cascading Delivery philosophy and maximum availability, virgin Phosphite (Phosphonic Acid) is incorporated during the formulation. Phosphite, along with the other forms of Phosphate in Heavy Fire, ensures increased bud formation, root development, and resistance from stress and diseases and it is incredibly mobile.

Absorption within both the phloem and xylem of the plant’s vascular system promotes rapid incorporation into biochemical reactions. Phosphite, once absorbed in the streamlined molecular form, oxidizes or converts into Phosphate inside the plant, equating to an internal time-released offering of Phosphorous.

This enables a continual presence of Phosphorus for time-sensitive functions and critical energy transfers or whenever the plants naturally demand it.

As an added bonus, Phosphite also functions as a fungicide by supporting nuclei within the plant’s cells to release natural defense molecules that directly attack fungal pathogens, all the while adding to the mass of the cell wall as well.

Core Ingredients:

  • High rates of Phosphorous and Potassium to ensure high quality and significant harvest.
  • Phosphite.
  • Three other forms of available phosphorus.
  • Three types of available Potassium.
  • Ascophyllum Nodosum and Laminaria Japonica, 2 kinds of cold processed kelp.
  • Two exotic minerals class of Bio clay.
  • Naturally derived Triacontanol.
  • Several proprietary organic acids and plant extracts.

Mixing Procedure:

  • Fill reservoir with water, preferably filtered.
  • Measure then add Heavy 16 Fire as instructed on the feed chart.

It is important to shake the bottle well each time before using and rinse the measuring cup after applying on individual products. Do not use Airstones in the reservoir and gentle circulation is preferred to yield best results. For accuracy and optimum fertility, mix only at recommended rates.

This booster’s natural and mineral formulation is Grower-Engineered for mL per gallon dosing versus EC/PPM dosing.

5.5-6.5 pH is an acceptable starting range when using this product. The ideal irrigation produces 10 percent water runoff with a pH rise of approximately 0.5. If the runoff pH is high, the plants need longer or more frequent feedings.

Longer Crop Cycles:

  • Use veg week 2 dosage for mother plants.
  • Duplicate veg week 2 dosage until bud.
  • Duplicate bud week 6 dosage for longer bud cycles. When ready, resume with bud week 7 onward.

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