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January 18, 2018, Washington

Even though Washington is one of the first states that legalized the use of recreational marijuana, but domestic cultivation is still not allowed in the state. The main reason for not allowing home growing is the shortage of resources to regulate domestically grown marijuana.

But legislators in the state want to change this and have introduced a bill in the house. So, there is a chance that the residents of the state will be able to grow recreational strains of the plant at their homes.

Cannabis advocates and patients of medical marijuana want this prohibition to end. While others are skeptical of state’s ability to regulate these extensive operations and therefore want to delay the legalization of home cultivation. Their concerns also hold weight because there is no way to tell if someone is growing the plant for individual use or commercial reasons.

As per a member of the Washington Association of Police Chiefs, Mitch Baker, the law enforcement machinery of the state doesn’t have enough resources to implement the limit of home cultivation. And it would be impossible for the police to respond to every call that someone is farming more saplings than the allowed limit.

Home Cultivation
Home Cultivation – Image powered by Thefreshtoast.com

Justin Nordorhm is the chief of enforcement of the Washington’s State Liquor and Cannabis Board. He also stated his reservations on the move to allow home cultivation. According to him, with home cultivation in place, it would become impossible for them to regulate effectively.

Then there are some quarters who are opposing this move due to the concerns of public health and safety of the community. For instance, there is no measure in place to take care of the kids living in the environment of cannabis farming.

Amid all these concerns, the state House has put forward HB 2559. The bill is being reviewed by the House Commerce and Gaming committee which look over all the cannabis policies and reforms in the state. If the members of committee vote in the favor of the bill then it will be sent to the governor’s office for final approval.

Flag of Washington
Flag of Washington – Image powered by Statesymbolsusa.org

If the bill becomes a part of the legislation, then it would drastically alter the scene of home cultivation in the state. Right now even majority of the MMJ users can’t grow medical marijuana.

The provisions of the bill will allow the farming of up to six mature plants in each residential unit, while each adult in the state will be able to possess up to 24 ounces of marijuana. This quantity of possession is highest in the entire US. Even Oregon, where home cultivation is legal, allows the possession of up to 16 ounces.

But eventually, the issue will be coupled with the state’s ability to regulate the operations of home growing. Without due groundwork, it would indeed be very difficult to enforce the limits. We have to wait for couple of weeks to know whether the proposed bill will become a part of legislation.

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  1. By JRob

    ,20 Jan 2018
    I think your grouping Washington DC (where home growing IS legal for all 21+) and Washington State into the same place... One is a "District" which occupies territory in multiple states like Maryland, and Delaware, they are not even similar […]Read More

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