Robert Bergman

July 21, 2020

Cannabis cards, also known as medical marijuana cards, are necessary for people that intend to use weed for medical treatment.

You must apply for a card before you can walk into any cannabis medical facility and purchase weed. Every state has different regulations, so before you try to purchase marijuana for medical purposes in your area, check with your physician or look up your local laws. Generally the process is the same with a few acceptions.

Visit a clinic

When you visit a clinic you need to make sure you have a valid driver’s license or state identification. If you do not have this type of valid identification, then you will need to speak with a representative from the clinic to find other out what kind of proper identification you will need to show them. Medical records may not be necessary, but it will help you along in the process of obtaining cannabis cards.

Fill out paperwork

Inform the receptionist that you are a new patient. This is when you will be asked to see your identification.  You will also be given paperwork that you need to fill out. It is best that you fill in as much information as you can and you use only valid and correct information. When you have handed the information back to the receptionist, you then wait your turn to see a doctor.

The amount of time it takes will depend on how many people have made appointments ahead of you. Check with the facility to see if you can get a rush appointment. Keep in mind there may be an added fee for this type of appointment, as well.


When your name is called, you will visit with a doctor who will give you an evaluation and let you know if you qualify for a cannabis card.  Some clinics will charge you for the visit if you qualify and waive the fee if you do not. If you qualify, you will be able to return to the receptionist and pay for your visit and receive your cannabis card. Cannabis cards are normally good for one year. It is a good idea to get a cannabis card with your photo id on it too. It may cost extra but it will aid you in any protection you may need and prove to law enforcement officials that you legally have marijuana in your possession.


Once you have completed this process, you are safe to use marijuana as treatment for an ailment. Some clinics may request that you have a doctor’s permission for this type of treatment, as well. You will still see a doctor in the cannabis clinic in order to determine the type and amount of marijuana you need to help with your illness. Be aware that is it not legal for you to re-distribute any pot that you have purchased for treatment. You may not give it to others either. Both of these acts are punishable by law. To read more about cannabis cards, click here.

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