Hydro Crunch XXXL 6” Air-Cooled Grow Light Reflector with Glass Panel

January 17, 2019

Information about Hydro Crunch XXXL:

What do you think about when you first held those seeds in your hands? Were you thinking of the fragrance it is so well known for? Could you have been thinking of the amazing flavor everything is raving about? Were you thinking about the intense cerebral high and complete physical body relaxation those seeds will give you in a little over two months’ time?

But first things first. You have to make sure you have everything those little seeds need for it to grow vigorously and once the flowering time comes, you could admire the large buds that will soon give you immense joy.

So, you have everything covered except for one last thing – choosing a reflector for your grow light.

And this is where the Hydro Crunch XXXL 6” Air-Cooled Grow Light Reflector with Glass Panel comes in. This is a great alternative to the most expensive reflectors in the market, and it is in this regard that it has made a name for itself.

For indoor growers, even fans of Apollo Horticulture have started to take a liking to this reflector. It works with Apollo grow lights and ballast, and therefore, makes a great alternative for their reflectors.

So, we wonder if it is worth it to use this instead of using Apollo Horticulture’s reflectors.

Hydro Crunch XXXL 6” Air-Cooled Grow Light Reflector with Glass Panel

Hydro Crunch Grow Light

As indicated, XXXL means it has a large dimension, with this reflector measuring 34-1/2” x 26-1/2” x 10” and it comes with 6” vents. As mentioned, it is compatible with using Apollo Horticulture accessories, and one reason is because it has an industry standard S-plug with 15’ heavy duty cord. It also comes with a ceramic E39 mogul socket that could accommodate both high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal hydride (MH) light bulbs (250W, 400W, 600W and 1,000W).

Now, the reason why you probably want to use this reflector hood is because of its size. It has a reflective aluminum surface that has a reflective rate of 95% and the hood could be covered with a glass panel.

The advantage of using this air-cooled grow light reflector is because of its efficiency in dispensing heat with the use of an inline fan. Compared to open systems, while cheaper, they are also less efficient compared to this one where a fan blows air to cool down the grow light.

With its large dimension, it is also able to cover more area, which allows you to plant larger plants. Having a good reflective surface also allows your plants to absorb the more light which in turn boosts its growth rate.

And anytime you know your plant would thrive really well, you could just imagine the kind of harvest you are making. Perhaps it could be to the point of getting a head high without even using your favorite cannabis.

There have been reports of factory defects. While it is unclear what the policy of the vendor is with regards to warranty, it should be noted that the vendor would take care of defects. So, be sure to inspect everything thoroughly as soon as you receive your shipment.

As to be expected, shipping companies, no matter how much they profess their careful handling is no guarantee that some items could be damaged while in transit. Similar to checking for defects, look for signs of damage as soon as you get your hands on the reflector.

One concern that has been noted by a few customers is that they received their purchase with a stained (or dirty) glass panel. Because stains could cause a refraction of light, lowering its efficiency, this should be communicated to the vendor as soon as possible.


Yes, you are excited to turn those seeds into harvest. So, the question now is how well this reflector works. The good news is that most customers who purchased this air-cooled grow light reflector love it.

Quality Of Hydro Crunch Grow Light Reflector

Although the glass panel does not completely seal the enclosure to maximize the efficiency of the inline fan blowing into the vent, it is nothing that cannot be fixed by using a suitable tape.

But one thing that we thought might be a cause of concern is the kind of support you would receive. We have not found a reason that makes us doubt the vendor would not replace defective or damaged components, but the vendor is also not as proactive as one might come to expect with a company like Apollo Horticulture.

In the case of Apollo Horticulture, they actively seek out any signs of customer complaints or issues and tries to get in touch with those unhappy customers to rectify the situation and this is in line with their policy of 100% customer satisfaction.

Pass or Buy Hydro Crunch 6” XXXL Air-Cooled Grow Light Reflector with Glass Panel?

As an alternative to the expensive brands in the market, this grow light reflector works well enough. Also, because of its size, it might be the only one you could find that has a good customer satisfaction in online marketplaces.

Having said that, the only drawback is the quality of customer support they could give. It is our understanding that should there be a need for replacement, it might cost a little more as you do have to pay for shipping.

Now, if that is something that you find acceptable, then we think this Hydro Crunch 6” XXXL Air-Cooled Grow Light Reflector with Glass Panel is worth the price you pay for it.

It takes only two months, or in some cases, even less, before you start harvesting that cannabis strain that you so look forward to using. And this reflector will not disappoint you once you install this with your grow light system. Buy Hydro Crunch Air-Cooled Grow Light Here!

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