January 17, 2019

Hydrofarm Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller:

When it comes to indoor and greenhouse crops, climate control will always be on the priority list. These indoor plants need closely supervised temperature and humidity levels to be comfortable. Devices such as the Autopilot Master Controller, are crucial in monitoring these factors all throughout the entire grow cycle.

With different indoor environments comes varying levels of temperature and humidity. Factoring in the ever so changing climate and seasons, customized controls need to be in place at all times. individual machines like ultrasonic misters can be used to boost humidity, while dehumidifiers can take excess air moisture.

Manufacturers nowadays are taking all-in-one system monitoring and automation to a whole new level, with the creation of networked gardening system. This ensures everything runs smoothly by placing the ability to control the grow environment right in the palm of the grower’s hand.

Companies that specialize in building networked gardening systems, like Hydrofarm, are truly adept at comprehending and responding the grower’s needs since most owners were enthusiast themselves.

There is a substantial investment in time, money and effort into raising cannabis crops. So it’s reasonable to want to control the grow room’s humidity and temperature in order to get the best harvest possible. Utilizing the right tools can keep things in balance in a much easier manner.

Hydrofarm’s Autopilot line of environmental controllers offers full control of the indoor growing environment. Implementing Autopilot devices into any indoor horticultural setup gives the ability to schedule automatic regulation of the humidity temperature, lighting, and CO2.
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Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller

Hydrofarm Autopilot Greenhouse Master ControllerAutopilot Greenhouse Master Controller (GMC) by Hydrofarm uses Fuzzy Logic software to precisely control humidity, temperature, and CO2 in the growing area. Its fan-powered remote combination probe features a highly accurate dual beam CO2 sensor. The remote sensor can be placed up to 15 feet from the controller and from the environment it monitors. It has also been designed to resist EMI / EFI from electronic ballasts.

Additionally, GMC’s enclosure features four separate power outlets used to connect external devices such as air conditioners, fans, dehumidifiers, and CO2 injectors. Each external device easily connects to the unit creating a user-friendly, simple platform.

For quick plug and play operation, the controller has been pre-programmed with factory recommended settings.
This device is available at Growers House for $486.36.


  • Controls temperature (heating & cooling), humidity and CO2 precisely
  • Controls up to 4 devices
  • Separate night/day temperature set-points
  • LED error indicators
  • Remote 15’ sensor with photocell for humidity, temperature, and CO2
  • Built-in data logger records low and high readings
  • Humidity and temperature mode can be split or interlocked
  • With grow room guidance
  • Adjustable fuzzy logic mode for standard mode or CO2/regulator tank control for CO2 generator control
  • ETL Listed

This controller has a 14.5A maximum load. For higher amperage units, such as A/C unit, large dehumidifier or multiple HID lights, it is recommended to use a power expander, such as the Autopilot Lighting Controller. If operating a CO2 generator, do not use the Fuzzy Logic mode.

Rounding out this Autopilot line are the night and day cooling thermostat. It presents precise temperature sensor, easy-to-adjust knob settings, built-in photocell. Its Master Digital Timer features hot start prevention, a recycling on/off range of 1 second to 96 hours, a high temperature shut down, and compatibility with the high power light controllers.

Autopilot’s CO2 control includes four and eight-burner electronic ignition CO2 generator, which help plants grow bigger and faster. The CO2 generator works with the Fuzzy Logic CO2 controller to monitor track and record ppm levels. It also features a built-in microprocessor that performs CO2 injection calculations to maintain CO2 levels without excessive waste.

The APCEIC software, sold separately, allows the user to control and monitor the indoor grow environment from a connected PC. It can also chart or data-log a grow room’s environmental conditions. A remote monitoring software, not included, may be utilized to monitor, control and alter grow room conditions remotely from an additional laptop or PC. This software is not compatible with Tablets or Smartphones and MAC systems.


  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Voltage: 120 v
  • Amps: 14.5 rated
  • UL Listed: Yes
  • CSA Certified: Yes
  • ETL Listed: Yes
  • Units/pallet: 9
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Shipping Weight: 4.0 lbs.
  • Package Dimensions: 12.5 L x 9.0 W x 6.5 H inches

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Go Auto and Improve Quality

Hydrofarm Autopilot Greenhouse Master ControllerGrowers overseeing large operations with adequate funds can benefit greatly in using autopilot GMC. Automating the setup ensures there is less percentage of poor-quality crops coming out of the harvest.

Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller works right every time. It can be placed outside the grow space and its sensor allows tweaking of the environmental settings without the need to disturb the plants. This device also stores data regarding the growing environment, which can help cultivators plan future decisions regarding the grow space. Buy Hydrofarm Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller Click Here!

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