April 16, 2019

The root zone’s temperature can significantly impact a young plant’s growth. While fully-growing cannabis crops can handle a broader range of root zone temperatures, seedlings and clones thrive better with a root zone temperature of about 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

By directly placing a heating mat under a seedling tray, the perfect root zone conditions for seed starts and cuttings can be created. Moreover, when heating mats are used, growers notice faster rooting of clones. It cuts the time in almost half plus gives a much higher success rate, in comparison to cloning without heating mats.
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Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat

Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat 9” x 19.5” 17wHydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat is re-engineered for greater durability and better performance. With new, thicker multi-layer and stronger wire construction, it offers better durability. Also, it promotes more uniform heating that can withstand rugged greenhouse environments.

This heat mat is available at Growers House for $19.82. It is an excellent investment that proves its worth with the quality and quantity of seedlings.


  • Increases success of cuttings and seedlings.
  • Warms root area beyond ambient temperature to improve germination.
  • Light, watering and planting information on mat
  • 50 percent thicker and waterproof construction
  • 6-foot power cord included
  • UL and CE Listed
  • 1 Year warranty

To raise the temperature of its heating element, heat mats use electricity. As such, growers must make sure that it does not pose a fire hazard.

Operation or Usage

Heat mats are pretty much a normal piece of equipment for gardening. This size of 9” x 19.5” is standard. It uses 17-watts and can be plugged into a 120-volt power outlet.

  • Place the mat flat on a surface.
  • Lay the seedling tray/mini greenhouse/paper towel/plastic cups on top.
  • Plug in the power cord.

Temperature Ranges

As all typical heating mats, it is designed to warm the root zone of seeds between 10-20°F above room temperature. This mat is plug and play and does not allow any manual temperature adjustments. If the heat is too low at the root zone, it can slow down the cannabis crop’s growth while if it’s too high, there’s a significant risk of drying up fragile young roots.

Utilizing a temperature controller removes the unnecessary worry and guesswork out of the equation.
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Seedlings and Clones

Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat 9” x 19.5” 17wThe ability to select the perfect temperature in the root zone takes any indoor environmental control to the next level. When taking cuttings or germinating seeds of cannabis plants, a heating mat and temperature controller are the tools that should be seriously considered.

Starting from seedlings are the cheapest way to start a grow. The right heat mat can jump-start the growth. It gives the best chance of seeds sprouting and growing into a healthy and robust plant.

Luckily, germinate seedlings at home is relatively straightforward. With a minimal amount of tools, growing cannabis from seeds can be done in only a matter of days. At the same time, it is essential to consider how delicate these baby plants are. It needs to have a steady temperature of around 75 degrees Fahrenheit to thrive and grow.

On the other hand, some growers prefer clones for the convenience. Not to mention, it is cost-effective. For example, one could prune a mother plant and use the clippings to start new growths.

Regardless of whether growers choose to start from seeds or clones, a heat mat has been proven to be a helpful tool that can increase the grow’s chances of success dramatically. It enables cultivators to start at any time of year, even when its freezing cold outside.
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Easy on Seedlings

For plants that are just starting out, the Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat is an excellent tool to utilize. Its standard size can fit a regular-sized plastic mini greenhouse on top. Placing seedlings directly on top using paper towels or plastic cups works as well. Overall, Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat improves chances of a grow’s success and work at par with other more expensive brands. Buy Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat 9” x 19.5” 17w Click Here!

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