May 8, 2019

Back in February I predicted that cannabidiol was going to be the next big thing in the cannabis world and it looks like I was right! CBD strains, extracts and infused products are starting to show up everywhere you look, health food stores, restaurants, juice bars, beauty products. You name it, you can probably find some cannabidiol in it. Why is everyone on the bandwagon now?

CBD Use is Purely for Health Reasons

One of the reasons why CBD is so appealing to people is because as it turns out, there are a lot of health benefits to using it. There is some evidence to show that CBD can be beneficial in treating a number of medical conditions, as well as maintaining one’s health and well being. CBD is different from all of those placebo vitamin supplements, that have been part of fad diets in the past.

CBD Does Not Have the Same Stigma THC Does

CBD does not carry nearly the same stigma that THC does. Naturally this is because cannabidiol is non psychoactive, meaning it does not get you high, at least not the same way that THC does. This doesn’t mean you feel nothing from it. I feel amazing after smoking a high cannabidiol strain. In fact, CBD makes me feel so together, and with it, and all around positive that high CBD strains are quickly becoming my favorite. But, no they do not get me high in that sense. Since it is non psychoactive, that means people who are unfamiliar with the stoner world are more likely to be open to trying cannabidiol.

Why is CBD so Popular Now?

Why is cannabidiol so popular now? Why are we starting to see it everywhere? This is primarily because of all of the health benefits. Whether you’re suffering from something as small as a nasty cold, or dealing with chronic pain. CBD is popular because it makes people feel good. It makes them feel healthier, and after decades of people not caring about their health by stuffing their faces with crap food, and sugary sodas, people would rather swap their large soda for, say, a juice made from fresh greens (often including cannabis).

This trend is only going to get bigger as more and more states legalize cannabis. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared earlier this year that cannabidiol was harmless and could potentially offer a number of health benefits, and there was no potential for abuse. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is even approved Epidiolex, a cannabis based drug designed for treating severe seizure disorders. This if course hasn’t stopped a federal court from ruling that cannabidiol will remain a schedule 1 substance. I would expect this to change.

CBD is going to be huge for the foreseeable future, maybe this will be the end of prohibition?

Tell us about your experiences with Cannabidiol in the comments below!

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