April 1, 2019

May 30, 2018, Illinois

Opioid epidemic has engulfed the entire country. Scores of victims have died from the abuse of opioids in every state. At the beginning of this year, Trump administration classified opioid crisis as a national emergency. However, nothing substantial has been done by the federal administration to curb the opioid abuse since declaring it a national emergency.  

But the states bearing the greater brunt of the opioid outbreak are trying to find a way out from this menace. For instance, lawmakers in Illinois want to devise a solution for the opioid epidemic that is centered on medical cannabis.  

In last week, Illinois House executive committee green-lighted a proposition that would allow the use of medical cannabis to fight the opioid crisis. The proposal entails that the citizens with opioid prescriptions will be eligible to sign up for the state’s MMJ program.  The committee approved the proposal with the vote of 8-3. There are multiple reasons why cannabis experts are advocating for the use of MMJ as an alternate for opioids.  

MMJ can Help With Pain Management  

MMJ can Help With Pain Management
MMJ can Help With Pain Management – Image powered by News-medical.net

A significant chunk of US population is suffering from chronic pains. Many among them resort to opioid prescriptions for pain management. Since the body develops tolerance against the prescribed amounts of opioids after a while, therefore patients start to increase the dose on their own to feel better. But opioids contain several harming side effects for the body and its continuous overdose can culminate into deadly consequences. Medical cannabis also provides relief to the chronic pain with the help of cannabinoids present in it without imposing significant side effects on the user.   

MMJ is not Addictive  

Opioid use is also not suitable because it can turn into an addiction. In many cases, people continue to consume it just because they have addicted to it. On the other hand, medical marijuana doesn’t contain the attributes of substance abuse. MMJ patients can stop taking their medicines without experiencing excruciating withdrawals.   

MMJ is Non-Synthetic  

Many experts also advocate for the use of medical marijuana because it’s purely an organic substance. Majority of the MMJ products are made of oils extracted from cannabis flowers. The organic nature of MMJ products makes them less potent with their effect as compared to synthetic opioids. 

MMJ Overdoses are Non-Existent  

MMJ Overdoses are Non-Existent
MMJ Overdoses are Non-Existent – Image powered by Greenrushdaily.com

No health records provide us with the information regarding deaths due to marijuana overdose. Moreover, some research studies have also suggested that the excessive use of medical marijuana doesn’t permanently destroy critical functions of the body.  

All these points make the basis of the proposition that wants to expand Illinois’s MMJ program to fight opioid addictions.  A Democrat Representative from Chicago, Kelly Cassidy, is the main sponsor of the proposal. She is hopeful that the bill will soon be presented on the House floor for the approval of legislators. The bill might face some resistance from the Republican Governor because he has opposed all the previous attempts to expand the state’s MMJ program.

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