April 1, 2019

May 12, 2018, Illinois

Following a wave of cases, where synthetic weed has demonstrated its detrimental effect, lawmakers in Illinois are contemplating to ban the product. This extreme step has been taken into consideration after multiple cases of death and hospitalization caused by synthetic weed have been reported.

It is being reported that synthetic weed products mixed with rat poison are causing this public health crisis. At the end of April, it was reported that the use of synthetic weed mixed with rat poison proved to be fatal for a woman from central Illinois. It is also being said that it is the fourth case of death from this deadly mixture. In addition, more than 150 people in different counties of the state have fallen sick and hospitalized after the use of synthetic weed, according to Illinois health officials.

Synthetic weed, even in its pure form, is a combination of dangerous chemicals. It is manufactured to provide the elation of the real plant. However, most of the times, it ends up being toxic. Synthetic weed is usually available in liquid form and consumed through vapers.

Illinois Ban Synthetic Weed
Illinois Ban Synthetic Weed – Image powered by Nbcnews.com

At one time, the state legislators prohibited the use of some chemicals in the making of synthetic cannabis. However, they didn’t entirely stop the manufactures from producing it. Therefore, there are now more than 80 workaround formulas in the market to prepare synthetic cannabis.

But the lawmakers are now trying to fix this loophole of the legislation. Instead of banning particular formulas, the new legislation will prohibit the preparation of all forms of synthetic cannabis. Illinois Senate has already endorsed the bill and now the bill will be presented in the House for approval.

While Illinois is going to fix the issue of ‘fake’ weed with the help of legislation, the epidemic of synthetic weed is also expanding to other states. Deaths caused by synthetic weed are also being reported in other parts of the countries as well and it is worrying to note that in most of the cases the consumed substance was laced with rat poison.

Floridian authorities have also recorded the medical cases related to synthetic weed. At least one death and several injuries have already been reported in Florida. Aside from Florida and Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Virginia have also been affected by the dangerous variants of synthetic weed.

Illinois lawmakers
Illinois lawmakers – Image powered by Progressillinois.com

Illinois lawmakers are optimistic that the new legislation will definitely help in curbing the fake weed epidemic that has been going on for months.

Why People Consume Synthetic Weed?

In Illinois, residents are not allowed to consume cannabis for recreational purpose. On the other hand, limited access to medical cannabis is only possible through state-issued MMJ cards. In such circumstances, the access to natural strains of cannabis has become very difficult for the users and hence they resort to cheap and easily available variants of synthetic forms. With the help of adult-use legalization, the governments can find a long-lasting solution for opioid crisis and the epidemic of fake weed.

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