January 14, 2019

October 22, 2018, Ohio

In the next two months or so, Ohioans will be able to purchase and use medical marijuana products for the treatment of around two dozen conditions after getting the recommendation from licensed physicians. There are some points any prospective MMJ patient should know about the state’s forthcoming medical cannabis program.

Smoking warning

MMJ patients won’t be allowed to consume cannabis by smoking it. However, they can administer MMJ through vapes, an electronic form of consuming tobacco and cannabis products. The main difference between vaping and smoking is that the former only heat the plant instead of cremating it.

The burning of cannabis, just like tobacco, results in the formation of tar and other carcinogens and that’s the reason why regulators have banned the MMJ administration through smoking. People caught with pipes and other similar paraphernalia can face the charges of minor misdemeanors. So, practice caution while traveling with your MMJ products. Only carry labeled containers that will be available at MMJ dispensaries.

Smoking warning
Smoking warning – Image powered by Quora.com


The regulators haven’t issued any definite pricing policy for MMJ products. However, industry experts think that the rules and regulations prescribed by the regulators will drive up the prices. So, it is very likely that legal MMJ products in Ohio will be slightly more expensive in comparison to other legal states.

As per the sales director of an MMJ grower and processor Grow Ohio, the prices will majorly be derived up due to the provision that each daily dose should be separately packaged. Apart from that, the stricter regulations on cultivation, testing, and processing of the strain will also play a part in making wholesale products expensive. However, the prices will eventually be stabilized as more players will enter the market to prompt the competition within the industry.

Doctor-patient relationship 

Doctor-patient relationship
Doctor-patient relationship – Image powered by Npr.org

If you have developed a notion that once it’s operational you will be able to stroll to Doctor’s office and get a recommendation by just paying the visit fee, then dismiss it. The provision of the law makes it an obligation for both patients and doctors to have an authentic working relationship. Doctors can only recommend medical cannabis after examining patients for any of the two dozens of qualifying medical conditions and if MMJ can be helpful in treating their particular case.

For cases where the condition was previously diagnosed by another doctor, the MMJ licensed physician has to go through the patient record and a detailed summary of the diagnosis. Moreover, it will be solely on the doctor’s discretion to commence the registration process of MMJ card for the patients.

Driving after MMJ administration

Driving under the influence of cannabis will continue to be treated as a misdemeanor no matter even if you carry your MMJ card. Impaired driving (veering, sidetracking etc) and consequent accidents are punishable offenses and remain as it is even if the intoxication is caused by the use of medical cannabis products. Law enforcement personnel will also be authorized to take people for urine and blood tests to corroborate the intoxication.

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