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January 04, 2018 Indiana

As per law, CBD oil is a legal commodity for medicinal use in Indiana. But since after its decriminalization, a chaos has been surrounding its operations. In multiple raids, Indiana excise police has confiscated large quantity of CBD oil from different MMJ stores all across the state.

Jim Tomes, a Republican Senator from the State, wants to end this mayhem and therefore filed a resolution in the Senate to make CDB oil as easily available as aspirin. According to him, the purpose of his proposed bill is to remove elusiveness regarding the legality of CBD oil in the state.

It is worth mentioning that the Indiana Governor has signed a bill in April 2017 to decriminalize the use of CBD extracts by qualified patients. But this bill, known as HB 118, doesn’t address the issues of regulation and distribution of CBD products which has led to this chaos. The bill from the Republican Senator is intended to deal with these loopholes of the legislation.

Nevertheless, the problem might be deeper than it seems. Eric Holcomb, the Governor, on one hand signed the bill to decriminalize CBD use but has also directed the state excise police to remain vigilant regarding the sales of cannabidiol. This directive came after the State’s Attorney General had pronounced CBD products unlawful.

Is Indiana Going to Unconditionally Legalize CBD Oil
Is Indiana Going to Unconditionally Legalize CBD Oil – Image powered by Hempmedspx.com

Conversely, an investigative report from a local TV station shows the recent onslaught of Indiana excise police on MMJ establishments that was carried out in isolation and no other concerned state office had prior knowledge of all the raids and seizures.

The Governor’s office, the office of Indiana’s Attorney General and other branches of law enforcement were not taken on board before the commencement of these raids.

Holcomb has cleared the intention of his directive to the excise police. According to a news report, the Governor has ordered the excise police to check whether the available CBD oil products have the THC content below the legal limit.

The directive has also provided the MMJ establishments a window of two months to remove or sell all the CBD products with exceeding THC content. However, it seems as if the Indiana excise police didn’t wait for long and started confiscating the CBD products. All this confusion has surfaced because of the ambiguity in HB1148.

CBD oil
CBD oil – Image powered by Thecannabist.co

Now lawmakers are taking the issue to the Senate floor, there are good chances that Indiana will settle the issue of CBD products for authorized patient use. Tomes look confident about the ratification of his proposed bill. He says that if the bill becomes a part of legislation then CBD products will be obtainable just like baby aspirins.

The proposed bill categorically mentions that CBD oil is not categorized as controlled substance and its derivatives are absolutely legal.

Tomes, like a Good Samaritan, is advocating the interest of his constituents. Many patients in his constituency have reported the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil as a painkiller. Unlike prescription medicines, CBD oil is cheap and doesn’t have any considerable side effects.

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