January 14, 2019

May 11, 2018, Texas

Texas has always been known for its conservative views about marijuana. But an institute dedicated to cannabis research is going to open up in the state very soon, and it’s indeed a pleasant surprise. The institute goes with the name Dallas Ft.Worth Academy of Cannabis Science, and has started the registration for classes, which are going to commence from August this year.

It is a project of a healthcare company Pharmacology University that has been in the business for more than 10 years. Co-owner of the company, Holly Law, thinks that there is a lack of knowledge in the industry on the subject. They sensed it a few years ago when the company started weekly seminars on the topic of medical cannabis.

According to Law, they found out that people were eager to know more about marijuana in connection with its science. But occasional workshops were not enough to cater to the subject and hence they decided to open an academy completely dedicated to the studies of cannabis.

Marijuana Studies in Texas
Marijuana Studies in Texas – Image powered by Knkx.org

The company has a plan to open similar institutes all across the US. Pennsylvania, Nevada, Colorado, Arkansans, and Florida will also get the similar cannabis studies facilities. For now, the Texas academy will offer these courses to the interested students.

  • Introduction to medical marijuana
  • Investment in cannabis operations
  • Medical marijuana for lawyers

The academy is also offering a program that includes all the three courses.

Law also thinks that the attitude of Texans towards cannabis is changing. Now that they are excited to talk about it, they want to know more about the plant. CBD has become a topic of great interest in the state. However, due to a lack of knowledge, many people are still not aware of the principal difference between marijuana and hemp.

The administration of Pharmacology University is very satisfied with the response they are getting from Texans. Their staff is super busy in addressing the queries of people excited and interested to enroll in the courses.

Flag of Texas with Marijuana
Flag of Texas with Marijuana – Image powered by Leafbuyer.com

According to Law, they are not just educating common citizens. Media and news personnel are also their target, who have a good deal of knowledge of marijuana policies and regulations but their knowledge about the strain itself is not very conclusive.

Initially, she was apprehensive about talking to media on the subject as they love to grill every interviewee. But it hasn’t been the case and they are behaving in a very receptive manner on the subject, as per Law.

Young people are also very excited about the prospects of the cannabis-dedicated institute in their state. There is a student who wanted to go to Colorado to study marijuana. But now he has got an opportunity to pursue his interest in his home state.

Law thinks there will be many more like him who have interest in the science of marijuana but don’t have the avenues to realize their passion. The Dallas Ft.Worth Academy of Cannabis Science is intended to cater to all such aspirants.

Marijuana stays in the news, and Alice is always ready to keep us updated. A world traveler and lover of freedom, Alice knows what is going on, no matter where she roams. She specializes in marijuana legalization stories across the globe, with up to date... [read more]


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