January 17, 2019

Information about iPower HPS + MH Grow Light System with Cool Tube Set:

When you look at the individual components that make up a complete indoor garden using an indoor growing tent, the cost of the different things you need may not seem that much. But once you add it all up, it could be very costly.

If you are one who does not have to keep tabs of expenses, then you are fortunate. For most people, the cost is an important consideration in purchasing indoor gardening equipment and tools such as HPS grow lights.

As much as everyone wants to purchase the best and most recognized brands, the costs are prohibitive, unfortunately.

For that reason, there are companies that manufacture and sell HPS grow lights, as well as other accessories, at a more affordable pricing.

For budget conscious growers, they have Amazon to thank for because through the largest online marketplace in the world, iPower Lighting is able to offer you their affordable indoor gardening equipment and tools, including the top-rated HPS grow light system with cool tube sets.

So, the question is if this HPS grow light kit would work as expected, and would it last as the company says it would?

iPower HPS + MH Grow Light System with Cool Tube Set

iPower HPS + MH Grow Light System
iPower HPS + MH Grow Light System

This is a basic set up that includes a super high pressure sodium (HPS) bulb (2,100K), a metal hydride (MH) bulb (6,400K), a dimmable electronic ballast (with 50%, 75%, and 100% adjustable power settings, 110-240V), a 24-hour timer, and a 6-inch cool tube with add-on wings. There are three wattages to choose from, 400 watts (GLSETX400DHMCT6), 600 watts (GLSETX600DHMCT6), and 1,000 watts (GLSETX1000DHMCT6).

This particular model of HPS + MH grow light system comes with a cool tube. They have other models that use an air-cooled reflector, and another one that uses a wing reflector.

From hundreds of people who have bought one or more of the three models, we took notice of how satisfied the customers were. And those who had issues with their purchase, we also took note of the most common problems.

There is no such thing as a product having 100% customer satisfaction, all the time. So, what is important to know is the severity of the causes of concerns, and how the company responded in order to resolve issues.

The company advises that before installing the grow light switch, the first thing customers need to do is to visually inspect the product for any sign of defects. Considering that this is a sensitive equipment, especially the bulbs, there is a chance that they might incur damage during shipping.

Another thing to do is to register the products by following the instructions that come with the package. Doing so will make warranty claims easier.

Here are some of the typical complaints.

Some customers have noted that upon receiving the item, the bulb has a loose piece inside. As far as we know, the company was able to quickly arrange for replacements to be shipped to those customers.

There were several complaints about how the ballast or the bulbs were busted soon after using, or after a few months. Similar to defects, contacting the company and arranging for replacements were done efficiently.

Despite having customer complaints, iPower Lighting has proven to be one of the top rated HPS grow light kits in terms of customer satisfaction. In other words, the vast majority of customers are satisfied with their purchase and use of the product.

This HPS grow light system from iPower Lighting generates a lot of heat in a closed system such as that of an indoor growing tent. It requires an inline fan to help bring down the temperature. Otherwise, the excessive heat not only shortens the lifespan but might also become a fire hazard.

Ensure that the wirings are properly grounded to minimize the risk of grounding or more serious accidents. One other thing you want to check is the ampere rating of the electrical socket you use. Be sure that the socket can safely accommodate the power load this HPS grow light system needs.

Quality of iPower HPS + MH Grow Light Kit System with Cool Tube Set

iPower HPS + MH Quality

Quality comes at a cost, and because this series of HPS grow light kit from iPower is cheap compared to other brands, it is easy to assume that this might be a crappy product. As it turned out, this grow light kit does have a high value-for-money ratio.

According to the company, the super HPS bulb has a life expectancy of 24,000 hours, while the MH bulb should last 15,000 hours.

Our position is to disregard the published life expectancy of the bulbs.

iPower Lighting is offering a one-year warranty. Beyond that, the company is not replacing anything for you. As such, think of this HPS grow light system as good for one year of usage. If you could use this product for more than a year, then it is worth its price.

Pass or Buy iPower HPS + MH Grow Light System with Cool Tube Set?

Buy iPower HPS + MH

For many customers, this HPS grow light system works as expected. Even better, there are also many customers who have been using it for more than two years. For that reason, it has become one of the most recommended grow light systems for budget conscious indoor plant growers.

Although there are random nuisances such as fitting the tube to the vent of indoor growing tents, and a few other minor concerns, the fact that it is cheap far outweighs those small inconveniences.

Whatever it is that you are growing, small plants, herbs, or even cannabis, this HPS + MH grow light system will provide the light your plants need. Because of its low cost compared to others, it has a high return even when compared to the more recognized brands that comes at a much higher price tags.

If you are looking for cheap HPS grow lights that work, then this might be what you are looking for. Buy iPower HPS here!


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